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“… my brethren are those who hear the word of God and do it”, Luke 8: 21.
Founded November 1998 by Gordon Rainbow (1929-2014)

HISTORY and MINISTRY of the early ‘EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN’ (so-called)  –  their origin, progress and testimony 1827-1959 and onward
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This page preserves records of previous years, and reduces the size of the current 'Site News' for quicker loading:

The items included are:

Transfers of the above items – and others as required – will be made annually or more often.

G. A. R.

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Bulletins:   DECEMBER  1999

Poetry: Thanks to Lydia Kosova of Bernolákovo, Slovakia, for The Man in the Glory, by George Cutting, author of the well known tract "Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment".

Hymns: Thanks to Alistair Deayton of Paisley, Scotland, for a rare book Songs of Hope, melodies by Charles Leflaive, and several other hymn tunes. See the Mailbox.

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  1999

With Christ: Jim Soukoreff of Vancouver on November 26.

Anniversary Month: November is the first anniversary of My Brethren and we give thanks to our God for

Welcome to all friends of MB, both new and old.

Bulletins:   OCTOBER  1999

Book Publishers and Web Sites: Two new sections of
'Site News' were opened: Bibles and Books and Links.

Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  1999

Article: Welcome back to our first contributor, Andrew Roberston, Centerville, MA. See History: Decline and Departure: A Circular.

Typing: Thanks to Susan Soukoreff of Vancouver, BC, for typing Ministry: F. E. Raven: Reading on 1 Corinthians 1.

Bulletins:   AUGUST  1999

Articles: Welcome back to Laurie Twinam of Sevenoaks, Kent, UK. See History: Wrong in Principle? .

Photos: Thanks to Kevin Pearson of Denton, TX, for over 30 jpg files of early brethren. Some will appear soon.

Bulletins were not issued before August 1999 above.

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Bulletins:   DECEMBER  2000

Ministry: Thanks to Bohuslav Koša of Bernolákovo, Slovakia for five addresses by J. Collie-Smith.

New Web Site: Harry Knappett has opened a web site for his magazine Youthful Days. See MB's Links.

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2000

Zip Files: The offer has been reinstated on the same terms.

MB Anniversary: November is our 2nd anniversary. Praise and thanks to our God for His continued grace and support,

Welcome to all friends of MB, both new and old.

Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2000

Zip Files: Because of concerns regarding the distribution of zip files of FER's ministry,

Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  2000

New Computer: Thanks to our God, as of September 9 we have a new computer and will soon be functioning normally. Thanks for your patience and prayers.

Bulletins:   AUGUST  2000

Computer Crash: MB's computer's hard disk crashed in the last few days of August, losing all email not posted to the site and our email address book.

History: Thanks to John Hunziker for 'The Hymn Book Revision' 1932 booklet. At present History: Hymn Book 2 only has a few extracts from the 1932 booklet. The full booklet will be incorporated soon. Added in November.

New Book: 'From Awakening to Secession' a study of the impact of the Swiss Réveil on British evangelicals in the 1820s. See Bibles and Books: Timothy Stunt.

Bulletins:   JULY  2000

Site Standards: Thanks to our guests for their brotherly respect of MB's Site Standards.

History: Thanks to Susan Soukoreff for two valuable articles by her late husband Jim Soukoreff, now in History: Decline and Departure and History: Wrong in Principle?.

Bulletins:   JUNE  2000

Ministry: Thanks to John Vedder for his continuing work in scanning FER's ministry.

Links: Steve Hesterman opened his Plymouth Brethren web site. It includes articles by CHM. See Links

Hymns: Thanks to John Hunziker for the 1991 Additions to the 1962 Hymn Book, a combined All Line Index and a supplementary Tune Book.

Cd-Rom: Malcolm Withell says George Whitefield's Works will be available in July. See Bibles and Books: Digby James.

Bulletins:   MAY  2000

Photos: The Christian Brethren Printed Collection added a Picture Gallery with a 1932 photo of W. Nee and visitors. See Links

History: Thanks to Steve Hesterman for his 1995 letter, commenting on events from the 1950's to the 1990's.

History: Thanks to Max Weremchuk of Germany for his letters and papers relating to the recent rift in the 'reunion'.

History: Thanks to John Vedder for documents relating to the recent rift in the 'reunion' in Europe and North America.

Biography: Thanks to Nelson Joyce of Sydney, Australia, for a most interesting JND's First Impression of GVW.

Bulletins:   APRIL  2000

Poetry: Thanks to David N. Astell of Orpington, Kent, for "Pilgrim Songs" by John Bodman of Quemerford.

Bulletins:   MARCH  2000

With Christ: Marian Devenish of Toronto on March 22.

Bulletins:   FEBRUARY  2000

Poetry: Thanks to John Vedder of Sierra Vista, Arizona – a friend of many years ago – for three of his own poems, and some later ones as well. They are presently in the Mailbox, but will later find a place in the Poetry group.

Bulletins:   JANUARY  2000

With Christ: Charles Dunn of England on January 22.

Biography and Ministry: Thanks to Bohuslav Koša of Bernolákovo, Slovakia – father of Lydia Kosova – for

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Bulletins:   DECEMBER  2001

Argentina, Political and Economic Situation:
Tue, 25 Dec 2001,
Robin and Eileen Garvie write:

Dear Gordon and Betty, Dear Brethren, Thank you for your love and prayers.

Our Father in heaven knows what we need, but it's a test to go on day by day, with little work and less pay for what you do.

May our Lord Jesus bless you and help you in the coming year, until He come! Yours in His love, Robin and Eileen.

"Behold, I am with you all the days", Jesus says this, the Man that's so different to any other!

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2001

MB Anniversary: This is our 3rd anniversary. We thank the Lord Jesus for the privilege of serving those he calls "My brethren" – and for the many profitable contacts. Pray for us for strength to continue, at His pleasure.

Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2001

Kingston Bible Trust: The new catalogue now includes the JBS CD-ROM priced at £30.00 per copy. The CD contains Ministry volumes 1-13, Letters volumes 1-3 and 'From Glory to Glory' *, an account of last days of JBS.

The files are linked to fully searchable versions of the J. N. Darby and Authorized Bibles.

Poems: Laurie Twinam of Sevenoaks, Kent, UK, has contributed several more of his fine poems which, as soon as time permits, will appear on Poetry: Windows in Heaven page. Note: Added 3 poems in December 2001.

Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  2001

G. R. Cowell, 1898-1963

GRC Ministry Project: Some of the ministry of Gerald R. Cowell has been on 'My Brethren' from its beginning in November 1998. By August 2001 there were 11 of his addresses on MB.

  1. Early: 1936-60 till his excommunication in July 1960;

  2. Memorials 1-16: 1936-60 reprints of books and other
    early ministry;

  3. Later: 1960-63 till taken by the Lord, Feb. 19, 1963.

CD-ROM: See The KBT Report: Ministry on CD-ROM for the latest progress report, as of Tue, 18 Sep 2001.

Chris Humphreys: Murray Linton asks, "Ever heard of or from a brother from North London, England called Chris Humphreys? … Any news would be most welcome". If you can help, please contact MB.

Bulletins:   AUGUST  2001

F. W. Grant: A guest asks whether any details beyond that in the major publications is available e.g., archives, photos, letters, recollections, etc.

New Hymn Book: A new hymn book entitled Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Flock of God has been received.

DISCLAIMER: It has come to our attention that a site with a name and a URL similar to 'My Brethren' promotes practices which we and our guests find extremely offensive.

Articles: Welcome back to Laurie Twinam of Sevenoaks, Kent, UK. His new contributions are

Bulletins:   JULY  2001

KBT Reprints: Selected Ministry, Volume 1, 1854-1925 has arrived. It has ministry by J. G. Bellett, H. D'Arcy ChampneyH. D'Arcy Champney, G. V. Stanley, Robert Dunn and E. J. McBride. See the KBT Report: Selected Ministry for order information.

Scam Letters: Recently Philip Kerkham – and myself – received a scam email offering too-good-to-be-true profits for helping to get funds out of Nigeria. Hopefully none of MB's guests will be deceived by such a blatant fraud. See details in Guest Book 6: Jackie Kerkham.

With Christ: Philip Kerkham writes of the death of his mother, Grace Gillmore Kerkham, 16th July 1913 - 2nd July 2001. See the Mailbox JKL.

Bulletins:   JUNE  2001

Photos: Thanks to Roy Devenish for a number of photos which will eventually appear on MB. Besides several of JT – alone or with others – there are photos of CAC, AJG, G. W. Ware, H. P. Wells, Percy Hardwick, Mrs and Mrs SMcC, Mr and Mrs Roy Hibbert, and AEM and a group in New Jersey working on the 1951 Hymn Book index.

Bulletins:   MAY  2001

With Christ: John Hunziker of San Francisco, on May 30.

David Porter: We enjoyed a very brotherly visit today Wed., May 30, 2001 with David Porter – an early MB guest – who has been in Canada on a visit from Northern Ireland.

Ministry: A copy of the long out of print, and previously unknown, Ministry of G. R. Cowell, Booklet No. 6 has been contributed by David Porter. Some, or all, of its three 1962 addresses are to appear on MB as time permits.

With Christ: John Puxty writes of the death of his father, William (Will) Puxty of Retford, Notts, on Lord's Day, 20 May, aged 88 years old. See the Mailbox PQ.

A. E. Myles: Ronnie Myles has graciously contributed an excellent photo of his father. It will appear along with AEM's biography and ministry when it has been scanned.

George Cutting: A request has been received for any biographical information on George Cutting the author of the well known tract Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment.

Bulletins:   MARCH  2001

Bible Readings: Murray Linton asks "what has happened to the bible reading now?" and invites replies. The Mailbox for Thu, 22 Mar 2001 has the full text of Murray's question.

KBT Reprints/New Books: A reprint of a 48 page booklet on the 1890 Eternal Life conflict by Mr. H. D'A. Champney is £1.00 per copy. This is also No. 9 of my 'Historical Reference Series' and a planned addition to the 'History' group. [Added July 2001 as History: The Champney Letter.]

Ministry: Thanks to Alex Walker for an extract from the ministry of G. V. Wigram titled "If two or three desire …". It's in the 'Mailbox' with Alex's email.

Ministry: Thanks to Kevin Pearson for scanning "The Worship of God Himself", a notable reading with J. Taylor and C. A. Coates. Added in April.

New Law in Australia: MB has learned that as of Sunday March 4th 2001, in Australia it is a crime to forward email without permission of the original sender. The penalty is a Draconian five years imprisonment or $60,000 fine!!!

Neatby's History: The re-print of this 1901 history is now available. See Bibles & Books: Andrew Norman for details. Thu, 8 Mar, 2001: Received my copy today by airmail. It is nicely typeset, clearly printed and well bound.

Bulletins:   FEBRUARY  2001

With Christ: In his 86th year, Bob Howell, Sr. of New Jersey, originally of Boston, was taken by his Lord Monday, February 26. Bob and Peggy – who is recovering from bypass surgery – are well known to many older brethren.

Ministry: Thanks to Esli Forrest for an address 'Remarks on the Service of God' by J. Collie-Smith. Posted in March.

Ministry: Thanks to John Hunziker for an article on 'Baptism' by J. N. Darby, translated from the German and not thought to be in the Collected Writings.

Bulletins:   JANUARY  2001

Neatby's History: Dick Wyman' offer of a PDF has expired, but an online version is still available. See Links: Neatby's History.

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Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2002

Kingston Bible Trust: KBT has 2 new publications:

MB Anniversary: This is our 4th anniversary.

Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2002

With Christ: Early on Wednesday, October 16, after a lengthy illness and at 84 years of age, our beloved brother Robert H. Smith of Springfield, New Jersey, went to be with Christ. The burial was on Friday, Ocober 18, 2002.

FER Zip Files: With the agreement of John Vedder Wed, 04 Sep, 2002 – who did the original scanning – the zip files offer is discontinued as KBT now offers an FER CDROM.

Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  2002

Ministry: Thanks to John Vedder for the scanned text of Thoughts on Genesis Chapters 1 to 4 – a rare booklet by Edward Raven, oldest son of F. E. Raven.

Bulletins:   AUGUST  2002

JND Bible on Tape and CD: Sat, 03 Aug 2002. Andrew & Yvonne Gisbourne write "we have JND's Translation of the New Testament and Genesis read onto tape & cd".

Bulletins:   JULY  2002

With Christ: On July 3, after a brief illness and at 96 years of age, our dear sister Kathleen Stott – an "elect lady" known and loved by many – went to be with Christ.

Bibles and Books: A new link has been added on our Bibles and Books list. It is for the recently opened web site of The Dover Bible Fund of Dover, Pennsylvania.

Bulletins:   APRIL  2002

Bulletins:   FEBRUARY  2002

Kingston Bible Trust: A combined CD-ROM of Ministry by J. B. Stoney and F. E. Raven is available at the same price as the earlier JBS disk – £30.

Also, Selected Ministry Volume 2 (1925-35) is in; price £4.

Photos: Thanks to Brian Cowell for a photo of his father, G. R. Cowell, and a photo of his father and mother which now appear on related pages.

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Check the Mailbox above for email from/to Contributors:

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2003

'My Brethren' Anniversary: This is MB's 5th anniversary.

Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2003

With Christ: On Lord's Day, October 19, 2003, in his 87th year, our beloved brother Robert G. Fear – author of hymn 109 – of Prestwick, Scotland, was taken by the Lord. May our dear sister Jessie, and their daughter Margaret, experience the comfort that only our Lord Jesus can give.

Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  2003

With Christ: On Lord's Day, September 28, 2003, on her 92nd birthday, our sister Margaret Pallister, of Regina, Saskatchewan – and mother of our dear sister Pat Hawkins – went to be with her Lord. May our Lord Jesus comfort Pat and her husband Tom, and other members of the family.

Marriage: On Saturday, September 20, 2003, our dear young sister Ashley Lynn Dickinson, oldest daughter of Karl and Peggy Paluga is to be married to Jason Christopher Aus. May our Lord Jesus bless them richly.

With Christ: On Friday, September 12, 2003, in his 85th year, our dear brother Victor Smith of Oshawa, Ontario – formerly of Toronto – went to be with Christ. Victor was an old friend and an early guest of 'My Brethren'. May our Lord Jesus comfort Betty, his beloved wife of 62 years.

Bulletins:   AUGUST  2003

52nd ANNIVERSARY: In God's mercy, Betty and I will celebrate our 52nd anniversary on August 28, 2003.


Fifty-two years of wedded bliss
As heirs together of life's grace,
God's blessings choice, God's blessings rich,
Radiant, shining in Jesus' face.

Eternally with Christ shall be
The one for whom He stooped and died.
He'll soon present her to Himself,
His wife, His counterpart, His Bride.

From every marriage in the Lord
– Reflection of God's own great plan –
What pleasure does our God receive,
The church, the woman, for the Man.

Each like a week of one grand year,
Fifty-two years go quickly by.
Christ and His church will still remain
Throughout God's grand eternity.

Then, let our learning time on earth
Fit us to take eternal part
In that which will forever please
And satisfy Christ's loving heart.

March 2, 1966, G.A.R.

Poetry: Received a copy of his recently published booklet 'Creation Poems' from Laurie Twinam who says,

Bulletins:   MAY  2003

R. M. Beverley: Do you have any details as to a R. M. Beverley? He wrote the excellent 'An Examination of the Scriptures on the Subject of Ministry' around 1840.


Thanks to Edwin Cross for info on RMB, a brief alternate account of FER's burial and notes of JT's 1914 marriage.

Bulletins:   APRIL  2003

KBT Catalogue: A new KBT Catalogue has just been received. See the KBT Report for changes re payments.


April 2003, Gordon Rainbow

Bulletins:   MARCH  2003

JND Biography: Max Weremchuk has some of his research for the new edition of his biography of JND. Max says, "An interaction with your readers as I go along may prove to be helpful in correcting me or adding to the material". If you can help in any way please let MB know.

Hubert Calvey: Thanks to Paul Druckenmiller for the loan of Confrontation of JTJr – the 3 volumes of Hubert Calvey's letters – for scanning to preserve this unique record.

With Christ: On Friday, March 7, 2003, at 85 years of age, our dear sister Margaret Morris of Burlington, Ontario, went to be with Christ. Margaret and her late husband, Bob, held to their commitment to Christ during the trying times following Aberdeen 1970. Bob and Margaret are uncle and aunt of Margaret (Morris, Mrs. Noel) Brien of Victoria, BC.

Bulletins:   FEBRUARY  2003

Private CD-ROM Project: Received an updated copy of the still incomplete private cd-rom. See the progress report.

Bulletins:   JANUARY  2003

1932 Hymn Book: Jeanne Marie Maynard – see Guest Book – would like to obtain a copy of the 1932 Hymn Book. Please let us know if you have a copy available.

Article by H. Gill: Daniel Soukoreff writes that there has recently been published in German an excellent article on 'Marah', Exodus 15: 22-27, by Herbert Gill. If you have access to the English version please let MB know.

Biographical Information: Edwin Cross writes: I am continuing my researches into the lives of Edward Dennett 1831-1914, William Reid 1822-1881 and C. H. Mackintosh 1820-1896.

A subsequent request:

A subsequent request: Sun, 16 Feb 2003

Note: See correspondence with Edwin Cross and let 'My Brethren' know any info you may be able to share with him.

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Check the Mailbox above for email from/to Contributors:

Bulletins:   DECEMBER  2004

With Christ: Word has been received of the Lord taking to Himself two well known brothers this month: Alex Terries, 83, of Glasgow, Scotland, and W. R. 'Willie' Mason, 86, of Londonderry, North Ireland. WRM served in the ministry of the word for many years.

Request for Historical Information: Edwin Cross writes:
"I am now researching the history of the Brethren assemblies in the Borough of Bexley, London/Kent UK. I have some discoveries: G.H. Lang, E. Rubie, E. P. Corin, also Paul Pallister, were in one of the several meetings in the area. I need info: meeting places, personalities, history, photos, oral recollections … anything that is of interest. Can anyone help us?"

Contact Edwin Cross at:

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2004

With Christ: In sleep early on Monday, November 29, 2004, in his 61st year, our dear brother Richard Reed – of York, Pa. – was taken by the Lord.

With Christ: John Weightman writes that his father, Mr. James Weightman – formerly of Newcastle upon Tyne, latterly, Portsmouth – was taken by the Lord on October 4, 2004.

'My Brethren' Anniversary: November 2004 is MB's 6th anniversary.


Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2004

Kingston Bible Trust: Received KBT's October 2004 Catalogue.

With Christ: On Saturday, October 23, 2004, our beloved brother David Church of Auckland, New Zealand, was taken by the Lord. David would have been 87 on December 14, 2004. Our prayers and sympathy are with his wife, Helen, and his local brethren.

With Christ: On Wednesday, October 13, 2004, in his 88th year, our beloved brother I. Roy Devenish – formerly of Toronto and resident at Bethany Lodge, Unionville – was taken by the Lord. May his daughter, our dear sister, Rosemary Harding, also of Bethany Lodge, find comfort in our Lord Jesus.

Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  2004

Visit: Betty and I enjoyed a pleasant evening with John and Margaret Purdy of Warrenpoint, N.I., and Walter Fleming, on September 8th.

Bulletins:   AUGUST  2004

Another Visit: On August 17, Betty and I had a short but very enjoyable visit from Noel and Margaret Brien of Victoria, BC – formerly of Calgary and earlier of Cambridge/Galt, Ontario – who were visiting in our area.

Bulletins:   JULY  2004

Stone Publishing Trust: See updated listing on 'Bibles and Books'.

Visit: On June 12, Betty and I enjoyed a visit with Bryan and Elizabeth Peebles of Victoria, BC, who were passing through. We had not seen them since they were newlyweds in 1971.

Bulletins:   JUNE  2004

Visit: Betty and I enjoyed a brief but pleasant visit with David and Eliza Crozier of Warrenpoint, N.I., on June 24.

Hubert Calvey: We have completed the scanning of Confrontation of JTJr – the 3 volumes of HC's 1965-67 letters – from copies generously loaned to MB by Paul Druckenmiller.

Bulletins:   MAY  2004

Replacement Web Site: A new website – – has been opened to continue the work of Dick and Daniel. The owners have chosen to remain anonymous.

Daniel Little's Web Site: Further to April below, here is an extract from a notice Daniel has now posted:


Due to unexpected events that occurred in late April, 2004, it became paramount that I shut down this site temporarily in short order. Between that time and today, I have been contemplating whether conditions would allow me to restart the site but have decided that the only path for me is to leave this site permanently down … Finally, although I will continue to receive email at, I will not answer any questions in relation to the circumstances of the closing of this site… Take care, Daniel Little, May 4, 2004.

Bulletins:   APRIL  2004

Daniel Little's Web Site: '' – opened in February 2004 to continue the work of Dick Wyman's recently closed site – has been closed, without notice.

Below is the response to an inquiry:
From: Daniel Little:
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004
The following is an automated response message. The website, and it's associated email addresses, have been discontinued. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New Book: See Kingston Bible Trust: Selected Ministry for contents and price of the new 'Selected Ministry 4, 1946-1951'.

Visitors from UK: April 5 and 6 – from Malcolm and Janet Withell and their two sons, of Lancing, England. Malcolm is the manager of Kingston Bible Trust.

Bulletins:   FEBRUARY  2004

Dick Wyman's Web Site: 'Exclusive Brethren Information' – opened November 18, 1996 – is now closed.

Letters of J. Taylor Senior: 'Bible and Gospel Trust' has published 2 additional volumes – #'s 3 & 4 – of JT's Letters.

Bulletins:   JANUARY  2004

G. V. Wigram: MB's guest Andrew Poots is interested in obtaining copies of the early periodical 'Present Testimony' edited by Mr. G. V. Wigram and any additional articles not included in the current 5 volume set of GVW's ministry.

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Check the Mailbox above for email from/to Contributors:

Bulletins:   DECEMBER  2005

With Christ: Word has been received of the Lord taking to Himself this month, John Mason, 92, of Belfast North Ireland. JM served the brethren in the ministry and also edited the periodical 'Ministry of the Word' for many years. In 1971 he was one of the founding trustees of Kingston Bible Trust after the dissolution of Stow Hill Depot.

But we do not wish you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them that are fallen asleep, to the end that ye be not grieved even as also the rest who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus has died and has risen again, so also God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep through Jesus.

For this we say to you in the word of the Lord, that we, the living, who remain to the coming of the Lord, are in no way to anticipate those who have fallen asleep; for the Lord himself, with an assembling shout, with archangel's voice and with trump of God, shall descend from heaven; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; then we, the living who remain, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and thus we shall be always with the Lord. So encourage one another with these words. 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18.

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2005

ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 7th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and in the mercy of our God, I reached 76 years of age on November 11.

Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2005

REVISED JND BIOGRAPHY: The English edition of 'John Nelson Darby - A Biography By Max S. Weremchuk' was published in 1992 by the now defunct firm of Loizeaux Brothers.

In the meantime Max has done a great deal of research which has yielded

Max has given 'My Brethren' permission to post the first section of a possible revised edition of his valuable biography of JND.


Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  2005

Visit: On Lord's Day, September 11th, Betty and I had an unexpected but very interesting visit from John Philip of Burnaby, BC – originally of Bombay, India. John contacted us as a result of visiting 'My Brethren'.

New Book: See Kingston Bible Trust: Selected Ministry for contents and price of the new 'Selected Ministry 5, 1953-1957'.

Bulletins:   JULY  2005

Visit: Betty and I enjoyed a pleasant evening with John and Margaret Purdy of Warrenpoint, N.I., and our local brotherWalter Fleming.

Bulletins:   JUNE  2005

Visits: On Lord's Day, June 5th, Betty and I spent a pleasant evening of sharing memories and present exercises with Tom Hawkins who was working a business convention in Toronto.

On Thursday, June 9th, we had a brief but enjoyable visit with David Crozier, Warrenpoint, N.I., and his brother-in-law (our local brother) Walter Fleming whom David had transported from Walter's long term care facility. Walter had a severe stroke in the end of May 2004.

Bulletins:   MAY  2005

Visit: On Monday, May 23rd, Betty and I had our first out-of-town visit in our new home at Bethany Manor from Jim Mair of Vancouver who was in Toronto in connection with his work with the Canadian Bible Society.

Revised Biography of J. N. Darby: Received from Max Weremchuk a preliminary draft of part of the first chapter of his proposed revised biography of J. N. Darby.

Bulletins:   APRIL  2005

Change of Address – Monday April 4, 2005: As some already know, because of our age and physical condition, Betty and I moved to Bethany Manor a Christian retirement home – part of Bethany Lodge, a long term-care facility – in Markham/Unionville, adjacent to Toronto.

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