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HISTORY and MINISTRY of the early ‘EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN’ (so-called)
– their origin, progress and testimony 1827-1959 and onward
Founded November 1998 by Gordon Rainbow (1929-2014)

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 The Editors:
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 Andrew Robertson
 Gordon Rainbow

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• The Public History
of the Church
• The King James Bible
• Brethren - A Chronicle
• The Recovery and Maintenance
of the Truth - A. J. Gardiner
Early Years - Recollections
• 'The Brethren' - Their Origin
Progress and Testimony
• Miller's Church History
- at STEM Publishing
• The Last Chapter
• The First 50 Years
• Plymouth and Bethesda
• A Review of Truth
• JND: An Unfriendly
• Early Contentions
• Later Contentions
• The Champney Letter
• FER in America, 1898
• The Hymn Book 1 - 6
• The Darby Bible 1 - 2
• List of Meetings 1 - 4
• The Stow Hill Depot 1 - 2
• The China Episode
• Conscientious Objection to
Bearing Arms - 1943
• After My Departure
• Departure after Recovery
• The Ulster Outlook
• The Manchester Connection
• Decline and Departure
• The Parting of the Ways
• From Freedom to Failure
• Aberdeen - A House Divided
• Wrong in Principle?
• S. M. Anglin
• H. C. Anstey
• J. G. Bellett
• Russell Besley
• E. L. Bevir
• M. W. Biggs
• J. B. Catterall
• H. D'Arcy Champney
• E. H. Chater
• C. A. Coates
• C. W. Cooper
• G. R. Cowell
• George Cutting
• J. N. Darby
• Edward Dennett
• T. V. Druckenmiller
• Robert Dunn
• A. A. Elliott
• C. C. Elliott
• J. S. Ephgrave
• A. J. Gardiner
• P. H. Hardwick
• E. H. - unknown
• Josiah Harper
• A. M. Hayward
• E. J. Hemmings
• D. L. Higgins
• W. J. House
• Percy Lyon
• C. H. Mackintosh
• F. S. Marsh
• E. J. McBride
• Stanley McCallum
• A. E. Myles
• H. F. Nunnerley
• W. J. Pearce
• Joseph Pellatt
• G H. Stuart Price
• G. A. Rainbow
• Edward Raven
• F. E. Raven
• Joseph Revell
• T. H. Reynolds
• Andrew Robertson
• J. Collie-Smith
• J. B. Stoney
• James Taylor
• J. H. Trevvett
• William Trotter
• F. W. Trussler
• G. W. Ware
• F. D. Waterfall
• G. V. Wigram

  Gordon Rainbow :
• Vital Truths: Eternal Life,
Manhood of Christ, Sonship of Christ
• The Inspiration of the Scriptures
• Christian Fellowship and Related Matters
• Notes on Scripture
• The Lord's Supper and Service of God
• The Will of God
• My Brethren: Three Traits
• Building: Divine versus Man's
• 2 Timothy 2 – Reconsidered
• Youth Concerns
• Our Responsibility in the Present
State of the Church
® Mark: The Divine Standard of Service
- Outline of Readings: Chapters 1-16
® John: Gospel of Recovery
- Outline of Readings: Chapters 1-4

  Stone Publishing:
† Christian Fundamentals for young believers

  STEM Publishing:
† Morrish Bible Dictionary:

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• J. G. Bellett
• C. A. Coates
• G. R. Cowell
• J. N. Darby

† Max Weremchuk's
  Biography of JND:

  -  Research Papers
  -  Revised Version

• C. H. Mackintosh
• A. E. Myles
• F. E. Raven
• J. B. Stoney
• James Taylor
• G. V. Wigram

• Brief Sketches:
  J. B. Catterall
  H. D'A. Champney
  George Cutting
  Edward Dennett
  A. J. Gardiner
  A. M. Hayward
  E. J. Hemmings
  Percy Lyon
  Stanley McCallum
  Andrew Miller
  Joseph Pellatt
  G. H. Stuart Price
  Joseph Revell
  T. H. Reynolds
  Andrew Robertson
  J. Collie-Smith
  William Trotter
• God in Absoluteness and Relativeness
Names of Divine Persons: J. Taylor
+ 'Persons' as applied to the Godhead: J. Taylor
+ Comments on 'Trinity' and 'Person': J. N. Darby
+ A Few Words on the Trinity: J. N. Darby
• The Person of Christ: F. E. Raven, J. B. Stoney,
C. A. Coates, J. Taylor
• The Sonship of Christ: F. E. Raven, J. Taylor,
A. G. Brown, C. A. Coates
+ Remarks on 'The Eternal Son': C. A. Coates
• The Holy Spirit: F. E. Raven, J. Taylor, A. G. Brown,
P. Haddad, J. N. Darby
• Inspiration of the Scriptures: J. N. Darby
+ The Human Element in Inspiration: J. N. Darby
• The Sufferings of Christ: J. N. Darby
• Propitiation: A. M. Hayward
• Deliverance and Its End: F. E. Raven
+ Association with Christ: F. E. Raven
• New Birth and Eternal Life: J. N. Darby, J. B. Stoney
F. E. Raven, C. A. Coates, J. Taylor
• Baptism: S. M. Anglin, C .W. Wycherley
+ 'Baptism and Christening': J. N. Darby
+ 'Comments on Household Baptism': J. Taylor
• Fellowship: W. J. Pearce, D. L. Higgins
+ The Divinely Ordered Path: W. E. Ellis
+ Are you a Member? : Geo. Cutting
• Letters of Commendation: F. E. Raven,
C. A. Coates, J. Taylor
• Attitude to Other Believers: C. A. Coates
• The Assembly: G. W. Ware
+ The Coming Together of the Assembly: F. E. Raven
+ The Assembly in Four Aspects: F. E. Raven
• "One Body": The Ground of Gathering:
J. N. Darby, J. B. Stoney
+ One Body - 4 addresses: F. E. Raven
• The Lord's Table, Lord's Supper and Service of God:
J. N. Darby, F. E. Raven,
+ The Lord's Supper: 9 readings: C. A. Coates
+ The Service of God and the Lord's Supper:
3 readings: J. Taylor
• Gifts and Offices: J. N. Darby, E. L. Bevir
+ On Gifts, + On Rule: J. B. Stoney
• Ministry: J. N. Darby, J. B. Stoney, R. M. Beverley
• Local Assembly Administration: J. Taylor
• The Collection: J. Taylor, E. J. Hemmings
• Man and Woman: J. N. Darby, C. A. Coates,
J. Taylor, G. A. Rainbow
• Marriage and Divorce: J. N. Darby, J. B. Stoney,
F. E. Raven, C. A. Coates, J. Taylor
+ ®Marriage in the Lord: J. Taylor
+ Children - To Have or Not To Have: G. A. Rainbow
• Religious Holidays: J. N. Darby, C. A. Coates,
R. D. Gracey
• The Public Ruin of the Church: J. N. Darby
+ On the Formation of Churches: J. N. Darby
+ Righteousness in the Last Days: C. A. Coates
• The Unequal Yoke: J. N. Darby, C. H. Mackintosh,
W. Kelly, J. Revell, W. J. Young,
A. M. Hayward, J. Taylor, G. R. Cowell
• The World, Its Politics, God's Government: J. N. Darby,
C. A. Coates + Romans 13 (2) : J. Taylor
+ God's Government, Direct and Indirect: J. Taylor
• The Church's Prophetic History:
C. A. Coates, A. Wellershaus
• The Lord's Coming: J. B. Stoney,
W. Kelly, S. P. Tregelles
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• My Answer: Titles

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• Church History
- A Bibliography

• Robert Hawker on the Spirit
- A Prelude at Plymouth

• John and Mary Steen
- A Memorial

• James Boyd
- A Reminiscence

• The Ears of the Assembly
- Reports: 1934-2004
• A Message to
My Brethren

• My Journey
- A Life in His Favour

• The Last Opportunity
- Recovery After Decline

• My Projects
- Still in Progress

• Copyright Information
- An Explanation
Collections of Poems:

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SUBJECTS or TITLES for some of the above menu groups

Original articles and compilations by various authors as shown
• The Public History
of the Church
• A Brief Synopsis of the Public History of the Church: G. H. Stuart Price, 1950 - "The object of this synopsis" is "to present, in as brief and concise a manner as so wide a subject will permit, an outline of the public history of the church from Pentecost to the present day …" The final "section is intended to be in the nature of an enquiry as to the light which Scripture may throw on the present confused state of christen­dom, and the pathway which may be open to believers at the present time who are desirous of being in subjection to the Word of God".
• The King James Bible • 1611-2011 - 400th Anniversary of the Publication of the King James Bible
Stone Publishing: Annotated extract from the original Preface of Miles Smith
• Brethren - A Chronicle
• Brethren - A Chronicle of Persons and Events: G. A. Rainbow - with MB links
• The Recovery and Maintenance
of the Truth - A. J. Gardiner
• "In this book an attempt has been made to meet a desire, often expressed, for an account of the way the Lord has taken, since the beginning of the nineteenth century, to recover the truth of the assembly given to the apostle Paul — which was so soon lost in accordance with the Spirit’s express warning as given us in 1 Timothy 4: 1-3 and 2 Timothy 3: 1-5 — and to maintain it against successive efforts of Satan to overthrow it."
• Early Years - Recollections
• Letters and Notes: J. G. Bellett, J. N. Darby, Edward Cronin, J. B. Stoney, G. V. Wigram, Miss Anna M. Stoney and Miss Frances J. Elwood
+ Powerscourt - 1832: A brief account appended to a letter of J. N. Darby
• 'The Brethren' - Their
Origin, Progress and
Testimony - 1827-78
• 'The Brethren' - (commonly so-called) - A Brief Sketch of Their Origin,
Progress and Testimony
: Andrew Miller, c. 1878 - This classic account details the history, ministry and impact of brethren 1827 - 1878 from the author's personal experience, knowledge and perspective in the following chapters: 1. 'The Brethren'; 2. Reading Meetings; 3. Origin of the Title 'Plymouth Brethren'; 4. False Doctrine Detected; 5. The Two Camps; 5. Gleanings fron the Writings of Brethren; 7. Christian Position; 8. The Church of God; 9. The Millennium; concluding with 'Reflections on the Testimony of Brethren'.
• Miller's Church History
- at STEM Publishing
• Short Papers on Church History: Andrew Miller - The complete 56 chapter history at STEM Publishing. (See "The Last Chapter" following.)
• The Last Chapter
- 1827-77
• Short Papers on Church History: Andrew Miller - The original last chapter which, subsequently – and unconscionably – has been replaced by one favourable to the 'open' group represented by the current publisher. A.M. gives an account of developments among 'brethren' from the beginning to c. 1877.
• The First 50 Years
- 1827-75
• The Present Condition of Things in the Professing Church of God – Extract from 'Letters to a Friend on …' : C. H. Mackintosh – A review of the period from 1827-75, and its lessons, including a vigorous defence of "exclusivism" as a "duty", and a passionate plea for "conduct and character" becoming to those who seek to maintain "the ground of the Church of God".
• Plymouth and Bethesda
- 1844-49
• Events at Plymouth and Subsequently at the Bethesda Meeting, Bristol, 1844-1849 – The Origin of (So-Called) Open Brethrenism: William Trotter - "The present question arises out of others which have exercised the souls of brethren for years; and it would be impossible for you to understand the one without some acquaintance with the others. My object, therefore, is to give you a brief and general statement of the whole case, referring you throughout to such of the principal publications on all sides as may enable you to form a judgment for yourself as to whether or not my statements are borne out by the facts".
• A Review of Truth
- 1896 etc
• A Message to the Quemerford Meeting, June 1896
- 'Review of how the Truth, which the Lord Revived to the Church in this
   Century, has been Opposed and how Little Accepted': J. B. Stoney
+ Remarks as to the issue at Witney in 1888, by Joseph Pellatt. c. 1913
+ Divisions: "spring from not understanding …" : J. B. Stoney, 1893
+ Holding the Head: A related address by J. B. Stoney, 1873
• JND: An Unfriendly
Appraisal - 1885
• John Nelson Darby: Professor George T. Stokes, 1885 - This rare article – an unfriendly appraisal indeed – professes "to show" JND's "influence at a great religious crisis, and to explain the origin of his followers". While it lacks objectivity, and is marked by veiled hostility and by misinterpretation, it is a valuable analysis of both the religious and secular character of the times.

• 1. Early Contentions
- 1844-66 +
A Review of Certain Contentions for the Faith: George W. Ware, 1928
- Plymouth, Bethesda, the Sufferings of Christ, 'Dead to Nature'
+ a summary of later developments among 'open' meetings: G. A. Rainbow
+ The Bethesda Circular: J. N. Darby - a landmark letter
• 2. Later Contentions
- 1879-1920 +
- Ramsgate, Reading and Montreal, Bexhill and FER, Glanton and Alnwick and Divine Principles in a Day of Ruin, 1920
+ summaries of later developments in 'exclusive' groups: G. A. Rainbow
• The Champney Letter and
Events in Ealing - 1890
• Letter to the Saints Gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ: H. D'Arcy Champney, 1890 - A detailed chronicle of the malicious and vicious opposition to F. E. Raven and his ministry  + Events in Ealing, A Statement of Facts: E. H. Chater et al, 1890 - Documents the partisan actions of FER's main opposers
• FER in America - 1898
• A Brief Account of FER's Visit to America - 1898: J. S. Allen - Letters written by Mr. Allen while accompanying Mr. Raven on his first visit to Canada and the USA. His views of the ministry and its effect on those present are interesting and enlightening, as are the insights as to individuals and localities and the living and travelling conditions of the day; includes approach by F. W. Grant.

• Hymn Book  1
Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock, 1856-1973/93:
- The influence of ministry on successive revisions; their place in the service of God; the later effect of wrong influence: G. A. Rainbow  + Prefaces to all editions and to tune books  + ® The Service of Song: J. Taylor, 1950
• Hymn Book  2
- Accounts of the revisions of 1932, 1951 and 1962  + References in ministry and letters; various revisions in use; other hymn books: G. A. Rainbow
• Hymn Book  3
- Authors for the 1973 Re-Selection/1993 Supplement; an A-Z list with numbers of their hymns and brief personal details for many authors: G. A. Rainbow
• Hymn Book  4
- Words for the 1973 Re-Selection/1993 Supplement: S. K. Ng  + Suggested tunes and music in midi format for many hymns.
• Hymn Book  5
- Subject Index to the 1973 Hymn Book/1993 Supplement, to become better acquainted with the many excel­lent hymns, resulting in spiritual enrich­ment in the service of God and in the gather­ings of the saints: G. A. Rainbow.
• Hymn Book  6
- Comparative Index to the 1973 Hymn Book/1993 Supplement, and the earlier revisions of 1881, 1903, 1932, 1951 and 1962. This index shows in which edition various hymns were first introduced, which are still in the collection, which hymns were excluded, and which were later reinstated, and the hymn numbers assigned in various revisions.  G. A. Rainbow.

• Darby Bible  1
A New Translation of the Holy Scriptures by J. N. Darby:
- Prelude; Introductory Notices: the Complete Bible - 1961;
the Old Testament - 1890; the New Testament - 1884 and 1871
• Darby Bible  2
- Text of J. N. Darby's translation of the New Testament - J.N.D.'s notes not included - from the latest Stow Hill/Kingston Bible Trust 1961 edition

• Meetings 1
Lists of Meetings:
1879 - USA and Canada: Loizeaux Bros, NY and S. W. Hallows, Toronto
• Meetings 2
1959 - North and South America: Gospel Book and Tract Depot, New York
• Meetings 3
1963 - Great Britain and Ireland: W. H. Trowbridge, Loughborough, Leics.
• Meetings 4 1950 - Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australasia: Atlas of Hay Smith

• Atlas of Meetings
- Still to come
• Atlas of Meetings, c. 1950 and c. 1968:
- These atlases include all localities throughout the world and reflect many changes, especially as a result of mergers of neighbouring cities in the 1960's

• Stow Hill 1 - 1931-71
Stow Hill Bible and Tract Depot:
- A Historical Sketch of its Rise and Fall, 1931-71: G. A. Rainbow
+ Written Ministry and its Distribution: J. Taylor, 1931
• Stow Hill 2 - 1960-62
- Notes of Depot information/consultation meetings - 1960, 1961 and 1962
Note: Contribution of notes for other years will be welcomed
• The China Episode
- 1933-35
• An account – 1933-35 – of the brief link with Watchman Nee and a work of God in China which appeared to be based on the truth but was found to be leavened by 'open' principles: Letters of P. Lyon and A. J. Gardiner, J. Taylor and others
• Conscientious
Objection - 1943
• Conscientious Objection to Bearing Arms: A. E. Myles, J. Taylor - An Appeal to the Government of Canada, 1943, with related correspondence  + The Duty of a Christian in View of Military Service Compulsion: D. L. Higgins, 1916
• After My Departure
- 1953-59
• After My Departure: G. A. Rainbow - a brief review of the London three day meetings for 1953-59. The purpose of the review – and the posting now of the notes of some of those meetings in the Ministry group of 'My Brethren' – is:
1. to preserve a partial record of ministry, most of which is now out-of-print and is unlikley to be reprinted or, as for 1955-56, is permanently unavailable;
2. to note some of the trends in that uncertain period – from the death of Mr. James Taylor Sr. to the rise to undisputed universal leadership in ministry and admin­istration of one man – and their historical significance.
• Departure from the Truth
After Its Recovery
- 1942-70
• The Departure From The Truth After Its Recovery: A. G. Brown, 1970 - A chronicle of the rejection by some of separate address to and worship of the Holy Spirit, and of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – a rejection with which the editors of MB do not agree – covering a short but very significant period of which, to our knowledge – there is no other comparable existing historical record, and which affords a rare view of the rapid rise of the legal and repressive spirit which characterised the later decline of 1959-70.
• The Ulster Outlook
- 1954-62
• The Ulster Outlook – Divergent Views – 1954-1962: Letters from brethren in Belfast – James & Ruth McMullan, Charles W. Cooper and John McGimpsey. Many of the letters relate to other 'History' articles, but they have been grouped together because of the common – geographical – background of the writers, who were all known personally to each other. The different interpretations of the situation by the writers, based on when and why they withdrew, should be noted.The letters also include references to certain developments in the legal sect, which may not be recorded elsewhere.
• The Manchester
Connection - 1956-72
• The Manchester Connection – Stopping the Wells – 1956-1972: Letters and papers of Mr. James Macdonald of Manchester and others, pro and con his position. Several of the reasons given for his 1956 withdrawal are noteworthy, but the major significance of that action is that Manchester subsequently became the centre of the opposition to, and repudiation of, separate address to and worship of the Spirit, and of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
• Decline and Departure
- 1953 - 1970
• Recent Developments – 1960: Charles L. Nunnerley  + Warnings: C. A. Coates and J. Taylor  + Letters and papers: Andrew Robertson - 1970, G. A. Rainbow - 1971 and Jim Soukoreff - 1977: The underlying state, emerging legal system and its disastrous results from 1953 to 1970 are examined.
• The Parting of the
Ways - 1960's
• Letters of Withdrawal: C. W. Cooper, P. Haddad, B. G. Hardingham and ten others, express: 1. their judgment of the unscripturalness of both the letter and spirit of various teachings and practices put forward as binding upon the consciences of the brethren; 2. an unwillingness to allow their consciences to be overridden by the claims of mere human authority; and 3. an unaffected and unfeigned reluctance to separate from brethren long-known and loved.
• From Freedom to Failure
- 1960 - 1974
• 'There was no king in Israel': The beginning, history and ultimate failure of the once hopeful separation of 1960-61 from the legal sect is highlighted in a brief selection of the documents from that period. At least three factors contributed to the eventual disintegration: 1. a refusal of authority by some; 2. a lack of vigorous leadership; and 3. the resultant spawning of many local troubles.
• Aberdeen - A House
Divided - 1970 on
• The background and issues at Aberdeen in July 1970; plus a selection of letters: 1. re those who the separated from the legal sect; 2. the short-lived period of hope that followed; and 3. the subsequent 1972 Edinburgh crisis and division.
• Wrong in Principle? - The
Walkinshaw Dogma
- 1971
• The bold 1971 assertion that those who withdrew from the legal sect before the Aberdeen fiasco, July 1970, were "wrong in principle" is examined in letters by G. A. Rainbow and L. J. Twinam, 1972, and in a 1977 paper by Jim Soukoreff.
  Page Top   History Subjects Top
Part 2 of 3 To: MINISTRYTitles
Part 3 of 3 To: MINISTRY  by  G. R. COWELL : Titles
By the Editors  • Gordon Rainbow, † Guest or other source
• Vital Truths
• Eternal Life • The Manhood of Christ  • The Sonship of Christ
• The Inspiration of
the Scriptures
• Explanation of supposed inconsistencies and contradictions in the endings of the
  Gospels and in Paul's history
• Christian Fellowship
• Replies to inquiries as to Fellowship and related matters
• Notes on Scripture
• The Seed Of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob • The Levitical Cities
• Josiah's Successors • The Captivity of Judah • The Fasts of the Captivity
• Ezekiel's "Thirtieth Year" • Jesus – His Personal Name
• Women in the Genealogy of Jesus • Gathered to His Name
• Parallelisms in John's Ministry • Time in John's Gospel • The Trial of Jesus
• The Seven Cries from the Cross • Galatians: To Whom and When?
• The Dominical Supper • Imprisonments of Paul • Mark • Timothy
• The Lord's Supper and
the Service of God
• The main historical developments, and the gradual emergence of the meaning and
   relationship of the Lord's Supper and the service of God through the ministries of
   J. N. Darby, F. E. Raven, and J. Taylor.
Introduction • The Gospels: The Institution • Paul's Ministry: The Confirmation
The Supper and the Table: The Distinction • The Mystifying: Romanism and Ritualism • The Displacement: The Reformation • The Sacrifice: The Martyrs
The Revival: The Early Years • The Preparation: A Spiritual Atmosphere
The Assembly: The Introduction • The Service of God: The Dawn
• The Development • The Outlook: Till He Comes
• The Will of God
• Its practical application to our lives  • Jesus and the Will of God
• Our relationship to Christ  • The Rights of God  • Collective Responsibilities
• Marriage and Family/Children  • Houses and Businesses
• Our relation to the World  • Christian Marriage
• My Brethren:
Three Traits
• The Lord identifies those He owns as His brethren first on a moral basis, then as
   suffering, and finally in spiritual privilege.
• Building: Divine
versus Man's
• Divine building: Superseding man's system, going into Eternity
• Man's building: Responsibility, Failure and Judgment
• The Present Day: Revival and Recovery
• 2 Timothy 2
• The traditional view reconsidered in the light of Numbers 16
• Youth Concerns
• Spiritual Growth  • Baptism  • The Will of God  • Assembly Relationships
• Assembly Principles  • Social Relationships
† Christian Fundamentals
Stone Publishing
Christian Fundamentals for young believers: Issue 1
• Forgiveness  • Redemption  • Justification  • Reconciliation  • Sanctification
• Salvation  • Grace  • Piety  • Faith  • Righteousness  • Holiness  • Dependence
Christian Fundamentals for young believers: Issue 2
• Jesus our Lord • Jesus our Deliverer • Jesus our Friend • Christ our High Priest
• Christ our Head • Christ our Hope • The Work of the Holy Spirit
• Resurrection • Ascension • Repentance • Assurance • Consecration
• Our Responsibility in
the Present State
of the Church
• Recovery in the present day depends on suitable moral and spiritual conditions,
   both separation from evil and holding fast to that which is good - along with the
   practical recognition of the presence of the Holy Spirit.
• Introduction • The Apostolic Testimony • The Public Breakdown
• Divine Workmanship Stands • Fellowship in Worship and Service
• Revival and Recovery • Failure and Divisions • The Present Dilemma
• Our Reswources • This is the Way, Walk ye in It
• Mark's Gospel
Outline of Readings
   Chapters 1 – 16

• Mark presents the Lord Jesus as the model Servant, the great Man of action and
   tireless devotion. The pattern set out in Him personally, and in His instruction of
   the disciples, is still The Divine Standard of Service for today.
• John: Gospel
of Recovery
Outline of Readings
    Chapters 1 – 4

• John's - the last - gospel is peculiarly intended for the last days. A pattern is
   imprinted on the whole gospel account which delineates not only the public
   ecclesiastical failure but, just as clearly, the divinely ordered way and means of
• Comprehending and Apprehending  • The Zeal of Thy House
• Lay Aside Every Weight  • The Aim of Oppression - Exodus 1
• Burial of Grandfather  • Marriage
† Bible Dictionary:
    - at STEM Publishing
• The still valuable A New and Concise Bible Dictionary was compiled in 1899 by George Morrish – the well known printer – and his daughter Hannah, 1848-1945. The articles are unsigned but it is believed that most were written by 'brethren' and reflect their doctrinal position at the time. The dictionary is still in print and available ftom Kingston Bible Trust. This link is to the complete text at STEM Pudlishing.
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"Let your word be always with grace, seasoned with salt,
so as to know how ye ought to answer each one", Colossians 4: 6.

Replies regarding the Scriptures, articles on 'My Brethren', and other general matters.
By the Editors:  • Gordon Rainbow,  † by a Guest
• My Answer  1 • Introduction
• Not that we rule over your faith:  2 Corinthians 1: 24
• Apollos – Twelve Disciples:  Acts 18: 24-28; 19: 1-7
• A Child Born – A Son Given:  Isaiah 9: 6
• Easter or Passover:  Acts 12: 1-4
• Remembrance of the Lord Jesus:  1 Cor. 11: 23-26; 14: 26, 37; Deut. 16: 1-6
• "To Whom do you Pray?": Comments on an Essay
• The Christian Life: An inquiry for a good book on this subject
• Who May Break Bread?: An inquiry as to the 'Assemblies'
• Edward Dennett and Geo. Cutting: What was their final position?
• Beliefs of 'Exclusive Brethren': An inquiry
• The Ruin of the Church: Its meaning, origin and relevancy

• My Answer  2 • Some Groups: An inquiry as to some groups referred to on MB
† Sister to Sister: A heartfelt response by Peggy Paluga
† The Ministry of F. E. Raven: Perceptive comments by John Vedder
• Open/Closed: An inquiry as to where 'My Brethren' stands
• The Powerscourt Meetings: and Dave MacPherson's writings
• The Rapture: Regarding a 'post-tribulation' site
• An Assessment: Re an early history as a foster child of 'brethren'
• Divorce and Remarriage: An inquiry re division over this matter
• Present Day Gathering: An inquiry as to the "doctrinal basis"
• Happenings of 1959: An inquiry as to where to find on 'My Brethren'
• The Darby Bible: An inquiry whether 'My Brethren' has "strong views"
• Objective and Subjective: An inquiry as to my views

• My Answer  3 † Bible Readings: 'What happened?' answered by Phil Gasston
• Breaking of Bread: Should it be at beginning or end of meeting?
• Church a Persecutor: Answer to questions re F. E. Raven's comments
• One Leader: Did this teaching of W. Lee come from the brethren?
• The Pressure of Modern Life: Can we escape its slavery?
• The Breaking of Bread: May an unbeliever attend the meeting?
• Finding a Suitable Fellowship: One Brother's Dilemma
• How Others See Us: Our position on sectarianism and clericalism
• Sir Robert Anderson: Comments on a request for information
• Difference between Web Sites: Inquiry re 'My Brethren' and EBI

• My Answer  4 • H. W. Soltau: Sources for Biographical Information
• Sonship of Christ: Sources for 'Incarnational Sonship'
• Major Groups of Brethren in the UK: What are the Differences?
• Governmental Consequences: Sins after Conversion, Divorce etc
† Biography: Early Brethren – Thoughts by Max Weremchuk
• One-City-One-Church: Did W. Nee get this from 'exclusives' ?
• Dispensational: Explain 'dispensational pre-tribulation rapture'?
• EB's Attempt to Contact Some They Have Rejected for 30 years
• Is Baptism Necessary to be Considered a Christian?
• Will the Spirit ever lead anyone to look at Himself or His work?
• Matthew 18: 20: Translation and Application
• Participation of Women at the Lord's Supper: Giving Out Hymns?
• Do Babies and Little Children Who Die Go To Heaven?

• My Answer  5 • Four Factors in the Formation of a Servant
• The Giving of Thanks Betore Meals
• Children - To Have Or Not To Have
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PAGE MY  STAND :   Titles
"So then, brethren, stand firm, and hold fast the instruction
which ye have been taught, whether by word or by our letter", 2 Thessalonians 2: 15.
"I come quickly: hold fast what thou hast, that no one take thy crown", Revelation 3: 11.

Replies regarding doctrinal, ecclesiastical, historical and other controversial matters.
By the Editors:  • Gordon Rainbow,  †  by a Guest or other source
• My Stand  1 • Introduction
• Sonship of Christ 1: Relentless bitterness of some opposers
• Sonship of Christ 2: Defence of integrity of CAC and his ministry
• Sonship of Christ 3: An opposer wants anonymity
• Sonship of Christ 4: Meaning of 'sent'; the mediatorial position
• Authoritative Ministry: 3 marks of genuine 'authoritative' ministry
• Associations: The issue is an 'unequal yoke', not 'membership'
• What went wrong?: An examination of suggested reasons
• Decline of 1950's: Were we on sectarian ground before 1959?

• My Stand  2 • Aberdeen 1–2: A tardy judgment based on a single shocking issue
bolstered by a claim of the Lord's presence up to 1970
• Aberdeen 3: Re charge as to 'another table' and independency
• Aberdeen 4: Who was the Lord 'with' before and after 1970?
• Aberdeen 5: Plea for reconciliation appears to be one way street
† Aberdeen 6: Reply to claims of a 'Renton' supporter by Robert Stott
• 'Renton' or 'Strang'?: Answer to an inquiry
• Open 1–2: Defence of rejection of the 'open' system as an alternative
• Local Churches: Attempt to identify with 'brethren movement'
• Privacy of Email: Attempt to restrict publication of 'My Brethren's' replies
• William Kelly: Why Mr. Kelly's ministry is not featured on 'My Brethren'
• 1973 Hymn Book: Re complaint as to hymns excluded or included
• Kingston Bible Trust: Re complaint as to a recent KBT 'history'
• Use of Ministry: Selective use to support favoured views
• Miles Stanford: Misuse and disregard of distinctive ministry

• My Stand  3 • Opposers of 'My Brethren': Attack by supporters of 'eternal sonship'
• F. E. Raven Zip Files Withheld: Need a legitimate and sincere interest
• 'Railed at, we bless': Attitude to writer of a bitter 12 page tirade
• Ministry of C. A. Coates: Re charge of being blasphemous
• The Internet: Various objections considered and rejected
• 'Bitterness of Soul': Rude, reckless charges may be a call for help
• Sonship and Incarnation: A clergyman is clear as to the Lord's
Sonship, but not as to the Word or the Person of Christ
• Rejection of Certain 'Leaders': Explanation to one still 'in'
• Reconciliation of Brethren: Comments on the view of one still 'in'
• Matt. 18: 20 - Interpretation and Application: Re misconceptions
• Hyper Ecclesiasticism: Regarding the 'Tunbridge Wells' position
• 'Notable Divisions': Review of a summary from another web site

• My Stand  4 • Wrong Attitude towards Women: By the modern 'exclusives'
• Paul and Peter: The Spheres of their Commissions
• Unsolicited Email: Abuse of the Internet

• My Stand  5 • 'Christian' Zionism: Not based on ministry of J. N. Darby
• 'My Brethren': Comments on layout, design, format etc. of 'My Brethren'
• Anonymity: Does Scripture contemplate anonymous ministry?
† An Appeal re Fellowship and Reception by Richard C. Reed

• My Stand  6 • Peebs.Net: Objectives: Discrediting early servants, their ministry and history
• Education for the Work of the Lord: Secular vs Spiritual
• Banning of Television: Background and various considerations
• Practical Fellowship: Serious Considerations: Replies to some genuine inquiries
• Changes Made to the Hymn Book: Concern re changing wording of old hymns
• Criticism of MB's selection of ministry: Rebuttal of Complaint on
• Procedure re Reception and Withdrawal: Reply to an Inquiry
• Brotherly Confidence: Correspondence wirh a brother of the "open" persuasion
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