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•   How to Help 'My Brethren' Grow
Contributions of suitable material are welcome, e.g.
    • new personal and historical accounts,
    • further details re biographical and historical accounts,
    • rare or out-of-print history, ministry or poetry,
    • any other relevant items or reference material.
Hard copy, or plain ascii computer files if available.
All contributions will be acknowledged and credited.
Abridgement, annotations or corrections may be needed.

Photos Wanted: Of any of the following – preferably in JPG format –

  • S. M. Anglin, H. C. Anstey, Russell Besley, E. H. Chater, C. W. Cooper,
    T. V. Druckenmiller, W. E. Ellis, Robert D. Gracey,
    Josiah Harper, E. J. Hemmings, D. L. Higgins, F. S. Marsh,
    W. J. Pearce, Edward Raven, C. W. Wycherley and others.
  • We will be glad to share any photos on MB.

Meeting Lists Wanted: To complete coverage of locations of meeting rooms we need lists for Europe, South Africa, Australasia etc. in the 1950's to late 1960's. If you have any and are willing to loan them for scanning please let us know.

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The scope of 'My Brethren' would have been severely limited without the help of many brothers and sisters. Their contributions are acknowledged with our thanks. The Editors.      † = With Christ.
Marcus and Janette
Ashley Dickinson
Esli Forrest
Tim Knappett

Gene McLeod
Jeremy Ng
Robert Munster
Kevin Pearson
Peter Metcalfe

Karl Paluga
Susan Soukoreff
Margaret Trim
John Vedder

Original articles, letters or poetry:
Joe Fry
Phil Gasston
Peggy Paluga
Lila Marilla Paul
† Richard C. Reed
† Andrew Robertson
† Jim Soukoreff
Stone Publishing Trust
Laurie Twinam
John Vedder
Max S. Weremchuk

Rare or out-of-print articles, letters and photos:
Paul Allison
Dave Astell
Noel Brien
Marcus Chapman
Van Costen
† Brian Cowell
† Edwin Cross
† Roy and † Marian
Paul Druckenmiller
Esli Forrest
† John Hunziker
Nelson Joyce
Bohuslav Koša
Lydia Kosova
George Mair
Ron Myles
Kevin Pearson
David Porter
† Andrew and Lois
Gordon Simmonds
Gavin Simpson
Daniel Soukoreff
John Vedder
Alex Walker

Suggestions for posting:
Phil Gasston
† Andrew Robertson

Daniel Soukoreff

Reference and Research material etc.
Charles Barrett
Van Costen
† Edwin Cross
Alistair Deayton
† David and Helen
Nick Fleet
Esli Forrest
Nigel Herbert
Stephen Hesterman
Phil Hickmot
† John Hunziker
Bernt Lindberg
† Ian McDowell
Robert Munster
Kevin Oberg
Mary (McCallum) Oberg
Kevin Pearson
† Andrew and Lois
Gordon Simmonds
Timothy Stunt
† Jim Taylor
– son of A.P.T.
Ray Taylor
Laurie Twinam
John Vedder
Max S. Weremchuk
Malcolm Withell

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With Christ" is a separate page also accessible from the menu. It records
information as to some who have been guests and/or friends of My Brethren,
and who are now "with Christ" which is "very much better", Philippians 1: 23.
Please send any additional information on the Message form below.

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•  An Unauthorized News Summary
for the information of Guests of 'My Brethren'
Kingston Bible Trust – established 1971 – is a successor to
the former Stow Hill Bible and Tract Depot, 1931-71.
• For details see their Catalogue below, or to order,
email the manager, Malcolm Withell
   – or write Kingston Bible Trust, Wembley Gardens, Lancing,
   West Sussex, BN15 9LX, UK – and mention 'My Brethren'.
Please Note: KBT requests payment – in UK currency – with your order.
Postage and packing are free of charge, in the UK,
but see 'Catalogue' below for overseas carriage charges.

To download get the latest KBT Catalogue click here. Customers outside the UK should click here for latest carriage charges.

Note: Payment in U.S. dollars is no longer accepted, but payment by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro (UK cards) and Solo – plus a 2.5% surcharge – are accepted.

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Ministry by Herbert Gill, E. J. McBride, A. E Myles,
W. J. House, A. J. Gardiner, S. McCallum, A. B. Parker,
L. E. Samuels and others – from 'Ministry by J. Taylor -
Old Series' but not included in 'Ministry by JT - New Series'.
Note: Prices are for first printing and are subject to change.

March 2000: All three volumes are now available:
      1. 1907-1926,     2. 1926-1940,     3. 1941-1955.

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Ministry by various authors, now mainly out of print. The Preface says
"there is a wealth in this ministry that we feel will be of value to saints now,
and it gives additional impressions of what the Spirit's voice
to the assemblies has been in times of very varied exercises".

Volume 1 (1854-1925) 403 pages: 12 readings, 7 addresses, authors are:
J G. Bellett (1), H. D'Arcy Champney (1), G. V. Stanley (4), Robert Dunn (9) and E. J. McBride (4).

Volume 2 (1925-35) 453 pages: 33 addresses, authors are:
J. B. Catterall (3), M. W. Biggs (1), R. Besley (5), Dr. C. C. Elliott (1), W. J. House (1), A. E. Myles (10), J. H. Trevvett (6), J. Revell (1), A. M. Hayward (5).

Volume 3 (1936-45) 472 pages: 12 readings, 19 addresses, authors are:
W. J. House (6), G. R. Cowell (8*), H. F. Nunnerely (7), J. Collie-Smith (6), A. E. Myles (4). * = All are on MB.

Volume 4 (1946-51) 503 pages: 8 readings, 21 addresses, authors are:
A. J. Gardiner (12), Percy H. Hardwick (9), G. R. Cowell (2*), Stanley McCallum (6). * = Both on MB.

Volume 5 (1953-57) 420 pages: 15 readings, 4 addresses, authors are:
Stanley McCallum (5 readings), G. R. Cowell (5 readings, 3 addresses *), Percy Lyon (5 readings, 1 address). A. J. Gardiner (12) * = All on MB.

Volume 6 Final Volume (1957-58) 618 pages: 21 readings, 6 addresses, authors are: G. R. Cowell (11 readings, 2 addresses *) Stanley McCallum (10 readings, 1 address), A. J. Gardiner (3 addresses) * = All on MB.

To order see above.

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November 1999: While supplies last, KBT offers free new / used copies of the following which also appear on MB:

  • Fundamental Truths of Christianity ;
  • Memorials of the Ministry of G. R. Cowell, Vol. 14 ;
  • Unity as Presented in Paul's Epistles, London 1959 .

    November 2002: Help for those Young in the Faith: Seven Addresses by GRC; price £2.50.
    These are the first 7 of the 11 addresses which appear on MB as Memorials of the Ministry of G. R. Cowell, Vol. 11.

    November 2002: There are 8 addresses by G. R. Cowell in Selected Ministry 3. Seven are already on MB and the eighth will appear in due course.

    April 2004: There are 2 addresses by G. R. Cowell in Selected Ministry 4. They are both already on MB.

    2005: There are 5 readings and 3 addresses by G. R. Cowell in Selected Ministry 5. They are all already on MB.

    2007: There are 11 readings and 2 addresses by G. R. Cowell in Selected Ministry 6. They are all already on MB.

    To order see above.

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    April 2003 A Combined CD-ROM is available @ £60.00 each, containing

    1. Ministry by J. B. Stoney 1-13, Letters 1-3 and 'From Glory to Glory', an account of last days of JBS. *

      • * See 'His Closing Days' in MB's biography.

    2. Ministry by F. E. Raven 1-20, and Letters.

    3. Ministry by C. A. Coates 1-34 and Letters.

    4. Ministry and Letters of J. Taylor Sr.

      • The files are linked to fully searchable versions of the J. N. Darby and Authorized Bibles.

      • If you had the JBS/FER/CAC disk at full price (not earlier disks) KBT can do an upgrade disk for £10.
    To order see above.

    Brothers and sisters are scanning and checking ministry. This private project is not part of KBT operations – and not part of 'My Brethren', which contributes GRC – but it has provided KBT with files for the Combined Disks.
    Progress Report: JND Bible, and all his minstry and letters, 1962 and 1973 Hymns, JBS, FER, CAC, Selected Addresses 1-3, Selected Ministry 1-5,
    JT – all complete, JP, plus most of GRC posted on MB.
    most of SMcC and AJG. Ministry of the Word 1997-2005.
    A number of hymn tunes are now linked to the 1973 hymns
    Search can be made across the Bible – JND and AV / KJV – and all, or selected, ministries at once with limited wildcard use.

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    <><> BIBLES and BOOKS <><>
    • Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of any, or every, item catalogued by the publishers or the distributors.   # = UK.  Email us if a link is out of date.
    # Kingston Bible Trust: Darby Bibles, hymn and tune books,
    sound ministry – printed and CD-ROM – and magazines
    Spiritual Food Publishers: Some KBT books for Canada / USA
    The Dover Bible Fund: Good USA source for KBT publications Another good USA source for KBT publications, etc.
    # Marcus Chapman: Notes of recent Readings and Addresses
    # Stone Publishing Trust: Magazines, hymns, free used ministry
    # STEM Publications: All JND's writings and others online
    Windows Online Bible: Includes the J. N. Darby translation
    Timothy Stunt: A new book 'From Awakening to Secession'
    # Andrew Norman: A reprint of Neatby's 1901 'History …'
    # Digby James: A CD-ROM of George Whitefield's Works
    # Chapter Two: Bibles, books by JND, JGB, CHM etc.
    # Ian Deighan: Catalogues of rare books, periodicals and pamphlets
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    Kingston Bible Trust, Wembley Gardens,
    Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 9LX, UK
    Telephone: (01903) 764373 – Fax: (01903) 756747:
    Trustees:  J. Laurie – G. J. Mackenzie – J. E. Fielder

    KBT does not have a web site but Malcolm P. Withell, the manager, can be contacted at

    Kingston Bible Trust publishes

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    Spiritual Food Publishers

    Spiritual Food Publishers has been an 'unofficial' distributor of Kingston Bible Trust publications for Canada and U.S.A. since 1991.

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    The Dover Bible Fund
    Dover, Pennsylvania, USA

    The Dover Bible Fund stocks most of the publications of Kingston Bible Trust, as well as some other items.

    Historical Sketch of the Dover Bible Fund

    About fifteen years ago some of the saints meeting to the Lord’s Name near Dover, PA, were exercised to make the New Translation of the Bible by J. N. Darby available at the lowest possible price.

    • There were other dependable sources of this translation, but the desire was to have a quantity of them available for immediate distribution at the cost of nothing more than recovering expenses.

    For many years now Larry and Sandy Wolf have faithfully operated the bookroom as a labor of love and in fellowship with the local assembly.

    • Recent health problems have required Larry Wolf to 'retire' from the bookroom.

    • Jonathan Reed will now operate the bookroom with help from Richard Reed and Melissa Schultz.

    The bookroom began with just a few Bibles, but Larry Wolf gradually expanded the stock to include many Bible study aids and volumes of ministry of several of the servants the Lord raised up in the recovery to the truth of the assembly.

    The original exercise has been broadened now to include Bibles, trusted ministry, various study helps, and a presence on the Internet.

    • Tapes of meetings are now in the process of being added to the inventory.

    • As the Lord allows, we will continue to make our inventory available to seekers at our cost.

    • We do not operate at a profit because we are most interested in making the truth available to as many as the Lord may send our way.

    We are very grateful to the dear brethren who operate Kingston Bible Trust in England.

    • Without their assistance, this little ministry would not have been possible.

    Richard Reed,   Sat, 20 Jul 2002.
    With Christ: November 29, 2004

    Compare History: The Stow Hill Depot

    From: Richard Reed, Dover Bible Fund,
    York, PA, 17404, USA
    Mon, 26 Aug 2002

    Special thanks to dear brother Gordon for all the help and encouragement he has given us.

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    Wheaton (Chicago), Illinois, USA stocks most of the publications of Kingston Bible Trust, as well as some other items of interest.

    This service is provided by our friend Bill Chellberg --

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    Marcus Chapman and Robert Munster

    Marcus Chapman and Robert Munster write, December 2010:

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    Dorothy Stone Trust
    19 Barnet Drive, Bromley, Kent BR2 8PG
    Tel: 020-8325-6213

    19 July 2004
    Dear Gordon,
    We need to update reference to the Stone Publishing Trust on ‘My Brethren’ and I include here a suggested entry. Please be free to modify in case you have a ‘house-style’.

    The Stone Publishing Trust is a source of two publications, ‘Living Water’ and ‘Youthful Days’ magazines.

    Living Water is a bi-monthly publication of ministry new and old, poetry and testimony.

    Youthful Days (also bi-monthly) is directed to the young and includes short articles, a colouring page and scripture and word searchings.

    Sample copies are available for both. Annual subscription for the magazines is £5 including postage.

    Mark Lemon, The Eagles, Headcorn Road, Staplehurst, Kent TN12 0BU

    We also have available:
    Handing on the Torch - selected extracts from F. E. Raven's ministry arranged by subject. (also available in Spanish) £4.00

    Hymns and songs for praise and worship –selected by Brian Parr and Nigel Bryan, a selection of older hymns in bold type designed for outreach in homes for the elderly - Words only £2.50 - Words and music £5.80.

    NEW BOOKLET June 2008: What is a Christian by A. A. Elliott is a 15 page reprint of 3 articles that appeared in 'Living Water'.

    • The booklet is available free of charge from Stone Publishing Trust at 'The Eagles', Headcorn Road, Staplehurst, Kent TN12 0BU, UK.

    We have a large amount of second hand ministry for distribution including:
    JND, FER. JBS, CAC, GRC, JTSnr, (some in old and new series) and a variety of other of the Lord’s servants. Some complete sets are available but also single volumes. It is our wish, and that of the donors, to get these books into circulation again and they are offered free. A contribution to postal costs would be appreciated. Enquiries to:
    David Mutton, 19 Barnet Drive, Bromley, Kent BR2 8PG

    We do trust you will be encouraged in your work for the Lord,

    Your brother in our Lord Jesus,
    David E Mutton, Stone Publishing Trust, UK:
    'The Eagles', Headcorn Road Staplehurst,
    Kent,TN12 0BU United Kingdom

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    STEM Publications
    (Sound Teaching on Electronic Media)
    7 Primrose Way, Cliffs End,
    Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 5LF, U. K.
    Tel/Fax: 01843 584686

    All JND's writings, plus GVW and CHM available online.

    Les Hodgett – the compiler – is very friendly and helpful.

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    Windows Online Bible

    The Windows Online Bible includes the J. N. Darby version of the Holy Scriptures.

    • JND's translation is widely used in 'My Brethren'. It is well known for its accuracy and reliability.

    • For free downloads or information and pricing on the new CD-ROM:

    Check the   Canadian Web Site   or the   U.S.A. Web Site .

    See Kingston Bible Trust for the print version. Note: The full JND and KJV Bibles are now on the KBT CD-ROM.

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    Timothy Stunt   –   Email:

    From Awakening to Secession
    Radical Evangelicals in Switzerland and Britain, 1815-35

    Timothy C. F. Stunt, Edinburgh [T and T Clark] May 2000
    Distributors in North America: Books International,
    PO Box 605, Herndon, Virginia 20172-0605, USA,
    Telephone 1-800-359-7340 or fax 1-703-661-1501

    Publisher's Note

    This is a study of the impact of the Swiss Réveil (Awakening) on British evangelicals in the 1820s. Timothy Stunt rediscovers the common ground which was shared by a wide spectrum of Christians who were later seen as mutually hostile. The author considers the influence of the Awakening on radical attitudes to mission and ecclesiastical radicalism in Ireland, pre-Tractarian Oxford, and Scotland. In dealing with the reluctant movement towards secession from the established church, Stunt illuminates and reinterprets the origins of the early Catholic Apostolic Church and the Brethren.

    '… a work of great importance.' Professor Andrew F Walls, University of Edinburgh

    'This original, well-documented study fits new pieces into the jigsaw of Evangelical history. It describes the network of radical movements as far apart as Dublin, Glasgow, Devon and Geneva, whose members were fired by similar charismatic and millennial hopes into abandoning their established churches and forming new religious movements. Stunt's book illustrates the international aspects of the great Evangelical awakening after 1789.' Dr John Walsh, University of Oxford

    '… a significant contribution to scholarship at the highest level.' Professor D. W. Bebbington, University of Stirling

    1. Introduction: A Century of Reason and Revolution
    2. The Genevan Réveil
    3. The Réveil in the Canton of Vaud
    4. Awakenings in the Canton of Berne
    5. The Impact of the Swiss Réveil in Britain
    6. Radical Missionary Perspectives
    7. Ecclesiastical Radicals in Ireland
    8. Pre-Tractarian Oxford
    9. Scottish Parallels
    10. Crisis and Division: 1831-32
    11. New Beginnings and a Swiss Response

    Timothy Stunt has taught History in Switzerland, Britain, and the United States. He has contributed numerous articles to The New Dictionary of National Biography, including biographies of J. N. Darby, H. B. Bulteel and F. W. Newman.

    ISBN 0 567 08719 0 hardback 416pp

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    Andrew Norman:

    March 2001: Andrew Norman writes, "Copies of Neatby (History of the Plymouth Brethren) have now arrived from the printer".

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    Digby James

    Malcolm Withell of KBT asks "whether anyone is likely to be interested in a CD-ROM of George Whitefield's Works". Whitefield (1714-70) – a contemporary of John Wesley – was possibly the greatest open-air preacher of his day.

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    Chapter Two Trust and Christian Bookshop

    Head Office and Warehouse: Fountain House, Conduit Mews, Woolwich, London, SE18 7AP UK        EMAIL    WEB  SITE
    Tel (++44)[0]20 8316 5389, fax 020 8854 5963
    Bookshop: 199 Plumstead Common Road, Plumstead Common, London, SE18 2UJ UK     Tel (++44)[0]20 8316 4972
    Chapter Two has a wide selection of Bibles and many books by:
    J. G. Bellett, E. H. Chater, Geo. Cutting, J. N. Darby, Edward Dennett, C. H. Mackintosh, W. Trotter, G. V. Wigram etc.
    There are also books by many authors in other connections.
    Note: Some books are extremely critical of Mr. F. E. Raven.

    The December 2009 catalogue of second hand books is now ready!

    • For the excel file:

    • For the pdf file:

    Should you have any problems opening these files, please let us know and we will be happy to e-mail the file especially to you. Please do not hesitate to tell us if you are looking for a specific title(s); we will gladly look for the book(s). Wants lists are retained on file for up to 12 months. Do of course let us know of any changes! We trust you will find good books and enjoy reading them! Best regards in the Lord, Priscille Brachotte

    Page Top   Return to Bibles and Books list

    Ian Deighan

    Ian Deighan, Limavady, Derry, Ireland: Email: writes:
    July 2009: "This message is to advise all guests to "My Brethren" that three select catalogues, including many rare and interesting books will be available, in the will of God in the coming months.

    1. In the will of God the first catalogue consisting of Expositions, biography etc will be released in August - circa 10-12/8.

    2. This will be followed by an extensive list of Periodicals

    3. and then a list of Pamphlets and tracts.

    The lists will consist of ministry written during the last 180 years and emanating from a circle of Christans whose principal writers were J N Darby, W Kelly, J G Bellett, F W Grant et al.

    • Some of publishers represented will be G Morrish, WH Broom, Yapp & Hawkins, John Ritchie, Stow Hill and the early London and Plymouth publishers.

    • Among the periodicals will be early bound volumes of The Believers Magazine, The Northern Witness (and the Witness from 1887), Words in Season, Truth and Tidings, The Golden Lamp, The Christian Friend, The Girdle of Truth, TheChristain Witness, The Present Testimony, The Believers Friend, Words of Grace and Comfort and many others.

    • There will also be copies of rare volumes by William Lincoln and WG Rhind, eg The Javelin of Phinehas and The Tabernacle, The High Priest of Israel.

    Those interested in obtaining a copy should forward their email address to:

    Ian Deighan's catalogues will include items of interest to those guests particulalrly interested in the early history and ministry of brethren.
    'My Brethren' cannot necessarily recommend the writings of all the authors who may appear in the catalogues.
    Note: It is possible that some writings may be extremely critical of Mr. F. E. Raven or other authors featured on 'My Brethren'.   GAR

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    <><><>  L I N K S  <><><>
    • Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of the opinions, contributions, translations or links on any of the sites.  Email us if a link is out of date.
    JND's translation of the New Testament: Right here on 'My Brethren'
    JND's translation of the Holy Scriptures: View text or search
    JND's Synopsis of the Books of the Bible: New Testament
    Christian Brethren Printed Collection: An extensive catalogue
    Opinion and Comment on the Exclusive Brethren: Trevor Hill's site
    Neatby's History of the Plymouth Brethren: Published 1901
    Things Concerning Himself: CLN's 1960's magazine re-issued
    Who are the Brethren?: An article on the 'open' connection

    Page Top

    J. N. Darby's translation of the Holy Scriptures, known for its accuracy and reliability, is generally used throughout, and recommended by, My Brethren.

    April 2004: History: Darby Bible 2 – 'My Brethren' has the complete text of the New Testament – except notes – from the latest 1961 Stow Hill/Kingston Bible Trust edition.

    For the print and CD versions see Kingston Bible Trust.

    Page Top   Return to Links list

    J. N. Darby's Synopsis of the Books of the Bible

    This "Christian Classics Ethereal Library" link has the complete text for the New Testament, Volumes 3 – 5.

    JND's Synopsis in HTML on ""

    JND says the reader is not "to suppose that he has a book which he can read without referring continually to the word itself in the part treated of. The object of the book is to help a Christian, desirous of reading the word of God with profit, in seizing the scope and connection of that which it contains. Deeply convinced of the divine inspiration of the scriptures, given to us of God … the writer only hopes to help the reader in the study of them".

    Page Top   Return to Links list

    Christian Brethren Printed Collection and Picture Gallery
    This 15,000 item catalogue – covering the history and ministry of the 'brethren' movement – is part of the Christian Brethren Archive of the University Library of Manchester, for which Graham Johnson*, is responsible. The library wants to build its "collections of materials relating to post-Aberdeen Exclusive Brethren" with the "volumes of JTJr, Symington, Hales, and indeed those who later may have been attached to Frost, or other Out groupings. Books, pamphlets, typed, and handwritten papers are all welcome. Access … is available … to any bona fide researcher from outside the University. Most printed items in the Archive may be borrowed through the inter-library loans system and photocopies may be supplied of items on request".
    The Picture Gallery has a 1932 photo of Watchman Nee and visiting brethren. See the photo and email as to it and other matters in email with David Brady, now succeeded by:
    * Dr. Graham Johnson, Christian Brethren Archivist,
    John Rylands University Library of Manchester,
    Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PP, England.

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    Opinion and Comment on the Exclusive Brethren

    Trevor Hill says, "Here we take a close look at some of the issues relating to the Exclusive Brethren movement".

    Trevor provides a sober review and analysis of many of the aberrations and developments – from the earlier ministry and practice presented on 'My Brethren' – which have arisen since the emergence ot the legal sect in 1959.

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    A History of the Plymouth Brethren

    February 2004: This online version of W. B. Neatby's 1901 history is no longer available as Dick Wyman's site is now closed – but it may still be available as a reprint, see below.

    Page Top   Return to Links list

    Ian Robertson, 99/101 Main Street, Auchinleck,
    East Ayrshire, Scotland, KA18 2AF
    Telephone: 00 44 292 591 986

    Things Concerning Himself can be read online. It is a reprint of Charles L. Nunnerley's 1960's magazine.

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    Who Are The Brethren?

    April 2001: John Barber has written an article 'Who are the Brethren?' which may be of interest to some guests of 'My Brethren'. John says of his article,

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    SIGN  THE  GUEST  BOOK  and / or
    The 'Guest Book', 'Mailbox', 'My Answer' and 'My Stand', are for sharing information and for the free exchange of views between guests and the editors.
    By sending an email – unless you specifically request otherwise – you agree that you are granting permission to 'My Brethren' to post it if it is in accord with MB's Policies and Site Standards. If you wish anonymity, please state reason.
    If your email contains sensitive material which should not be made public, mark it – or bracket and mark the relevant portion – as 'Private' stating your reason.
    Your First and Last Name (Required):
    Your E-mail Address (Required):
    Your City and Province/State, etc. (Required):
    Send your email to: (don't forget to change AT to @)

    Thanks for visiting My Brethren.   Please come again.
    Occasionally e-mail is lost. If yours isn't acknowledged and
    in the Guest Book or Mailbox within a week, please re-send it.

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