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“… my brethren are those who hear the word of God and do it”, Luke 8: 21.
Founded November 1998 by Gordon Rainbow (1929-2014)

HISTORY and MINISTRY of the early ‘EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN’ (so-called)  –  their origin, progress and testimony 1827-1959 and onward
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Site News reports timely, interesting and useful information. The original exercise, the site's backgound, its objectives and concerns for the future are on the Personal page.

Gordon Rainbow

Betty and Gordon, 2014

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Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2014

WITH CHRIST: The Founder and Editor of this site, GORDON A. RAINBOW, went to be with his Lord on Saturday, October 4, 2014. This November would have been his 85th birthday.

Back in 1998, following his retirement, Gordon taught himself HTML, reserved a domain, and created 'My Brethren' to reach out to those leaving the 'system' with which he was once identified.

It was his deepest hope that 'My Brethren' continue online as a public resource after his departure.

And it is our hope that our visitors will be edified by Gordon's legacy.

"But the wisdom from above first is pure, then peaceful, gentle, yielding,
full of mercy and good fruits, unquestioning, unfeigned."
James 3:17

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2013

MB ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 15th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and by the grace of our blessed God, I will reach 84 years of age on November 11.


Bulletins:   AUGUST  2013

TOM HAWKINS: Gordon and Betty had a brief but encouraging visit from Tom Hawkins of Ambler, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday August 22.

Bulletins:   MAY  2013

1951 HYMN BOOK: Roger Walker ( of New York writes May 18, 2013 that he would like "copies of the 1951 Hymn book 'Hymns and Spiritual Songs'. I would like probably as many as can be obtained, which are in relatively good condition. I would be glad to pay for shipment."

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2012

MB ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 14th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and by the grace of our blessed God, I will reach 83 years of age on November 11.


Bulletins:   JANUARY  2012

ANNOTATED VERSION: John Greenhalgh of Manchester, UK, will send a Word Document of an annotated version of the 1973 Little Flock Hymn Book, with the author's vital statistics and relevant scriptures -- Online Bible - obituaries

  • Send your request mentioning 'My Brethren' via

    • .

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2011

MB ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 13th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and by the grace of our blessed God, I will reach 82 years of age on November 11.

  • My desire is that 'My Brethren' will continue to be of service, even after my departure, whenever that may take place in the ordering of God.


Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2011

ANONYMOUS MAIL: October 27, 2011, received from Box 64714, Markham, ON, L3R 0W9, a 31 page booklet by a Michael Browne who "engages in itinerant missionary work in various parts of the world. A well-known teacher of the Scriptures" who "has written several other booklets".

  • The booklet Aspects of Some Exclusive Doctrines was published in March 1996 by Gospel Tract Publications of Glasgow.

I have no idea who the anonymous sender is, or why the booklet was sent to me. Except for some anecdotal quotations, I am quite familiar with the historical details and the doctrinal matters brought forward by Mr. Browne.

  • Apart from the references to JND and the origin of the "brethren", many of the details are particularly connected with those "factions which vehemently deny any league whatsoever with the hyper-Exclusive Taylor Brethren".

  • Some of the "doctrines" and practices mentioned are ones we would refuse as perversions of Scripture and/or tending to what some call hyper-ecclesiasticism.

The writer of the Foreword, a Samuel F. Johnston, expresses "the desire that it may prove helpful in presenting a balanced and scriptural view of the important matters contained therein".

  • In my judgment this is a vain hope because of an obvious partisan spirit bolstered by bias and misconceptions on some important points.

  • One egregious example is the gratuitous charge: "The practice of infant baptism amounts to a form of baptismal regeneration …"

All in all, Mr. Browne's booklet is only likely to lead genuine inquirers astray and strengthen already confirmed opponents in their traditional ignorance.


Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER   2011

Attention: DAN BENNETT: We have received your private message but cannot answer because no return e-mail address was included.

  • You have raised some interesting points to which we would like to reply, so please send your e-mail address. Thank you.

BIBLES and BOOKS: We have added to our listing, which stocks most of the publications of Kingston Bible Trust, as well as some other items of interest.

  • This is a good source for USA residents who want to avoid currency exchange problems, as well as for international customers.

This service is provided by our friend Bill Chellberg --

"WITH CHRIST": Our old friend Paul Druckenmiller called to let us know that our beloved brother EARDLY T. PETERSEN (88) went to be with his Lord on Wednesday, September 14, 2011.

Bulletins:   AUGUST   2011

ANNIVERSARY: August 28, 2011: Betty and I had our 60th anniversary this year. Married August 28, 1951.

Bulletins:   JULY   2011

VISIT: July 29 - Aug. 3, 2011: We greatly enjoyed several visits with our friend Han (Hin Han Chin aka Nicholas Chin) of Malaysia, who is on a brief visit to Canada.

  • It is 25 years (!!!) since we saw Han who, as a young man, had been at university in Canada but returned to Malaysia when his immigration request was denied.

Bulletins:   MAY   2011

CAN YOU HELP???: Lydia Kosova of the Czech Republic writes:

"My parents are sending much love to you both and ask if you have contacts with Ann Sutherland and Bea Waskey [Windsor, Ontario]. Maybe you know that they had Slovak parents and they are far relatives of my great grandma."

Please let me have any info and email addresses to forward to Lydia. Thanks. Gordon Rainbow -

Bulletins:   MARCH   2011

*** EMAIL ADDRESSES: We have received three Guest Book entries this month all without email addresses.

  • These messages are posted in the Guest Book but we are unable to reply – as are other guests who may be able to answer inquiries.

  • Please show your email address on all communications. Thank you.

Bulletins:   FEBRUARY   2011

OPEN LETTER: Paul Allison of New Zealand has sent MB 'An Open Letter to My Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are found among those generally known as Exclusive Brethren', dated September 2009. Written in answer to an article by Bruce Hales entitled 'Living our Beliefs' that appeared in the Exclusive Brethren website.

  • On request a copy will be sent to any who – in MB's sole discretion are deemed to – have a sincere and legitimate interest.

NEW BIOGRAPHY: Chapter Two announces: "The Life and Times of Charles Henry Mackintosh - A Biography by Edwin Cross is now in stock! A great read, a good price!

  • "A quality hardback book of over 230 pages including five appendices of additional information and over 50 illustrations

  • "The price is £15 instead of £19.95 for orders placed before the 31 March 2011.

  • "If you are in the UK and order 2 or more copies, postage will be free.
    – Chapter Two Team."

Bulletins:   JANUARY   2011

"WITH CHRIST": Daniel Soukoreff reports that our beloved brother DAVID R. FREEMAN of Victoria, B.C., went to be with his Lord on January 24, 2011.

  • David, 85, was formerly of Kingston, Ontario, and Banbury, England.

  • Anna (Wyllie), his wife of 50 years, and the family, should be remembered in our prayers.

Bulletins:   DECEMBER   2010

NOTES OF MEETINGS: Our friends, Marcus Chapman, Croydon, and Robert Munster, London, write:

  • If you would like to receive by email a copy of notes of readings and addresses recently given in the UK and Europe, please send your email to Marcus Chapman and a copy will be sent to you. We expect to publish 3 or 4 issues each year, if the Lord will. We would appreciate your prayers that the Lord may use these notes to build up and encourage His people in these difficult days.

Bulletins:   NOVEMBER   2010

MB ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 12th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and by the grace of our blessed God, I will reach 81 years of age on November 11.

  • It is an exercise as to why I have been left here, but I trust that the continuation and expansion of 'My Brethren' wull be of guidance and help to some at least.

  • Betty and I are feeling our age and increasing weakness and value your prayers.

News from any of our contacts is always welcome!


Bulletins:   OCTOBER   2010

APOLOGY !!!: Because of a temporary but extended move from our rooms here at Bethany Manor (to allow for renovation work) and Telephone Co. problems, we have been without telephone and internet service for some time.

  • I will try to catch up with email as soon as possible. GAR

Bulletins:   AUGUST  2010

VISIT, Saturday, August 28: Betty and I enjoyed a short but interesting time with David Crozier of Warrenpoint, N.I., and his grandson Ryan, 15, who had brought along our long disabled brother Walter Fleming for a visit.

  • A welcome treat on our 59th anniversary.
We also had a surprise call from Ben Taylor!

Bulletins:   JUNE  2010

LAURIE TWINAM: Word has just been received that our old friend Laurie Twinam, of Sevenoaks, Kent, is at home from hospital with two serious medical problems. Pray for our brother and sister.

VISIT, Friday, June 4: Betty and I enjoyed a lovely and touching visit with the Procter family of San Francisco, Palmetto room:

  • Timothy (who, like myself "for a great sum, bought this citizenship"), his charming wife Anne (a daughter of Arthur and Alina Widtfeldt, and grand-daughter of A. Bufton Parker of Staten Island) and committed family, Stephanie 22, Jonathan 21, and Colin 16, who said he thinks 'My Brethren' is "fantastic" – and so he should, it is their heritage!

Bulletins:   APRIL  2010

The Way of Life' : Rod Hawgood ( writes
Your UK readers may be interested to know that I edit a simple devotional magazine 'The Way of Life' which conveys mainly 'Brethren truth' to a wider readership …

  • We seek to present Christ's glory and His truth simply in 'manageable bites' to those who would find other good magazines 'too heavy'.

Bulletins:   JANUARY  2010

F. B. FROST – "WITH CHRIST": Frank B. Frost of Croydon, aged 95, went to be with Christ on January 6, 2010.

  • For many years Mr. Frost was a trustee of Kingston Bible Trust – publisher of most of the ministry featured on 'My Brethren'.

FIREFOX: Proper Functioning of Blue Menus: We have learned that our Visitors who use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 8 will not be able to use My Brethren's left-hand blue menus as they were intended.

  • For a free download of Firefox go to MOZILLA. Happy browsing!

    G.A,R.  First posted December 2009.

    Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2009

    CHAPTER TWO / EDWIN CROSS: MB has received the following notice: "Simon Attwood is the new manager of Chapter Two following the homecall of Edwin Cross. [See the 'Mailbox' for correspondence with Edwin.]

    • Edwin asked Simon to take responsability for Chapter Two, and Simon has been in the process of leaving his previous employment and joining the team at Fountain House over the last three months.

    • Simon has been a Christian since his early years and a trustee of Chapter Two for over ten. He and Edwin were close friends and co-workers for more than thirty years …

    "The rest of the permanent team at Chapter Two is the same (Annelies Meister & Priscille Brachotte) and

    • our intention with the Lord's help is to continue the work of making Bibles available and publishing and supplying sound Christian literature, new and second hand. [See 'Bibles and Books' for catalogue.]

    • We very much continue to value you, your custom and your prayers for us."

    MB ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 11th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and in the ways and by the grace of God, I will reach 80 years of age on November 11.

    • "The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if, by reason of strength, they be fourscore years, yet their pride is labour and vanity, for it is soon cut off, and we fly away", Psalm 90: 10, The Prayer of Moses the Man of God

    We trust in our God that our labour on 'My Brethren' may not be in vain but may be used, and continue to be used, to His glory and for the blessing of all my brethren.

    News from any earlier guests during our 11 years would be very welcome!


    Bulletins:   JULY  2009

    RARE BOOKS See 'Bible and Books' for an announcement by Ian Deighan of Ireland of soon to be available catalogues of rare books, periodicals and pamphlets.

    VISIT, July 15, 2009: We enjoyed a visit with our brother Ralph Gentles of New York. This is Ralph's second visit – see September 2008 – and we hope he will be able to come again.

    Bulletins:   JUNE  2009

    *** WITH CHRIST *** 2:00 pm, June 30, 2009: After a lengthy illness our beloved brother Andrew Robertson – in his 87th year – was taken by the Lord whom he had served so well for many years. Please pray for sustaining grace for dear Lois.

    • The funeral will be Tuesday July 7, 2009. The service will be at 11:00 AM followed by his burial in the Beechwood Cemetery in Centerville.

    Bulletins:   MAY  2009

    *** NEW MINISTRY *** See Site News: New Activity for April-June 2009 for links to recently contributed ministry of G. R. Cowell not previously published in book form.

    Bulletins:   APRIL  2009

    VISIT: Lord's Day, April 5: We had a pleasant afternoon visit from Tom Hawkins who was up to pick up his wife, Pat, who was visiting her sister Ruth in Burlington.

    • They also had a good visit with Gene McLeod of Burlington who keeps in touch with me regularly.  GAR

    Bulletins:   FEBRUARY  2009

    WITH CHRIST: ERIC C. BURR Notice has just been received, via Marcus Chapman, from David Burr of London:

    "Just to say that the Lord has taken my [oldest] brother Eric at about 11pm this evening [February 16, 2009]...

    "He was 88. Many thanks to all who have enquired. No doubt there will be more to say later.

    "Much love in the Lord, David".

    Eric was well known among the brethren for his service in ministry and for his two hymns, 63 and 337, in the 1973 hymn book. For some years, he has edited and published a monthly magazine, 'A Word In Its Season'.


    Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2008

    MB ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 10th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and in the ways and by the grace of God, I will reach 79 years of age on November 11.

    • Your continued prayers for Betty and me will be appreciated. For the time being we are both able to continue, though increasingly weak.

    • Our prayer is that 'My Brethren' may be used for the comfort, edification, encouragement and enlightment of all of our Lord's brethren

      • – and we thank our God for the opportunity to serve Him and His people in this way.


    VISIT: Friday, November 7: We were very happy to meet Gerd Seidler visiting from Germany on business.

    • We arranged accommodation for Gerd near the airport. We picked him from Sacramento International around 8pm and then spent about two hours at a local restaurant.

    • We would have enjoyed more time together but Gerd was flying to Colorado early the next morning on business and had already traveled from Florida just to meet with us!

    • Despite a small language barrier – which grew less troublesome by the minute – we were very encouraged and warmed by the visit.


    Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  2008

    VISIT: Wednesday, September 10: We were glad to see our disabled brother Walter Fleming again after more than a year. As on several years past Walter was brought to us by his brother-in-law David Crozier of Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, who was visiting him.

      • Walter lives in a long-term care residence a substantial distance from us.

    • David was accompanied by Peter Mason of Londonderry – a nephew of the well-known servants, the late John and Willie Mason – and by Ralph Gentles of New York with whom I had spoken on the phone several times but had not met face to face before.

    • Betty and I were greatly encouraged to see them all and to spend several happy hours together. GAR

    Bulletins:   JUNE  2008

    NEW BOOKLET: What is a Christian by A. A. Elliott is a 15 page reprint of 3 articles that appeared in 'Living Water', a magazine for the help and encouragement of Christians.

    • The booklet is available free of charge from Stone Publishing Trust at 'The Eagles', Headcorn Road, Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 OBU, UK.

    Bulletins:   MAY  2008

    NEED OF PRAYER: Dear Gordon, Richard & Rachel Hedges (formerly of Barnstaple, England, now living on farm with their 5 children near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba) need our prayers at this time.

    • Richard was using a torch and a nearby gas tank exploded badly injuring his leg as well as burning him. His son Danny standing nearby was badly burnt on the hands and face. The doctors have done some grafting on both and some work on Richard's leg.

    Yours in Christ, Daniel. May 12, 2008.

    Bulletins:   APRIL  2008

    KBT CATALOGUE: KBT now lists The Recovery and Maintenance of the Truth (1951 edition) A. J. Gardiner . . £6.00. This original edition has been out-of-print for many years. Most of the contents appear on 'My Brethren' in various History articles, but it is a useful reference for your library.

    Bulletins:   MARCH  2008

    WITH CHRIST: Joy Cooper writes that her father, IAN McDOWELL of Melbourne, an early correspondent with MB, is with the Lord by a stroke March 5, 2008.

    WITH CHRIST: Robert Munster writes: JOYCE BARBER of Hornchurch was taken home last week. She was first diagnosed with cancer nearly a year ago and was given just 3 months to live. She remained bright throughout her illness, looking forward to being with the Lord, and was able to provide much encouragement to those who visited.

    • I don't suppose you would have known her, but my reason for mentioning is that she was local with G. R. Cowell in his latter years and was able to share various memories of him. I see that Kenneth Barber prayed at GRC's burial.

    • She remained in the Croham Hall connection to this day, with a few abroad – as does her husband Kenneth, who needs our prayers being left on his own now. They came/come regularly to our meetings, other than the breaking of bread.

    • Mrs. Barber said during her illness, "The Lord is saying 'Arise, let us go hence' ".

    • Incidentally, I learnt yesterday that she was brought up a Catholic, but was displaced at the age of 16 into the household of a brother, which is how she came into fellowship.

    Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2007

    MB ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 9th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and by God's mercy, I will be 78 years of age on November 11.

    • Your continued prayers for us will be appreciated. We thank God that Betty keeps reasonably well but my health continues to decline. With hearing problems, arthritis and AMD (Age-related Mascular Degeneration) in one eye, I have had to give up driving. Work on MB is increasingly difficult.

      • We are still praying that the Lord will provide a committed and qualified brother or sister – who shares our concerns and outlook – to take on some of the scanning and formatting.

    • Appropriate and relevant 'History', 'Ministry' and 'Doctrine' articles will contiue to be added as the Lord enables us.

    • Our prayer is that 'My Brethren' may be used for the comfort, edification, encouragement and enlightment of all of His brethren.


    Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2007

    Ken and Hazel Hollands, c. 2007

    Visit: Monday, October 15: We had a short but pleasant visit from Ken and Hazel Hollands of Lytham St. Anne's, England.

    • They had been visiting the Coldricks in Rochester and were going on to Tom and Pat Hawkins in Pennsylvania.

    Bulletins:   SEPTEMBER  2007

    Neil and Edith Short, 1985

    WITH CHRIST: Our old and valued friend and brother, Neil Short, went to be with His Lord on September 12, 2007.

    • Neil was in his 80's and had served the Lord for many years. For the last several years he had suffered from several types of cancer, but is now happily released.

    • Betty and I enjoyed many happy times with Neil and Edith in earlier years, in our home and in theirs, and pray for the comfort only Christ can give to our dear sister. GAR

    Bulletins:   JULY  2007

    Visit: Friday, July 6: David Crozier and his grandson Connor, of Northern Ireland, brought our disabled brother Walter Fleming, whom they were visiting, for a short but very welcome time together.

    • We had nor been able to see Walter for a year as we live a substantial distance apart.

    • It was a joy to see them and our very dear friends Lucy Ng, Jeremy and Rachel, who joined us.

    Bulletins:   MAY  2007

    WITH CHRIST: Our old friend, John Mathison, went to be with His Lord on May 17th, in his 92nd year.

    • John was a son of the late J. Gordon Mathison, well known among the brethren for his work in the glad tidings. See With Christ.

    Kingston Bible Trust: KBT has a new book in stock:

        Selected Ministry Volume 6, 1957-58 Final Volume
      "This is bound in cloth and is a further selection of ministry, now mainly out of print, by various authors, and considered to be of particular value. 618 pages. Price £9.00 per copy including postage and packing." See The KBT Report for contents and ordering information.

    Visit: Wednesday, May 2: We had a welcome visit from Sarah Clarke and her sister Elizabeth (Mrs. Bryan) Peebles of Victoria BC. We had only seen Elizabeth and Bryan once, in 2004, since they were newlyweds in 1971 – and it was the first time we had seen Sarah since she was in our home in 1971 as a young girl of 19. Obviously we had much to share together.

    • Later we all went next door to Bethany Lodge – adjoining Bethany Manor – to visit old friends, Rosemary (Devenish) Harding and Flora (Heggie) Hartford (93).

    Bulletins:   APRIL  2007

    More Good News re Daniel Soukoreff:

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007. Daniel writes:

    As far as my health the doctor had me jump on the treadmill for a stress test just to see how good a sewing job they did on my bypass operation. I was not so keen about doing it but then I thought better at the hospital than hiking on some mountain side. So he wanted 9 minutes and a heart rate up to 140 bpm – I finished at 12 minutes and a heart rate of 180 bpm with no chest pain. So he was very pleased and so was I.

    Bulletins:   MARCH  2007

    More Good News re Daniel Soukoreff:

    Tuesday, March 6, 2007. Daniel writes:

    Hi Gordon,
    By God's good & gracious hand, and the prayers of many of God's people and the skill of the doctors and nurses, I am now though a very serious operation and have recovered enough to start working.

    • I would like to thank you and all who have prayed for my family and me, we truly felt uplifted.

    • Watching many step into eternity around me was very sobering, but the Lord gave many opportunities to speak to different ones. Somehow the atmosphere in the critical care unit was a very suitable background for speaking about eternal matters.

    • As far as practical help, we have been very effected by the kindness of God's people, all are needs have been more than fully met.

    Your brother in Christ, Daniel.

    Dear Daniel,
    How good to hear from you personally again! We rejoice with you in the God's goodness and faithfulness in raising you up to health and strength for your family, your business needs, and especially for your place in the testimony of our Lord.

    We look forward to your valuable contributions to 'My Brethren' from time to time.

    Affectionately in our Lord Jesus, Gordon.

    Bulletins:   FEBRUARY  2007

    Good News re Daniel Soukoreff: Sunday, February 11, Susan Soukoreff writes:

    Dear Friends and Family,
    It is with great joy that I report that dear Dan is back in the bosom of his family. It was an emotional homecoming for him because, as he said, it so easily could have turned out otherwise.

    • Praise the Lord for His mercy to Dan in bringing him safely through this ordeal. He arrived home at about 2:00pm this afternoon.

    It is quite amazing that he should be up and walking and home again so soon after a quintuple (5) bypass. How thankful we are for the skill and care of the surgical and nursing team.

    • He is still weak and will have to take it easy and be very careful not to get any incisions infected. He has not been sleeping too well, but I am sure being home in his own bed will have a good effect.

    Once again, many thanks to everyone for all your love, concern and prayers.It meant so much to Daniel, Kerstin and the children as well as myself.

    Tuesday, February 6, Susan Soukoreff writes:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am happy to report that Dan's surgery is over. The surgeon is very pleased and said Dan's heart is working well (they did an ultrasound while he was still on the operating table) and there is little sign of any damage from his previous heart attack.

    • Kerstin and I were able to see Dan, but of course he was unconscious and hooked up to machines, including a tube in his throat to help him breathe. They hope by tomorrow, the tubes will be out and he will be able to be moved out of the ICU unit.

    • We want to express to all of you our sincere thanks for all the interest, concern and the many prayers which have gone up for Daniel. We told the surgeon that many people had been praying for Dan and also for him. He said "Well that must be why it was so successful". The surgeon was quite a young man and very relaxed and encouraging about the whole process. What a gift to be able to perform such intricate surgery. How we thank God for preserving dear Dan to us.

    Bulletins:   JANUARY  2007

    Prayer for Daniel Soukoreff: January 25, Susan Soukoreff writes:

    Hi Gordon and Betty,
    I wanted to send you this update on Dan's health. Susan

    Kerstin called to say Dan was at VGH and was already on the table for the angiogram, so I left immediately for Vancouver.

    • Unfortunately, the news is not good. Dan will have to have a quadruple bypass as four arteries are blocked. The one where the previous stent was is 100% blocked and others in varying degrees between 20% to 70%. They will take veins out of his arms to replace the clogged arteries. It is very major surgery, but the prognoisis is good and the surgeons at VGH are very skilled.

    • The plan was to bring him back to Ladner by ambulance, but as they were transferring him he got more pain, so the doctor phoned Kerstin and told her they would keep him at VGH overnight. He would then come out to Delta Hospital to wait for the operation which looks like it will be either next Thursday [Feb. 1] or possibly Wednesday [Jan. 31]. Poor Kerstin, she has set out to go back to VGH just to sit with him. [Operation delayed till Monday, February 5.]

    • He will be off work for seven weeks (this week waiting and six after the surgery). Hopefully, Elizabeth, his engraver, will be able to manage the work with help from Greg with the metal plates. Not sure how he will manage the quotes, etc. but maybe could do that from home with a laptop once he is feeling a bit better.

    • That is all the news for now. I know you will all keep him in your prayers.

    Bulletins:   DECEMBER  2006

    Problems with Internet Explorer: We apologize for any confusion which may be caused by the new update to Internet Explorer. IE7 is causing problems in the operation and viewing of My Brethren. As a temporary solution you may navigate using the page menus rather than the blue menus on the left hand of the frame. You may also wish to download a browser other than Internet Explorer such as Firefox 2 from Mozilla. We hope to have the issue resolved soon.

    Bulletins:   NOVEMBER  2006

    VISIT: On November 24-26, we had a very welcome visit from Daniel Soukoreff who had accompanied his mother Susan, who came to Toronto to be with her sister who is having chemotheraphy.

    • Daniel stayed in the Guest Suite in the adjacent Bethany Courts and so we were able to spend many pleasant hours with him, as well as one day with Susan, reminiscing and exchanging news of brethren.

    • We had an earlier visit from Susan in 1999 but had never met Daniel personally although encouraged by his frequent contributions to MB.

    • Interestingly, Daniel recognized some regular visitors – whom we had not met – to one of our Bethany manor residents: Hal and Sharon Promm of Pickering. Hal is a son of MB guest Heino Promm.

    TELEPHONE: Enjoyed a brotherly telephone call on November 24 from David Mutton of Stone Publishing Trust who was in Rochester, NY, visiting the Phil Coldrick family; Beccy is David's daughter.

    MB ANNIVERSARY: This month is the 8th anniversary of 'My Brethren' – and in the mercy of God, I will be 77 years of age on November 11.

    • Your continued prayers for me as my health and eyesight declines, and for this service are appreciated.

    • We are in need of one or more committed and qualified brothers and/or sisters – who share our concerns and outlook – to take on some of the scanning and formatting.

  • We will continue to add appropriate and relevant 'History', 'Ministry' and 'Doctrine' articles as the Lord enables us.

  • Our hope is that MB may continue to be used for the comfort, edification, encouragement and enlightment of all of His brethren.


    Bulletins:   OCTOBER  2006

    PRAYER REQUEST and ANSWER: The following was received from MB's friend and frequent correspondent Daniel Soukoreff:

    Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 10:46 AM

    Subject: Hope Gasston

    I think that most of you know Phil and Ruth Gasston from New Zealand. We received word late Saturday night that their 10-year old daughter was hit in the right eye by stone thrown up by a lawn mower.

    • The stone, about 8 mm by 5 mm went all the way to the back of the eye socket and destroyed the eye. She was initially taken to hospital in Whangerei (about an hour or more from Kerikeri) but then moved to Auckland.

    • There, surgeons operated to remove the stone and the eye. There is some infection in the eye socket and doctors are concerned that it could spread and result in loss of the other eye. At the moment the risk is not that great, but the doctors are concerned about this possibility.

    • Ruth is staying with Hope at the hospital in Auckland, and Phil has stayed behind in Kerikeri.

    In addition to prayer for Hope and her parents and family, would you please pray that the infection may be stopped and that the pain subsides.

    • It would also be great if the brethren could send cards or letters to the family. If you wish to do so, here are the addresses of Phil and Ruth, and Ruth's parents, Esli and Judith Forrest. [The addresses are not shown here but can be obtained by request from 'My Brethren'.]

    • If you know of others who know Phil and Ruth, please pass on this information to them.

    Hi Gordon, I received the following update from —— on Hope.
    Yours in Christ, Daniel.

    Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 12:55 PM

    Subject: Update on Hope Gasston

    I spoke with Ruth Gasston last night and inquired about Hope. She said that she is home and in good spirits.

    • Contrary to what we had heard earlier, the eye has not been removed as yet. In a few days, she will go back down to Auckland for an operation to remove it and approximately a month later or so, she will get a glass eye. She is still on antibiotics but otherwise doing well.

    • Ruth expressed their appreciation for the prayers for Hope and for the family.

    Subject: Further Update on Hope Gasston

    Hi — and —,

    Thanks for the email and the phone call. We have experienced the Lord's blessing over the last couple of weeks in a wonderful way really.

    • We went to Auckland on Tuesday with the intent of taking Hope's eye out and replacing it with a prosthetic eye. Somehow the Christians generally in Kerikeri found out about her terrible accident and it has been amazing the people praying and sending cards to Hope and phone calls from people we don't even know. When we got to the Prosthetic eye surgeon on Tuesday he examined her eye and make the most remarkable statement I have ever heard in all my life.

    • We had another appointment booked for the Thursday to see the top surgeon in the hospital. He called him immediately and got him out of surgery and brought him into the examination. He then stated that somehow the eye had healed so much that they were now strongly recommending that the eye be NOT removed and that it was even possible for her to naturally get a little bit of sight back in her traumatized eye. Ruth and I sat their with our mouths open! We could not believe it! Oh we of little faith!

    • They then proceeded to tell us that because of the kind of healing that had taken place there would be little chance that the eye would shrink and the cosmetics of the eye would be fine and that the sympathetic eye condition where the other eye can loose sight because of trauma in the other eye, would be very unlikely to happen.

    • So, we are thanking the Lord for answering prayer. I know in it all God is speaking to me and the horror of having such an accident take place is being superseded by the great lessons that the Lord is teaching us, which I trust we can learn. She will need no more operations (Their may have been 2 or 3 if she had to have the eye out) and if anything does go wrong in the future they can re visit the whole thing at a later date.

    • Hope is very pleased with not having to have her eye out. She has really been very strong through it all. Anna-Maree told us all along that she didn't think the Lord would take her eye. It has done wonderful things in the family and really pulled the kids together. We need to pray now that the story going around the school and the local community is a witness to people generally, and that the Lord will continue to work in the lives of our children.

    Trust you are all well. Love in Christ, Phil Gasston.

    Note: See also email from Phil in the Mailbox.

    Subject: Further Update on Hope Gasston

    Wed, 25 Oct 2006

    Hi Gordon,
    Just to let you know that Hope is now out of hospital and doing well. She will not see out of the eye but they have decided that they do not need to remove it at least not yet. They hope it will heal up well enough not to remove and that it will not adversely effect the other eye. She has to wear a cover over it until healing is complete.

    Thanks for your email, and love to all, Esli.

    Bulletins:   AUGUST  2006

    Anniversary: In the mercy and grace of our God, Betty and I had our 55th anniversary on August 28, 2006. We were cheered to be able to have dinner and a visit with our dear friends Kee and Lucy Ng, and Jeremy, 15, and Rachel, 12. GAR.

    Bulletins:   JULY  2006

    Visit: On Friday, July 7, we had a short but cheering visit from David Crozier and his 16 year old grandson, Niall, of Warrenpoint, North Ireland.

    • They were in Canada to visit Walter Fleming, David's brother-in-law, and brought him along. We had not been able to see Walter for over a year as he is in long term care at some distance.   GAR

    Bulletins:   JUNE  2006

    Visit: On Friday, June 23, Betty and I had a most welcome visit from our very dear old friends, Noel and Margaret Brien of Victoria BC – formerly of Calgary and earlier of Cambridge/Galt, Ontario – and spent several hours exchanging news and reminiscing of earlier and better times.

    • They had come east particularly to visit Margaret's aunt Joan Morris, now 96 and living in a retirement home in Hamilton. They also visited many other old friends in the Hamilton and Toronto area, all well known to us.   GAR

    Visit: On Friday, June 2, Betty and I had a very enjoyable visit with Phil and Beccy Coldrick, and Matthew (11) as they were enroute to Toronto Airport from Rochester, NY.

    • Beccy – a daughter of David Mutton of Stone Publishing Trust – and Matthew had been with Phil for two weeks checking on housing and schools in preparation for returning at the end of July.

    • Phil's job with Kodak was recently transferred from the UK to Rochester.   GAR

    Bulletins:   MAY  2006

    With Christ: On May 13, our brother Danny Paul of India, in his 89th year, beloved husband of our contributor Lila Paul, went to be with Christ.

    Bulletins:   APRIL  2006

    Ministry on CD: Kingston Bible Trust now has a new CD-ROM of ministry. They say:

    • "The disk now includes JT, and the cost is £60, the same as before. If you had the JBS/FER/CAC disk at full price (not earlier disks) we can do an upgrade disk for £10."

    • Previous Bulletins are in the Archives.

    Page Top   Bulletins Top

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    New Mail   •  Major Additions and Changes
    If it's your first visit, or it's been a while, check earlier months below
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    Note: Canada–USA locations of correspondents are not shown below.
    All Guest Book entries are acknowledged and further information welcomed.
    We regret there is often no reply. Further correspondence is in the 'Mailbox'.

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    * Byron Crosby - Pennsylvania
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    * Roger Walker
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    # Marcus Chapman
    # Robert Munster - "accredited ministry"
    * Anonymous
    * Benard A. Reeves - England
    * Daryl Budd
    # Daniel Roberts - England
    * Rodger Goertzen
    # Daniel Soukoreff
    July - December 2012 below

    Biography: "John Nelson Darby" by W. G. Turner, 1944 - added another full-length book - this also is a "must-read" for all genuinely interested in the history of the brethren..

    • "Several years ago the present writer essayed a Sketch of the Life and Labours of John Nelson Darby which was heartily commended by Mr. William Kelly the Editor of Darby's Synopsis and Collected Writings. It was quickly exhausted and a further volume — John Nelson Darby, A Biography, from the same pen immediately found a wide sale in English-speaking lands, being also translated into German and Chinese.

      "Owing to enemy action this is now out of print, and fuller access to reliable sources of information having also become available to the writer, this almost entirely new volume is sent forth in hope that the lamp of testimony lit by the labours of this great servant of GOD in the nineteenth century may be re-trimmed to His glory in the spiritual prosperity of His people." W.G.T.

    History: The Recovery and Maintenance of the Truth by A. J. Gardiner - added another full-length book - this is a "must-read" for all genuinely interested in the history of the brethren..

    • "In this book an attempt has been made to meet a desire, often expressed, for an account of the way the Lord has taken, since the beginning of the nineteenth century, to recover the truth of the assembly given to the apostle Paul — which was so soon lost in accordance with the Spirit’s express warning as given us in 1 Timothy 4: 1-3 and 2 Timothy 3: 1-5 — and to maintain it against successive efforts of Satan to overthrow it", A.J.G.

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    *John Craxton - Saying hello
    Jan - Dec 2013 above
    April - June 2012 below

    Guests: My Stand 6: Added a reply to a brother of the "open" persuasion regarding Brotherly Confidence.

    Biography: J. N. Darby: Research MSW Added comments of Timothy Stunt re County Clare.

    Ministry: S. McCallum 6: Added Divine Operations in the Assembly – 6 informative readings in Acts, Matthew and John, Edinburgh, 1953.

    Ministry: A. J. Gardiner 1: Added The Holy Spirit in John's Writings an address at Edinburgh 1953.

    Ministry: J. S. Ephgrave: Added Expansion an address at Edinburgh 1953.

    Ministry: S. McCallum 5: Added The Knowledge of Divine Persons and Divine Things – 5 excellent readings on John's gospel, Bristol, June 1953.

    • Mr. James Taylor Sr. went to be with Christ on Lord's Day, March 29, 1953.

      • SMcC spoke at his burial on April 1, 1953. Therefore these meetings took place just 1 - 2 months after JT's death.

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    * John (deleted)
    July - September above
    January - March 2012 below

    Doctrine: The Holy Spirit: Added an article, On Sealing with the Holy Ghost, by J. N. Darby.

    • An extensive and comprehensive review of all the relevant scriptures -- recommended -- a long read but enlightening.

    Doctrine: New Birth and Eternal Life: Added an article, New Birth, by J. N. Darby.

    • A comprehensive examination of new birth and related truths.

    Doctrine: Ministry: Added 2 further chapters from An Examination of the Scriptures on the subject of Ministry by R. M. Beverley (1797/8 - 1868).

    • 6. Ordination and the Imposition of Hands
    • 7. The Object of Ministry in the Church
      Chapters 8-9, Conclusions and Appendix are still to come:

    Biography: C. H. Mackintosh. Added The Last Days of "R.C.M." – Robert Mackintosh. This account of C.H.M.'s son affords a rare and choice glimpse into the private and personal life of one of the Lord's well known servants.

    Ministry; C. A. Coates 2. Added The Use and Significance of the Word "Sent" in John's Gospel.

    • An excellent unfolding of our Lord's "mediatorial" position – overlooked, misunderstood or denied by those of our brethren who perpetuate the discredited ecclesiastical dogma of "eternal Sonship".

    Ministry; C. H. Mackintosh 3. Added Restoration – Notes on Genesis 35 and John 21: 1-19.

    • A convincing exposition of the oft-debated but clear scriptural principle - "God, in His dealings with us, always keeps us up to the original terms."

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    * Chandra - India - speaks Telugu
    # Marcus Chapman - Croydon - UK
    - last years of Janette's father
    - historical documents
    * John Greenhalgh - Manchester, UK -
    Annotated 1973 Little Flock
    Hymn Book available -- Online
    Bible -- obituaries
    # Laurens Overduin - Holland - doc re
    The emergence of a Baptist sect,
    the "assembly of believers"
    - his position without fellowship -
    more comments on baptism
    # Kharka Pariyar - further re Neil Short
    - situation re separation of some
    in Bhutan
    # Gordon Simmonds - Andover, UK - re
    Overduin doc + quote from John
    Bunyan re views on baptism
    being no bar to fellowship
    # Daniel Soukoreff - family news znd
    words of encouragement
    * Andrew Taylor - Coventry, UK -
    History: Manchester Connection
    April - June 2012 above
    October - December 2011 below

    Biography: J. N. Darby. Added a link to A Biography of JND by W. G. Turner, 1944 at STEM Publishing.

    STUDIES: Added a link to A New and Concise Bible Dictionary at STEM Publishing.

    • The still valuable dictionary was compiled in 1899 by George Morrish – the well known printer – and his daughter Hannah, 1848-1945.

    • The articles are unsigned but it is believed that most were written by 'brethren' and reflect their doctrinal position at the time.

    • The dictionary is available ftom Kingston Bible Trust.

    HISTORY: Added a link to Short Papers on Church History by Andrew Miller at STEM Publishing. Compare The Last Chapter - 1827-77

    Ministry: F. D. Waterfall. This new page has an address "The Beloved", at Park Street, Islington, 26th December 1955. Ex Living Water 104 – Courtesy of Stone Publishing Trust.

    Studies: Christian Fundamentals for Young Believers: (Stone Publishing)
    added a further 12 brief and valuable studies on important subjects:
    • Jesus our Lord • Jesus our Deliverer • Jesus our Friend • Christ our High Priest • Christ our Head • Christ our Hope • The Work of the Holy Spirit
    • Resurrection • Ascension • Repentance • Assurance • Consecration

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    * Anonymous 15 - comments on the
    perspective of My Brethren
    * Nikki Jones - Southam,
    England, UK - family tree??

    * Bruce Oliver - UK - info for Iain
    # Heino Promm - inquiry re Sweden and
    Bernt Lindberg
    January - March 2012 above
    July - September below

    Ministry: C. A. Coates - 7: This new page has The Seven Assemblies of Asia – in their moral bearing. This is provided as suppementary to Ministry: J. N. Darby - 3: Seven Lectures on the Prophetical Addresses to the Seven Churches - London, 1852

    Doctrine: Marriage: Added a review of the Scriptural viewpoint on Children - To Have Or Not To Have in response to a young believer's statement.

    Guests: My Answer 5: Added personal comments on The Giving of Thanks Before Meals at a Christian retirement home.

    Doctrine: Ministry: Added a further chapter from An Examination of the Scriptures on the subject of Ministry by R. M. Beverley (1797/8 - 1868).

    • 5. Examination of Scriptures concerning Ministry
      Chapters 6-9, Conclusions and Appendix are still to come:

    Ministry: J. Taylor 2: Added 2 addresses: 'Places of Divine Speaking and Divine Speaking in Nearness.

    Guests: My Stand 6: Added a reply to an inquiry regarding proper Procedure re Reception and Withdrawal.

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    # Noel S. Brien - re Iain Jamieson, see
    Guest Book 20 - other details
    # Kharka Pariyar - four factors in the
    formation of a servant
    # * Wm. S. Chellberg -
    # Gordon Simmonds -UK - has extra
    copies of CWW's 'Letters on
    Baptism' - Other historical
    October - December above
    April - June 2011 below

    Guests: My Answer 5: Added a reply to our guest Kharka Pariyar: 'Four Factors in the Formation of a Servant'.

    Guests: My Answer 4: Added a reply to our dear young friend Rachel's question: 'Do Babies and Little Children Who Die Go To Heaven?'

    Doctrine: Ministry: Added the following from the valuable and extensive 93 page booklet An Examination of the Scriptures on the subject of Ministry by R. M. Beverley (1797/8 - 1868).

    • PREFACE   [Do not skip the Preface. It is important reading.]
      1. The Relation of Sects to Clerisy and Rome
      2. The Popular Idea of Ministry
      3. The Scriptural Idea of Ministry
      4. The "Churches" tested by Scripure
      Chapters 5-9, Conclusions and Appendix are still to come:

    History: The King James Bible: (Stone Publishing Trust) This new page has the 400th Anniversary of the Publication of the King James Bible – being an annotated extract from the original Preface.

    Ministry: W. J. House: Added two addresses: • Power and • The First Day and the Last Day and the opening remarks of three Readings on Judges 6 - 9, to complete the contents of the 1937 book God's Name.

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    # Paul Allison - fate of T. H. Reynolds
    - biography of E. J. Hemmings
    and of G. R. Cowell
    * Jacon Creighton - renewing contact
    * Mark Fields - meeting in St. Louis?
    * Elisabeth Harney-Baltensperger
    - Info 1900-2000+ re EB
    * Iain Jamieson - Scotland - re meeting
    in St. Andrews ?

    * Joanna Newman - NZ - wants info re
    C. W. Wycherley
    # Heino Promm - re George Cutting's
    "Are you a member …?"
    * Brian Sedgwick - re STEM Publishing
    # Timothy Stunt - re C. A. Hammond,
    publisher ? Possible relationship.
    # John Weightman - criticism of MB
    July -September above
    January - March 2011 below

    Guests: My Stand 6: Added • Criticism of MB's selection of ministry - a rebuttal of complaint on

    Ministry: F. S. Marsh 2: Added five addresses: • The Transforming Hope,
    • Spiritual Dignity • Growth • The Preparation of Worshippers and • Our Secret Education.

    • This completes all of the available ministry of Mr. Marsh.

    Ministry: F. S. Marsh 1: Added 'Practical Christianity Shown in the Epistle of James', a concise summary of the important teaching of this epistle.

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    * Jason Ackerman - Email for Max
    Weremchuk re Bible Prophecy
    and Darby ?
    # Paul Allison - NZ - Photo of C. L.
    Nunnerley, an 'Open Letter' and
    his early personal history
    - comments re Peebs.Net - EB's
    use of Christchurch disaster
    # Marcus Chapman - UK - possible web
    site - editing etc.
    # Nicholas (Hin Han) Chin - Malaysia
    - renewing old contacts
    * Colleen Gamble (nee Woodcock) -
    Wales - "Would anyone remem-
    ber my grandparents?"
    * Alastair Gill - Scotland - "Christian
    life or witness outside of the
    # Laurens Overduin - Leiden, Holland
    - Heb. 1: 4-5 and Luke 3:38 re
    bearing on our Lord's Sonship?
    * # Kharka Pariyar - How to obtain
    the ministry of J. B. Stoney?
    - personal background and the
    service of the late Neil Short in
    Bhutan, Nepal and India
    * Mark Rae - giving out of hymns by
    women and children at the Lord's
    # Daniel Soukoreff - Thoughts on
    'Faith' in Hebrews 11

    April - June 2011 above

    October - December 2010 below

    My Answer: No. 4: Added a reply to an inquiry re 'Participation of Women at the Lord's Supper: Giving Out Hymns?'

    Ministry: J. B. Stoney 2: Added a challenging 2 part article, 'Can a Believer Worship in Private?'

    Studies: Christian Fundamentals for Young Believers: (Stone Publishing)
    12 brief but comprehensive and valuable studies on important subjects:
    • Forgiveness • Redemption • Justification • Reconciliation • Sanctification
    • Salvation • Grace • Piety • Faith • Righteousness • Holiness • Dependence

    Ministry: F. S. Marsh 2:. Added three encouraging and challenging articles: • Where Psalms are Written • Freedom • The Development of a Man of God.

    Guests: My Answer 4: 'Is Baptism Necessary To Be Considered A Christian?': Added two subsequent replies with some additional details.

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    * Peter Robinson, Australia - searching
    for ministry
    # Marcus Chapman, UK - photo? -
    blessing in Croydon - notice re
    ministry notes - possible website

    # Gordon Simmonds, UK - Comments
    re Ministry on MB - Herbert
    Fowler, 91, with Christ
    # Daniel Soukoreff - 'Christian' Zionism
    and Paul Wilkinson
    January - March 2011 above
    July - September 2010 below

    Ministry: J. Revell (1852-1900):. Added three excellent articles; • The Christian Company • The Glory of the Children of God and • Title and Fitness.

    Ministry: E. Dennett (1841-1914) - 2: RECOVERED TRUTHS. This new page has eight letters dated Blackheath, 1875 - written to members of his former congregation
    • Justification by Faith    • Justification by Faith - Continued
    • The Believer's Standing in Christ    • The Rule of Life
    • The Church - What is It?    • Practical Aspects of the Body of Christ
    • Old Testament Saints    • The Lord's Coming.

    • These letters will be of particular interest and value to those who have been – or still are – in the 'denominations' of christendom.

    Ministry: E. Dennett (1841-1914) - 3: THE CHRISTIAN HOUSEHOLD and THE RELATIVE DUTIES: This new page has 9 articles dated Blackheath, April 1877: • The Christian and Natural Relationships • The Household as A Circle of Grace • Wives • Husbands • Children • Fathers • Servants • Masters • Conclusion

    • E.D. says, "The importance of the exhibition of Christian life in the home is generally admitted; but, as a matter of fact, public ministry seldom deals directly with the subject, And yet, by far the larger portion of the lives of many believers is engaged in household duties."

    Ministry: E. Dennett (1841-1914) - 4: DANIEL THE PROPHET and THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES: E.D. says this new page is "a concise and simple introduction to the study of the contents of the book of Daniel".

    • "It is in the hope of promoting the knowledge of dispensational truth that this volume is offered to the Christian reader … of the utmost import-
      ance to understand the nature of the last days and the course of events on to the appearing of Christ, as revealed in the infallible word of God.

    • "It tends, moreover, to enhance the appreciation of the heavenly calling and of the character of Christianity to be instructed in the purposes which God has formed for the blessing of His earthly people" E.D.

    • This is our first – and perhaps last – presentation of a full-length book. We have done so because of the importance of the subject and the fine analysis of some very intricate prophetic events.

    : : :   July - September  2010 : : :

    #MAILBOX:  AB     C    DEF   GHI   JKL   MNO    PQ     RS    TUV    W–Z
    Check #Mailbox above and * Guest Book 19 for mail from or to:
    * Anonymous 16 - JND footnotes in
    electronic form???
    * John Greenhalgh, UK - info re hymn
    writer J. Beaumont?

    *Arthur Hamilton, England - info re
    F. W. Trussler and J. Pellatt
    * Terry Wayne Tresise - meaning of
    October - December 2010 above
    April - June 2010 below

    Ministry: D. L. Higgins (1847-1953): The Recovery of the Last Days. This new page is a 1937 review of "the amazing character of the recovery which God has given to the assembly in these closing days".

    Ministry: G. H. Stuart Price (1911-63): Spiritual Energy. This new page has a stimulating 1957 "word on spiritual energy, feeling that it is a matter that may be especially needed amongst us at the end of the dispensation".

    Memorabilia: Adam Clarke - A Testimony. This new page has some interesting observations on the Sonship of Christ by a well-known Methodist theologian (d. 1832).

    Memorabilia: R. M. Beverley - A Memorial. This new page has some very interesting historical information expanding a reference in Biography: J. N. Darby 1: W. Kelly's 'JND as I Knew Him'.

    Biography: J. N. Darby: Part Two: Added the full text of his 27 inspiring 'Spiritual Songs' – including the 46 verse, 'Man of Sorrows' – the source of his 39 hymns in the 1973 Hymn Book.

    Poetry Added a link to J.N.D.'s 'Spiritual Songs'.

    : : :   April - June  2010 : : :

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    Check #Mailbox above and * Guest Book 19 for mail from or to:
    #Sarah Clarke - where in Canada/USA
    to obtain CAC's books
    #Rod Hawgood UK - Brethren history
    since 1970 and his personal
    #Gord MacNeil - Dorman's Papers and
    'open' reception
    #Gordon Mathison - re death of his
    cousin Ian Mathison's wife Jane,
    and suggestion to contact Ian
    #Robert Munster UK - Laurie Twinam
    *Colin Proctor - re 'My Brethren' and
    recent family visit
    #Daniel Soukoreff - suggestions for
    posting to MB
    #Laurie Twinam UK - serious medical

    July - September 2010 above
    January - March 2010 below

    Guests: My Answer 4: Matthew 18: 20 – Translation and Application – an inquiry from a resident of Bethany Manor, our home since April 2005. GAR

    Ministry: F. S. Marsh 2: Added 3 fine addresses; 'The Christian's Resources', 'Faithfulness, Fruitfulness and Fragrance' and 'The Vital Choice'.

    • 'The Vital Choice' begins: "It is my desire to address you particularly in relation to the difficulties which have to be faced in youth and which, unless solved wisely, will involve much sorrowful disaster".

    : : :   January - March  2010 : : :

    MAILBOX:  AB     C    DEF   GHI   JKL   MNO    PQ     RS    TUV    W–Z
    Check 'Mailbox' above and * Guest Book 19 for mail from or to:
    * James Harrison - "separation from
    the world"

    Lila Paul - re 1932 Hymn/Tune Book April - June 2010 above
    October - December 2009 below

    Ministry: W. J. House 1: This new page has the excellent title address, 'God's Name', from the long out-of-print Stow Hill publication – and the challenging 'Bondmen of God, of Christ, and of the Saints'. Others may follow.

    Ministry: M. W. Biggs 4: Added "The Christian's Path in Days of Difficulty". This important and valuable document contains ten chapters:

    • 1. Some Preliminary Questions   • 2. The Christian's Collective Experiences
    • 3. The Way Out of Confusion   • 4. "Lord, If It Be Thou". Matthew 14:28
    • 5. The Believer's Household   • 6. Principles Relating to Fellowship
    • 7. There Is One Body   • 8. The Holiness of the House of God
    • 9. "Assembly" Discipline in Days of Difficulty   • 10. Conclusion

    : : :   October - December  2009 : : :

    MAILBOX:  AB     C    DEF   GHI   JKL   MNO    PQ     RS    TUV    W–Z
    Check 'Mailbox' above and * Guest Book 18 for mail from or to:
    Charles Barrett, Ryde, Isle of Wight,
    UK - info re JW Gravenstede
    Marcus Chapman, UK - publishing
    CWC 'Cleaving' - and notes of
    current readings
    * Richard Long - offer of FER's books
    -E. H. Trengrove
    * Gordon MacNeil - 'Dorman's
    Papers - Then and Now'
    Robert Munster, UK - CWC 'Cleaving'
    typos and possible re-publishing
    - recent notes with Ken Hollands
    David Porter - Dromara - N. Ireland
    - Retiring - Possible Visit - JND
    on 'Obscurity and Devotedness'
    * Leopold Reinecke - Ireland - JND
    Bibles? - Meeting location?
    Gordon Simmonds - UK - Birthday

    January - March 2010 above
    July - September below

    History: Stow Hill Depot: Added Letters of JT re "Author-Editor-Publisher Relations and Responsibilities".

    Ministry: F. S. Marsh 2: Added "Citizenship", a fine address with much good counsel for university and high school students

    Ministry: C. W. Cooper: Added "Cleaving", an address at Bournemouth, September 8, 1962. Among other important matters, Mr. Cooper stresses the truth of the marriage bond which was being undermined among those separated from in 1959-60.

    Ministry: G. V. Wigram 1: Added "The Death of Jesus Christ - What are its uses and applications by the Spirit in Scripture?", an exhaustive examination of the references to the death of our Lord.

    : : :   July - September  2009 : : :

    MAILBOX:  AB     C    DEF   GHI   JKL   MNO    PQ     RS    TUV    W–Z
    Check 'Mailbox' above and * Guest Book 18 for mail from or to:
    * Anonymous 15 - How to obtain sets of
    books by JBS and FER ?
    * Heather Canning, Belfast, N. Ireland
    - info re Londonderry 1926 ?
    * Ian Deighan, Ireland - re catalogues
    of rare books, periodicals and
    * Hazel Gilliland, Newtouwmards,
    N. Ireland - how to obtain French
    JND Bible ?
    * Richard Gravenstede, Aberdeen,
    Scotland - desires info re
    JW Gravenstede/Stow Hill?
    *Gordon Read - Preston, England -
    wants to contact relatives
    Terry Risenhoover - follow up from
    2005 - appreciates additions
    * Tim Szazynski - God's dealings with
    the nations and with Israel and
    a New covenant believer's
    relationship to them

    October - December above
    April - June below

    Ministry: G. V. Wigram 1: Added "The Blood of Jesus Christ - What are its uses and applications by the Spirit in Scripture?" and "The Cross of Jesus Christ …", exhaustive examinations of the references to the blood and the cross.

    • A companion article on "The Death …" is to follow.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 1: Added "Church Principles", Edinburgh, 1915

    • JT says, "I have thought that if we take care of the principles God will take care of the people. To have a place for the testimony you must, in Christianity, have the people; but if you look after the principles, God will look after the people".

    A casual reader might conclude that JND and JT disagree, but a careful reading makes it clear that their teaching is complementary.
    JND warns against the legal abuse of divine principles which damages the saints, whereas JT insists that divine principles must not be compromised to retain souls which God Himself will do.   GAR

    Ministry: J. N. Darby 2: Added "Principles are Not Enough: We Need God".

    • In our day certain 'principles' – such as "separation from evil" – have been misapplied and misused by some who claim to be in a direct line of succession from JND. These extracts expose such distortions and misrepresentations of divine truth. GAR

    Guests: My Stand 2; 'Renton' or 'Strang'?: This new article is a reply to an inquiry re the 1971/72 division on MB, and my personal position. G.A.R.

    Ministry: A. E. Myles 2: This new page has 10 fine addresses, all but one from the Old Series of Ministy by J. Taylor.

    • AEM's ministry showed a particular concern for the spiritual well-being and progress of younger brethren.

    : : :   April - June  2009 : : :

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    Check 'Mailbox' above and * Guest Book 18 for mail from or to:
    * Paul Cedolia - question about the
    Marcus Chapman - UK - Notes of GRC
    address 'Wisdom is the Principal
    Thing' and article 'The Son of
    God' by C. W. Cooper
    * Anil John - Dubai, UAE - lookig
    for meeting in Denmark
    * Frances Kenney - Australia - Great-
    grandmother's family and info re
    Malvern, Worcs.

    Robert Munster - UK - typos
    - re Frances Kenney
    Gordon Simmonds - UK
    - re Frances Kenney
    * James Simmonds - UK - site
    * Timothy Knappett, Croydon, UK
    - re notes of GRC
    Timothy Stunt - more information re
    the "Asylum" in Dublin
    July - September above
    January - March below

    Ministry: M. W. Biggs 3: This new page has eight articles from 'Believers' Friend' and 'Words of Grave and Comfort'. Articles 2-6, on some of the Psalms which speak of Christ personally, are noteworthy.

    Doctrine: Addressing the Holy Spirit: Added an extract from a 1949 reading with J. Taylor.

    Ministry: J. N. Darby 1: Added 'The Nazarite', an extract from the 'Synopsis' on Numbers 6.

    Ministry: C. W. Cooper: Added an undated article on 'The Son of God', an edifying refutation of the 'eternal Son' error.

    Ministry: G. R. Cowell: Early 14: The Wisdom of God: This new page has two 1953 readings and an address at Romford, and a 1952 address on 'Leadership' at Leamington.

    Ministry: G. R. Cowell: Early 13: The Assembly: This new page has five 1954 readings at Markinch.

    Ministry: G. R. Cowell: Later 1: Added 'The Bride and the Wife', a 1961 word at a marriage meeting at Dereham.

    : : :   January - March  2009 : : :

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    Marcus Chapman - UK - Park Street
    room, new GRC notes, etc.
    * Christian Chen - To visit Park Street,
    Islington room on study tour
    - Report of tour
    * Paul Hagwood - UK - seeking
    possible contacts
    * Eileen Holt - UK - re disposition of
    ministry books
    * Dave Johnson - re his grandfather in
    Denton, Texas
    Robert Munster - UK - Park Street
    David Porter - UK - email change
    * Jan Robert - wants to hear from other
    visitors from Gresham, Oregon

    April - June above
    October - December 2008 below

    Biography: G. R. Cowell: His Withdrawal – Added a new section with an "Outline of principal events leading up to the withdrawal from Mr. G. R. Cowell in Hornchurch on 12th July 1960".

    • An eyewitness account by three brothers local in Hornchurch.

    Biography: J. B. Stoney: Ministry – Replaced the rudimentary list of ministry with a complete detailed catalogue of all the printed ministry of JBS – with links to articles posted on 'My Brethren'.

    • It is hoped that this will encourage looking into his ministry by those who have the books or CD, and perhaps lead others to obtain them.

    Studies: Notes on Scriptures – Added several notes including 'The Seed Of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob' and 'The Seven Cries from the Cross'.

    : : :   October - December 2008   : : :

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    Marcus Chapman - UK - recently
    discovered ministry of GRC !
    Sarah Clarke - greetings and update
    * James David - UK - fellowship ??
    * Oscar Ferreira - Discovered ministry
    * Brian Graham - North Ireland
    - Changes to the Hymn Book?
    David Mutton - UK - GRC index
    of ministry spreadsheet
    Peggy Paluga - renew contact and
    Lila Marilla Paul - Move from India
    to Montana, USA
    Andrew Poots - UK - info on
    WT Turpin
    * Christine Sills - UK - looking for
    SJB Carter poem
    Daniel Soukoreff - update
    * Phil Townshend - Question re
    C. H. Mackintosh
    January - March 2009 above
    July - September below

    Guests: My Stand 6: Added 'Changes Made to the Hymn Book: Concern re changing wording of old hymns' in reply to an inquiry.

    Biography: J. N. Darby: Research Papers 2: Added further notes by Max Weremchuk re John Henry Newman possibly knowning JND earlier than previously supposed.

    History: Hymn Book 6: This new page has a Comparative Index to the 1973 Hymn Book/1993 Supplement, and the earlier revisions of 1881, 1903, 1932, 1951 and 1962.

    • The index shows in which edition various hymns were first introduced, which are still in the collection, which hymns were excluded, and which were later reinstated, and the hymn numbers assigned in various revisions.

    : : :   July - September 2008   : : :

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    * Victor Choi - Slovakia -
    moving to St. Petersburg
    * Gerdus Human - South Africa -
    comments on China post
    * Diane May - UK - info on
    Farnam Chidley Close?
    Robert Munster - UK - history charts
    and hymn book study
    * Berthold Schwarz - Germany -
    doctoral thesis on JND
    October - December above
    April - June below

    History: The China Episode: Added several letters between New York / London and Shanghai. The letters to Shanghai are fine examples of what Paul enjoins in 2 Timothy 2: 24-26:

    • "And a bondman of the Lord ought not to contend, but be gentle towards all; apt to teach; forbearing; in meekness setting right those who oppose, if God perhaps may sometime give them repentance to acknowledgment of the truth, and that they may awake up out of the snare of the devil, who are taken by him, for his will".

    History: The Bible: A New Translation: Prelude: Added a brief note by JND – c. 1840 – re an early scheme to translate the New Testament into English with suggested contributors.

    Ministry: A. J. Gardiner 1: Added a brief but comprehensive 1947 address The Governmental Ways of God illustrating the principles involved from the reign of Asa in 2 Chronicles.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 1: Added a brief but perceptive and valuable 1908 review entitled The Course of the Testimony plus two excellent related addresses on The Man of God.

    • Both addresses - 1937 and 1939 - have substantially different material and needful exhortations.

    Ministry: J. N. Darby 1: Added a valuable 1858 article "A Man in Christ".

    • This article is a classic example of William Kelly's description of JND's writing style – see article. It is not for the faint hearted or those used to being spoon fed, but it will amply repay those who devote the time and patience to explore it.

    Ministry: A. A. Elliott: This new page has the booklet What is a Christian?.

    • Mr. Elliott says, "With the Lord’s help I want to search the Scriptures to see what sort of person a christian is and what privileges the christian has … I want to speak of a believer viewed as the recipient of manifold blessings from God:.

    Ministry: J. N. Darby 1: Added an excellent article On Worship. Despite its brief title – this is an extensive and comprehensive review of almost all that the Scriptures say on this important subject.

    • To facilitate reading and because of its length, it has been divided into 15 parts, with titles based on the text.

    Ministry: C. A. Coates 6: This new page has the complete original book entitled The House of God - 13 addresses on the Old and New Testaments:

    • CAC said "It is most important to see that God has a place on earth. We all understand that heaven is God's throne and dwelling place, but what I should like to make clear is that God has a place on earth where He dwells in grace and blessing and, I may add, in holiness.

    • "He has a place on earth where He is known, and where His testimony is maintained. The House of God is 'the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth', 1 Timothy 3: 15".

    • The House of God as Made Known to Jacob   • Redemption and Salvation
    • God Dwelling Among His People  • The Altar and the Consecration of the Priests
    • The House of God in Connection with the Kingdom   • A Living Hope
    • Living Stones and a Spiritual House   • The House of God in 1 Timothy
    • The Calling Wherewith We are Called  • The House of God as Presented by John
    • God's Discipline in His House   • The Son of God and His Assembly
    • The Presence of the Lord

    : : :   April - June 2008   : : :

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    Check 'Mailbox' above and * Guest Book 17 for mail from or to:
    * James Bell - UK - Poem, 'Refiner's
    Fire'? - 1955 UK address book
    * Keith Christie - GVW's ministry
    'On Heresy' - leadership among
    the brethren
    * Joy Cooper - Australia - death of her
    father, Ian McDowell
    - thanks for help re London
    * Helen Armstrong Kominek - help to
    contact Joyce Steen
    Robert Munster - UK - London 1953 -
    hymn books - database

    July - September above
    January - March below

    Ministry: W. Trotter 2: Plain Papers on Prophetic and Other Subjects: This new page has the articles on 'The Doom of Christendom; or, Why are the Judgments Coming?', No. 4 and "The First Resurrection', No. 17.

    "God grant, in His infinite mercy, that these pages may be used of Him to awaken attention to prophetic subjects, and to aid inquirers in the examination of His Word with reference thereto.

    • "And may both readers and writer be found – if still on earth when the Master comes – with girded loins and burning lamps, and they themselves "like unto men that wait for their lord".  WT

    Ministry:F. E. Raven 3: Added a brief address on 'The Man of God' which opens up "how the man of God is formed morally for the place that he has to occupy".

    Ministry: J. B. Stoney 4: Discipline in the House of God: This new page has the articles on Jeremiah and Paul, the relevant articles from the Morrish Bible Dictionary and 'Discipline of the Servant', extracts from the Letters of JBS.

    JBS said: "No subject can he more deeply interesting to the saint than the nature and effect of that discipline which our God, in the plenitude of His love and wisdom, administers to His people.

    • "Interesting as the subject is, and one so necessary to the secret exercises of the soul, yet it is little understood; and the dealings of God are either counted strange, or wanting in any just or useful solution.

    • "I propose, therefore, with the Lord's help, to present, in a series of papers, the peculiar discipline – its object and its effect, detailed to us, respecting each distinguished witness for God on earth.

    • "I am induced to do this, in order to lead the minds of saints to study more a subject which of all others connects us most with the secret, loving thoughts of our God about us."

    Poetry: The Alpha and the Omega: Added a further 26 poems, by various authors, completing all in the original volume.

    • The title poem 'The Alpha and the Omega' is particularly noteworthy. Peter Hardingham, composed it during a time of prolonged illness. Having a great amount of time available, he had set himself to search out all the names and titles by which the Lord Jesus was referred to in the Scriptures – and to set them out in verse form, in alphabetical order as far as possible, with some indication of the unique meaning of each.

    • The result is this poem which clearly and worshipfully brings out the rich and varied glories of the Lord Jesus. Such a composition belongs in the treasury of the assembly.

    Ministry: J. N. Darby 4: This new page has six 'Lectures on the Second Coming of Christ' – delivered at Toronto, no date.

    J.N.D. said elsewhere, "I have, in the lectures delivered at Toronto, stated my views at length as to the Lord's coming, and the divine purposes and plans in connection with that great event".

    • These lectures not only deal with the rapture but with the full extent of the Lord's second coming
      • in connection with the restoration of Israel,
      • to take up His rights and set up His kingdom,
      • to judge corrupt Christendom and the nations,
      • and to finally deal with Satan.

    Ministry: J. N. Darby 3: This new page has 'Seven Lectures on the Prophetical Addresses to the Seven Churches' – delivered in London, 1852.

    • These 'lectures' – as they were called in those days – are from his oral ministry, and are surprisingly easy to follow.

    • They come through just as fresh as when delivered in 1852 and open up, not only the details of the letters themselves but, the background of the divine ways in an edifying and intensely challenging manner.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 4: Added a fine address "Sovereignty and Mutuality", Peterhead, Scotland, 1926. "And they gave him part of a broiled fish and of a honeycomb", Luke 24: 42.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 9: This new page has 'The Divine Standard of Service', 6 readings in 2 Corinthians, Barnet, 1929, with 2 addresses, 'Spirituality as in John's Gospel' and 'Transparency'.

    • In Reading 3 JT summarized: "Our subject is really the relation of the ministry to the minister, and the relation of the minister to the ministry.

    • "This epistle interweaves those two thoughts in an exceptional way, that is, the personality or character of the minister as bearing on the ministry, and vice versa, the bearing of the ministry upon the minister himself; much was said, too, about personality hinging on sonship, whether in Christ or in us."

    : : :   January - March 2008   : : :

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    Check 'Mailbox' above and * Guest Book 17 for mail from or to:
    * Marion Crofts - Australia - enquiry re
    * Eric McLaren - views MB from his
    "open" position
    Robert Munster - UK - appreciates
    new postings - London 1953 ?
    - his hymns database
    * John Robertson - Scotland - Do you
    remember his father, James
    Robertson of Kilmarnock?
    * Don Ross - recalls old "good times"

    April - June above
    December 2007 below

    Poetry: The Man in the Glory: Added 6 fine poems of Mr. E. H. Chater, contributed by Stone Publishing Trust.

    Ministry: F. W. Trussler: This new page has an excellent addresss on 'The Sufferings of Christ', Croydon, 1959, contributed by Stone Publishing Trust.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 8: This new page has 'Genealogical Registry in a Day of Departure', 5 readings in 2 Timothy, Belfast, 1919.

    If we are to serve God acceptably – on His terms – it is essential that we be able to establish our spiritual genealogy.

    • This is all the more important in view of the state of the public church.

    • These readings in 2 Timothy provide invaluable guidance.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 7: This new page has 'Divine Persons and our Relationships with Them', 5 readings in the gospels and epistles, Toronto, October 1948.

    It should hardly be necessary to say that spiritual intelligence as to Divine Persons and our relationships with Them is essential if we are to serve rightly

    1. in our approach to men with the gospel, and
    2. especially in our approach to God in worship.

    The nature of those relationships and their implications are thoroughly examined in five readings.

    • Those who are concerned about such matters – and who will say they are not? – will find needed help in following these readings.

    Ministry: J. B. Stoney 3: This new page has 'Lessons of the Sanctuary', 7 readings in 1889 starting with 'The Lord's Presence and Its Characteristics'.

    • JBS said, "In submitting to my brethren in Christ the notes of lectures, on the blessing conferred by the Lord in the midst of His own gathered to His name, I desire to awaken interest in this great subject, assured that it is as we know Him, 'Son over his own' [God's] 'house', that we in every detail correspond to His pleasure here.

    • "May every reader of these notes be not only helped by them, but may he learn much more from the Lord for himself. 'Unto you that hear shall more be given' ".

    Doctrine: Local Assembly Administration – Added an informative reading with J. Taylor in Edinburgh, 1937.

    Ministry: A. J. Gardiner 1: Added 3 addresses, 'Spiritual Elements Essential in Localities', 'Our Outlook in Closing Days' and 'Sitting'.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 2: Added 'The Introduction of the Gospel into Europe', Bristol, July 1919, a challenging and instructive gospel address.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 6: This new page has 'The Ministry of Elisha in its Practical Value', 5 readings in 1 and 2 Kings, Toronto, October 1950.

    • These are the meetings at which singing at the care meeting and the rightness of the sisters being present came out and were confirmed.

    • I was 20 years old at the time. JT was then in his 81st year and obviously frail – but I was deeply impressed with the dignity and simplicity of the way he opened up the Scriptures.   GAR

    : : :   December 2007   : : :

     AB     C    DEF   GHI   JKL   MNO    PQ     RS    TUV    W–Z
    Check * Guest Book 16 and 'Mailbox' above for mail from or to:
    Timothy Stunt - GVW Biography

    * Hazel Silcock - Asks about
    nephew Dario Silcock

    January-March 2008 above
    November below

    Biography: J. Taylor – Replaced the contents of the New Series under 'His Ministry' with a full table of contents for the 100 volumes. A review will give some concept of the breadth and depth of his distinctive and valuable ministry of some 50 years.

    Doctrine: Marriage and Divorce – Added 'Marriage in the Lord' a wide-ranging reading with J. Taylor, AMH, AEM, PL and other leading servants, in Sydney, 1939.

    Ministry: G. V. Wigram: This new page has the incisive article, 'On Heresy', which may well be the most widely quoted of all Mr. Wigram's writings.

    • It is generally used to apply to others, but it is hoped that MB's guests – as we ourselves seek to do – will apply it to themselves first.

    Ministry: P. H. Hardwick - Part 2 – This new page has three fine addresses: 'Opened Eyes', Restfulness' and 'The Glory of Descending Love', this last of particular worth.

    • They are taken from the valuable, now out-of-print, book 'The Glory of Descending Love', addresses in New Zealand in 1947.

    Ministry: P. H. Hardwick - Part 3 – This new page has a further three addresses: 'The Acceptable Year of the Lord', "All Night Unto The Morning", 'Awaking Out Of Sleep' from 'The Glory of Descending Love', New Zealand, 1947.

    Ministry: P. H. Hardwick - Part 4 – This new page has the final three addresses: 'The Saints Delivered From Satan's Attacks', 'The Coming of the Lord' and 'Renewal' from 'The Glory of Descending Love', New Zealand, 1947.

    : : :   November 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Marcus Chapman - England
    - word of encouragement
    Janette Chapman - England
    - link to MB, value of ministry
    * Leonard Meagher - India
    - CD's of ministry
    * Joseph McGregor - Meetings
    in Connecticut
    * Matthew Ross - Scotland
    - meetings in Aberdeen?
    * Victor Joshi - India
    - greetings from India
    * Tim Gauntlett - "Recovery &
    Maintenance" by AJG
    Paul Wilkinson - New Book
    December above   October below

    Ministry: C. A. Coates - Part 4 - The Tabernacle in Exodus 25-29 - Its Typical Teaching: This new page is an extract from the 'Outline of Exodus'.

    Mr. Coates' notes are presented here with the conviction that they open up the significance of the Tabernacle

      • – both the glories of the Lord Jesus Christ and the formation of the features of Christ in the saints –

    • in an edifying and challenging depth and detail beyond what is generally known.

    Ministry: C. A. Coates - Part 5 - The Offerings in Leviticus 1-7 - Their Typical Teaching: This new page is an extract from the 'Outline of Leviticus'.

    Mr. Coates' closing words on this page are

    • "How sad that so many believers should look at these types as belonging to a past dispensation, and now past and done with!

    • "The truth is they are precious instruction for us, and divinely intended to be so. They are instruction in Christ and in the knowledge of God. May the Lord enable us to consider these things, and if we do so He will give us understanding!"

    : : :   October 2007   : : :

     AB     C    DEF   GHI   JKL   MNO    PQ     RS    TUV    W–Z
    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Laurens Overduin - Holland
    - His 'The Maranatha Code'
    - Worship of the Spirit

    Robert Munster - England - Revised
    'Chart of Shame' - more info on
    'Melodies and Chants'
    November above   September below

    Ministry: F. E. Raven - Part 4 - Christianity in its Moral Characterisrics: This new page has four 'lectures' given in 1895 on Light, Liberty, Life and Testimony in Unity.

    • If you are only used to the great truths of Scripture being presented from man's side and for man's benefit, you will find this presentation of the moral characteristics of Christianity enlightening and quite likely challenging to previously cherished views.

    • While the great benefits of the gospel to man are not to be undervalued, there is great enlargement of spiritual apprehension in seeing the grand primary purposes of God in securing, through the work of Christ and the Spirit, that which is for Himself and His eternal glory.

    Doctrine: The Assembly: Added a challenging 1895 reading with F. E. Raven on 1 Corinthians 12 and 13, 'The Coming Together of the Assembly'.

    • "It is a great thing to see that in Scripture there is no such thing as an Assembly-meeting … There is no such thing as an appointed order of meeting, a system of meetings arranged and settled; prayer-meeting, reading, etc., all that kind of thing is not known in Scripture".

    Ministry: J. Taylor - Part 5 - Prayer: Characterisric of the Perfect Man: This new page has six readings and two addresses in Wellington, N.Z., 1925.

    • The four main readings take up the seven instances of the Lord praying in Luke's gospel showing that they

      • "have a constructive bearing, not in regard to His Person, but in regard to the example He sets, and the results that accrue from prayer as seen in these various instances".

    History: Hymn Book - Part 5 - Subject Index: This new page has a 'Subject Index ' to the 1973 Hymn Book/1993 Supple­ment.

    : : :   September 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    *Alastair Fear - re uncle
    Daniel Soukoreff - phone call
    October above  
    August below

    Ministry: F. S. Marsh: Added 16 early 1900's articles by Mr. Marsh including 'Followers of Jesus', 'The Greatness of the Gospel' and 'Features of the Early Converts'.

    • Mr.Marsh's ministry will be found particularly helpful by those younger in the faith.

    Ministry: H. F. Nunnerley: This new page has 'The Truth of the Assembly – Light, Experience, Teaching', six readings and an address by Mr. Nunnerley in Australia in 1938.

    • On November 7, 1939, Mr. J. Taylor wrote from New Zealand, "Everywhere in this land and Australia there is evidence of good results from Mr. Nunnerley's ministry, for which we thank God".

    History: Aberdeen - A House Divided - 1970 on: This new page has the background and the issues at Aberdeen in July 1970; plus a selection of letters re those who the separated from the legal sect, the short-lived period of hope that followed and the subsequent 1972 Edinburgh crisis and division.

    : : :   August 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    * John Bromley - Wales - Memories of
    Mr. A. John E. Welch of London
    Robert Munster - England - sent his
    'Chart of Shame' and Tunes db;
    inquiry re banning of television
    Gordon Simmonds - England - death of
    his daughter - appreciates
    ministry by variety of brothers

    September above  July below

    Ministry: Russell Besley: This new page has ten addresses from the early 1900's by Mr. Besley, including 'Christ Loved by the Father' and 'Waiting upon God'.

    Ministry: A. M. Hayward: This new page has six addresses from the early 1900's by Mr. Hayward, including 'Laws of the Kingdom'.

    Ministry: E. J. McBride: This new page has 11 addresses from the early 1900's by Mr. McBride, including the challenging 4-part series 'The Return of the Glory'.

    Ministry: J. H. Trevvett: This new page has eight addresses from the early 1900's by Mr. Trevvett, including the excellent 'The Greatness of Christ'.

    Guests: My Stand 6 – Added 'Banning of Television: Background and various considerations' in reply to an inquiry.

    : : :   July 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    * Andrew Davidson - England -
    W. A. G. Davidson
    * Lyn Cahill - Looking for a friend
    Robert Munster - England - interesting
    comments on various articles,
    hymns, tunes, etc.
    * Gavin Tomlinson - England -
    Original copy of G.R.C.'s

    August above   June below

    Doctrine: The Lord's Table, Lord's Supper and Service of God: This new page has articles by J. N. Darby, F. E. Raven, C. A. Coates and J. Taylor.

    While the Lord's Table, the Lord's Supper and the Service of God may well be treated as separate matters, they are intimately related and are therefore presented together on this extended page – one of the most important in this 'Doctrine' group.

    • The Lord's Supper – or breaking of bread – holds a special place among all those who trace their origin back to that outwardly insignificant yet spiritually momentous beginning in Dublin, c. 1827 – but its importance and relation to the service of God – i.e., collective worship of Divine Persons in assembly – is unknown to many and scarcely understood by others.

    Doctrine: "One Body": The Ground of Gathering: This new page has articles by J. N. Darby, J. B. Stoney and F. E. Raven.

    The scriptural concept of the "one body" is fundamental to the position of 'brethren'. Although it may not have been clearly enunciated at the outset it was implicit in their gathering together apart from sectarian positions – whether the establisment or dissenting groups.

    : : :   June 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    * Diana Celesky - re exclusive
    meetings in Omaha
    Daniel Jackson - re availability of the
    ministry of S. McCallum
    * Neil and Edith Short - re 'Editor's
    Choice' mailing and
    the Champney letter
    July above   May below

    Ministry: J. B. Stoney 2 – Added an excellent article 'The Nature, Object, and Responsibility of the Church, the Body of Christ' referred to by Mr. S. McCallum in the 1957 Dorking Meetings, Selected Ministry No. 6.

    • SMcC quoted the following remark of JBS: "I daresay that you have heard some say that the corporate thing is over. Christ's chief interest is unknown to one who can say that; and if it is unknown to you how can you understand His mind about anything?"

    • JBS says further: "However we have failed in our corporate testimony we cannot escape from corporate responsibility".

    Doctrine: Inspiration of the Scriptures – This new page has two articles 'Inspiration of the Scriptures' and 'The Human Element in Inspiration'

    • in which J. N. Darby establishes the inspiration of the Scriptures, with full allowance for "the human element", from the Scriptures themselves.

    Doctrine: God in Absoluteness and Relativeness – Added three instructive articles on the use of words which sometimes cause conern and confusion:

    • The word 'Persons' as applied to the Godhead: J. Taylor,

    • Comments on the words 'Trinity' and 'Person': J. N. Darby,

    • A Few Words on the Trinity: J. N. Darby.

    The Ulster Outlook – Divergent Views – 1954-1962: This new page contains letters from brethren in Belfast. Many of the letters relate to other 'History' articles, but they have been grouped together because of the common – geographical – background of the writers, who were all known personally to each other.

    • The different interpretations of the situation by the writers, based on when and why they withdrew, should be noted.

    • The letters also include references to certain developments in the legal sect, which may not be recorded elsewhere.

    : : :   May 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Sarah Clarke - re recent visit

    June above   April below

    Ministry: E. Dennett – Added 'Hindrances to Fellowship: Letters to a Friend' – E.D. says "We hope they may be useful to those who are just beginning to inquire into the ground and necessity for separation from wrong religious positions. May the Lord, in His abounding grace, condescend to bless them in guiding some of His perplexed ones into the path which is according to His own mind and will".

    Ministry: J. B. Stoney 2 – Added 2 instructive articles which were drawn to our attention by Daniel Soukoreff:

    • 'Visible Means Hinder Faith' – "In every instance we see that when faith works, it is independent of visible means".

    • 'The Servant and the Truth for the Last Time' – "the servant requires varied lines of truth in the last days … all these are necessary, and subserve for the disorganized state of the assembly; and the heart truly stored with them will be adequate for the exigencies of service, in the midst of assembly ruin".

    : : :   April 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Update re Daniel Sokoureff -
    see Bulletins
    May above
    March below

    Guests: My Stand 6 – Added a 1997 article, 'Education for the Work of the Lord', a review of the Scriptures re secular and spiritual education. G,A.R.

    : : :   March 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    * Maureen Auderton - Meetings in
    * Sabir Ali - India -
    Outreach to Muslims
    More Good news re Daniel Soukoreff
    - see Bulletins
    April above
    February below

    History: From Freedom to Failure: 'There was no king in Israel' – This new page records the beginning, history and ultimate failure of the once hopeful 1960-61 separation from the legal sect, in a brief selection of the available documents from that period.

    • At least three factors contributed to the eventual disintegration: • a refusal of authority by some • a lack of vigorous leadership • and the resultant spawning of many local troubles.

    : : :   February 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Nick Fleet - England
    - info re Joseph Revell bio
    * Ted Glaeser - old times
    * Irene Malcolm - Edinburgh
    - Greeting
    Robert Munster - England
    - reconciliation of brethren etc.
    Good news re Daniel Soukoreff
    - see Bulletins
    Timothy Stunt - re Darby of the Leap
    by Miss A. M. Stoney

    March above   January below

    Biography: Joseph Revell – Added information from Nick Fleet re JR's tunes.

    Biography: J. N. Darby 2: Darby of the Leap – Added Timothy Stunt's interesting comments.

    Biography: J. G. Bellett – Added the sensitive, extensive and valuable 'Recollections' of his daughter Letty M. Bellett.

    : : :   January 2007   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 16 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    * Faith Haynes - history of brethren
    * Gerald Landis - Children's
    Bible lessons
    * Robert Munster - England
    - history of brethren etc
    Heino Promm - Daniel Soukoreff

    Gordon Simmonds - England
    - Daniel Soukoreff and family
    health problems
    Timothy Stunt - JGB re "J. Mahon"
    * Andrew Wagner - Australia -
    Copy of JND biography
    February above
    December 2006 below

    Biography: J. N. Darby – Added an 1889 notice from the 'Times' re Sale of JND's library.

    Biography: J. N. Darby: Research Papers 2 – Added further notes by Max Weremchuk re similarities with John Walker.

    Doctrine: Man and Woman: The Divine Order – Added an extract from a letter of J. G. Bellett.

    Ministry: S. McCallum 4 – This new page has the 1958 London Meetings: 'Distinctiveness and Finality in Paul's Ministry', 6 readings in Acts and Paul's epistles.

    Ministry: S. McCallum 3 – Added S.McC.'s address at the 1958 London Meetings: 'Some Presentations of the Lord Jesus in the Book of Revelation'.

    : : :   December 2006   ; : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Martyn Buckland - Australia -
    Source for Hymn Books

    * Jim Jardine - Brazil -
    Seeking a copy of
    'Goodbye, Beloved Brethren'
    Gordon W.Simmonds - England
    - Comments on EB web site
    - 'Goodbye, Beloved Brethren'
    * Jayan Thomas Paul - India -
    Second-hand ministry books
    January 2007 above   November below

    Guests: My Stand 6: Peebs.Net - Objectives – Added correspondence relating to newly revealed objectives of Peebs.Net to blame and discredit JND and other early servants, their ministry, and the whole history of 'brethren', with comments of Daniel Soukoreff and Gordon Simmonds.

    Guests: My Stand 5 – Added a 1991 article, 'An Appeal re Fellowship and Reception', a thoughtful analysis of the misuse of quotations from the letters of J. N. Darby, by Richard C. Reed.

    Ministry: S. McCallum 2 – This new page has the 1957 London Meetings 'Spiritual Unity in the Ministry of John', 6 readings in John's Gospel, Epistles and the Revelation.

    Ministry: S. McCallum 3 – This new page has 'Spiritual Royalty', S.McC.'s address at the 1957 London Meetings.

    : : :   November 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Charles Barrett - England - biography
    of Percy Lyon.

    Steve Noble - England - wants info
    re R. F. Kingscote
    December above   October below

    History - Early Recollections – Added 'Powerscourt - 1832', a brief but noteworthy account - appended to a letter of JND - of the second prophetic conference at Powerscourt House.

    Ministry: Percy Lyon 2 – This new page has an excellent 1956 series of readings 'Faithflness to God and His Throne' and an address 'Feminine Devotion to the Throne'. P.L. said of the readings:

    • "… the object of our looking into this portion of the Scriptures is to enquire as to what we may cull, in spiritual understanding, from a book in which things are divinely veiled.

    • God's name is not even mentioned, but it is a book which must have a moral and spiritual bearing upon divine operations, leading on to the opening up of the truth, as we shall hope to see later in relation to the books of Ezra and Nehemiah …"

    Ministry: J. Taylor 4 – Added an address 'The Holy Spirit's Activities in Relation to the Gentiles' - Acts 8: 29, 39; 10: 19, 20, 44-46; 13: 1-4.

    Brethren have long considered the locality in which ministry was given as significant and, in this instance, to me the date is also. J.T. gave the address in Toronto on November 11, 1929, the very place and date of my birth. At that time my parents were not believers and had no knowledge of the brethren.
    When I came upon this address many years ago the reference in the last paragraph to Psalm 87: 6, "This man was born there", confirmed me that God's eye had been upon me from the outset for blessing. I understood, to a degree, Paul's feelings when he could speak of "God, who set me apart [even] from my mother's womb, and called [me] by his grace …", Galatians 1: 15.   GAR

    : : :   October 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Charles Barrett - England - biography
    of Percy Lyon.
    * Alan Fletcher - left JSH c. 1989
    * Colin Johnson - Australia - "inability
    to find a fellowship that is based
    upon scripture and truth"
    Steve Noble - England - wants info
    re R. F. Kingscote
    Daniel Soukoreff, Phil Gasston, Esli
    Forrest - See Prayer Request
    and Answer in 'News Bulletins'
    Phil and Ruth Gasston - personal email
    re Hope and their family
    experience - in the 'Mailbox'

    November above   September below

    Ministry: A. J. Gardiner 3 – This new page has 'The Substantiality of Christianity' – six readings in 1, 2, 3 John and Genesis 4, 5 – and 'Unity in Assembly Administration', London, July 1954.

    • These were the second London meetings following the departure to be with Christ of Mr. J. Taylor, March 29, 1953.

    : : :   September 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Gregory Morris - Wales - re editing of
    Wikipedia article re EBs and his
    connection with JRULM
    Ralph Gentles - JSE ministry and visit
    to Ireland and UK
    October above   August below

    Ministry: J. S. Ephgrave – This new page has 'The Word of the Cross' – six readings in Paul's Epistles and the Gospels – and 'Practical Loyalty to the Fellowship', Bristol, September 1955.

    • All believers are familiar, in varying degrees, with the value of the 'work' of the cross but many, if not most, seem unaware of the wide bearing of the 'word' of the cross, both individually and collectively.

    Ministry: P. H. Hardwick – This new page has three fine addresses: 'The Influence of Manhood in View of Completion', 'Genuineness' and 'The Service of God'.

    • The latter two were given in April 1953 just weeks after the departure of Mr. James Taylor and, in addition to their own worth, are valuable as a witness to the gracious yet faithful spirit marking the brethren at that time before the 1959 slide into legality.

    Ministry: H. D'Arcy Champney – This new page has three challenging addresses: 'Suffering and Glory', 'The House of God' and 'The Holy City Jerusalem and Its Political Influence in the Coming Day'.

    : : :   August 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Kyle Yoakum - 'one leader'

    September above
    July below

    History: After My Departure - 1953-59 – This new page is a brief review of the London three day meetings for 1953-59. Its purpose – and the posting now of the notes of some of those meetings in the Ministry group – is:

    1. to preserve a partial record of ministry, most of which is now out-of-print and is unlikley to be reprinted or, as for 1955-56, is permanently unavailable;

    2. to note some of the trends in that uncertain period – from J.T.'s death to the rise to undisputed universal leadership in ministry and admin­istration of one man – and their historical significance.

    Ministry: A. J. Gardiner 2 – This new page has 'The Worship of God' – six readings in Ephesians – and 'Spiritual Manhood', London, July 1953.

    • These were the first London meetings following the departure to be with Christ of Mr. J. Taylor, March 29, 1953.

    Guests: My Answer 3: One Leader – Kyle Yoakum inquires a second time about another aspect of authority in the church.

    : : :   July 2006   : : :

     AB     C    DEF   GHI   JKL   MNO    PQ     RS    TUV    W–Z
    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    * Jane Carole Anderson - historical
    timeline / W. Nee / W .Lee
    * Steve Noble - his web site
    June below   August above

    Ministry: J. Taylor 1 1870-1953 – Added 'The Lord Knoweth Them That Are His', a 1932 address reviewing the various ways in which "the Lord's knowledge of His people" is shown in five scriptures.

    Ministry: S. McCallum 1901-87 – Added 'Bondmanship in Testimony and in Glory', an address at meetings with Mr. A. J. Gardiner, 'The Worship of God', London, July 1953.

    • Those were first London meetings following the departure to be with Christ of Mr. J. Taylor, March 29, 1953.

    Ministry: J. B. Catterall 1879-1927 – This new page has four excellent and challenging addresses including 'The Attachment to Christ' and 'Following Christ'.

    Ministry: C. C. Elliott 1866-1949 – This new page has three encouraging addresses: 'The Attractiveness of Christ', 'The Glory' and 'Collective Truth as Held by a Remnant'.

    • Dr. Elliott was a contemporary of, and his ministry was appreciated by, Mr. James Taylor 1870-1953.

    Ministry: A. E. Myles 1880-1971 – Added seven fine addresses including 'Features of the Greatness of Christ' and 'The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved'.

    : : :   June 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Phil Mortimer - France
    - Status of
    Heino Promm - Gospel Literature incl
    Geo. Cutting in Estonian

    *Carol and Bob Stuthridge
    - Meetings in Indiana?

    July above   May below

    Ministry: J. Taylor 3 – Added the final 1935 Chicago reading on 'Priesthood'. The importance of this reading – which was not published at the time – is the attention drawn to God as being the great end in the service of God.

    • Compare The Worship of God Himself, earlier in 1935. To my knowledge, this matter was not generally taken on in practice till after the issue of the 1951 hymn book. GAR

    : : :   May 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Stephen Hesterman - re his booklet
    on 'Baptism'
    Pam Copp Jackson - family photos
    Lila Paul - India - see With Christ
    re her husband Danny Paul
    Daniel Soukoreff - Comments re the
    Manchester Connection
    and Mr. James Macdonald
    * Nelson Thomas - India - re MB
    June above   April below

    Biography: John Nelson Darby: Revised Version – Added the footnotes to this first chapter of the proposed revision by Max S. Weremchuk.

    Ministry: George Cutting – This new page has an extensive and challenging article: "How Shall They Hear?" – 'What is God's Way of Reaching the Millions who Go Nowhere?'.

    • It is hoped that besides providing scriptural direction for those concerned as to reaching others with the gospel – and certainly we all should be – it will dispel the notion some may have that the brethren were disinterested in the spread of the gospel.

    • Our special thanks to Susan Soukoreff for her excellent typing of this article.

    My Stand 4: S. M. Anglin re Baptism and Circumcision – Added a response to a booklet on 'Baptism' by S. E. Hesterman.

    History: The Manchester Connection - Stopping the Wells – This new page relates to the role and influence of Mr. James Macdonald of Manchester in the rejection of separate address to, and worship of, the Spirit, and of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    : : :   April 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Rodney Griffin - E-mail change
    * Grace Freeborn Harris
    "Just checking out this site"
    Stephen Hesterman - re Anglin's views
    on Baptism and circumcision
    *Ben Matthews - England -
    Hymn book index
    Daniel Soukoreff - Comments re
    Baptism - Ministry on CD?
    *Allan Svensson - Sweden -
    Dorothy Weeks - Questions about
    May above   March below

    Doctrine: Baptism – Added 'Baptism and Christening', extracts from the letters of J. N. Darby, and 'Comments on Household Baptism' by J. Taylor.

    Ministry: C. H. Mackintosh 3: The Remnant – Past and Present – Added a challenging article which complements that of JT on the 'Remnant' below.

    Ministry: J. Taylor 2: The Remnant that is Left – Added a fine 1933 address in Toronto that encourages faithfulness in difficult days but exposes the sectarianism and the pretension that often accompany each other in those same times.

    Guests: My Stand 4: S. M. Anglin re Baptism and Circumcision – Added our reply to Stephen Hesterman's objection to SMA's use of circumcision in the OT as analogous to baptism in the NT.

    : : :   March 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Stephen Hesterman - re Anglin's views
    on Baptism and circumcision
    Gordon Mathison - re his father John,
    now 90, and desire for contact
    with any who left in early 1960s
    Daniel Soukoreff - Further re possible
    omissions in FER's ministry,
    on Authoritative Ministry, and
    other matters of interest
    April above       February below

    Ministry: J. Taylor – Added a challenging 1927 address 'Deliverance from the Current Religious World' applicable to both young and old.

    Doctrine: Addressing the Holy Spirit – This new page presents the scriptural basis for this practice which is still opposed by a few.

    • It has extracts from FER and JT and a summation of the basis for 'Addressing the Spirit' by Philip Haddad, who published the ministry of G. R. Cowell.

    Ministry: P. Lyon – This new page has three addresses including 'Phinehas – the Warrior, the Brother and the Priest' which JT called "excellent".

    : : :   February 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    * Maarten de Bruijn - Holland -
    Local meetings
    * Peter Dickson - Scotland -

    * Kay Marks nee Catterall -
    Australia - Family history
    * Sherry Ruggieri - Poems for
    March above     January below
    PLEASE NOTE: For the security of our readers, all @ signs have been changed to 'AT' in order to prevent unsolicited email. If you wish to contact any of our guests please remember to replace the @ sign in the address line of your email.

    Doctrine: The Sufferings of Christ – This new page by J. N. Darby, written in 1858, is another classic which should not be overlooked.

    • Christ's atoning and various non-atoning sufferings are carefully and reverently examined and clearly distinguished.

    • It drew out unfounded and malicious allegations that it was the same as B. W. Newtons's discredited doctrine.

    Biography: Brief Sketches: P. Lyon 1881-1966 – Added a brief sketch of Percy Lyon of London, England, one of the leading servants in the early-mid 1900's. Some of his ministry appears in March above.

    'The Brethren': (commonly so-called) - A Brief Sketch of Their Origin, Progress and Testimony – This new page by Andrew Miller, written c. 1878, is a classic:

    • It details the history, ministry and impact of brethren 1827 - 1878 from the author's personal experience, knowledge and perspective in the following chapters:

    • 1. 'The Brethren'; 2. Reading Meetings; 3. Origin of the Title 'Plymouth Brethren'; 4. False Doctrine Detected; 5. The Two Camps; 5. Gleanings fron the Writings of Brethren; 7. Christian Position; 8. The Church of God; 9. The Millennium; concluding with 'Reflections on the Testimony of Brethren'.

    • Because of its length, it will likely take several visits to fully explore but it is well worth the time.

    : : :   January 2006   : : :

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    Check * Guest Book 15 & Mailbox above for mail from or to:
    Sarah Clarke - Her proposed book
    *George Downs - Differing views
    from Protestant brethren
    *Trish Lewis - 'Jims' of Neche, ND
    *Steve Noble - England -
    Address by Mr. H. C. Stanley
    *Walter Scott - The assembly
    as part of "The Christ"
    Gordon Simmonds - England - Photo
    *Bruce Sobey - S. Africa -
    Free set of JND
    *Joyce Steen - Renewing old contacts
    Laurie Twinam - England -
    Email address changed
    * Michael Walker - bio of JT
    *Victor Weston - England - Greeting
    February above
    December below

    Biography: Brief Sketches: S. McCallum 1904-87 – Added a brief sketch of Stanley McCallum, Detroit – one of the leading servants in the mid 1900's – by his daughter Mary (McCallum) Oberg.

    Ministry: S. McCallum – This new page has 'Spiritual Quality', 5 readings in Acts, and and address 'Undivided Affection for Christ' in Kingston, Jamaica, December 1950.

    History: The Public History of the Church – This new page is a copy of 'A Brief Synopsis of the Public History of the Church' by G. H. Stuart Price.

    • While it is 'brief', it is comprehensive and provides an excellent introduction to the 'History' section of 'My Brethren'.

    • It is particlarly valuable in placing the recovery of the truth of Christ and the assembly in its historical context.

    Ministry: J. Pellatt 4 – This new page has the final articles from 'The Closing Ministry of Joseph Pellatt'.

      • Christianity is Christ   • Deliverance and Its Results
      • Philadelphia – The Truth of the Assembly Maintained to the End
      • The First Day of the Week
      • The Lord Jesus as Seen in the Light of John's Gospel
      • The Purpose of His Love   • Eternal Life   • Sonship
      • The Ascended Man and His Assembly
      • Poem: Firstborn Amongst His Brethren

    Ministry: J. Pellatt 3 – This new page has more challenging articles, as always very relevant to the present day – more to follow:

      • Loving, Believing, Rejoicing   • The Spiritual Journey
      • Resurrection – God's Victory over Death
      • Encouragement for Remnant Days   • The Gospel of Eternal Life
      • The Sphere for the Sheep and the "Door" Into It   • "One in Us"

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