My Brethren - History

"Now all these things happened to them as types, and have been written
for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages are come.
So that let him that thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall",  1 Corinthians 10: 11-12.

Public History of Church: GHSP
The King James Bible - Stone Publishing
Brethren - A Chronicle: GAR
The Recovery and Maintenance of the Truth
- A. J. Gardiner
The Early Years: JGB, JND et al.
The Brethren: Their Origin … AM
The Last Chapter: AM
Miller's Church History
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The First 50 Years: CHM
Plymouth and Bethesda: WT
A Review of Truth: JBS
JND - Unfriendly Appraisal: GTS
Early Contentions: GWW
Later Contentions: GWW
The Champney Letter - 1890: HD'AC
FER in America - 1898: JSA
Hymn Book 1–6 - 1856-1993: GAR et al.
Darby Bible 1–2 - 1871-1961: JND et al.
List of Meetings 1–4: WHT, HS et al.
The Stow Hill Depot 1–2 - 1931-71: GAR
The China Episode - 1932-35: AJG, JT
Conscientious Objection - 1943: AEM, JT, DLH
After My Departure - 1953-59: GAR
Departure … after Recovery - 1952-60: AGB
The Ulster Outlook - 1954-62: Various
The Manchester Connection: Various
Decline and Departure - 1953-70: CLN et al.
The Parting of the Ways - 1960's: Various
From Freedom to Failure - 1960-74: Various
Aberdeen - A House Divided - 1970: Various
Wrong in Principle? - 1971 on: GAR, LJT


• • • A Caution to the Reader • • •

The accounts presented here are not intended to titillate the merely curious reader, nor to detract from the work of God in the recovery of the truth. They should be read soberly in keeping with Paul's exhortation as to Israel's history:

"Now all these things happened to them as types, and have been written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages are come. So that let him that thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall",
1 Corinthians 10: 11-12.

A number of historical accounts of those known as brethren are listed in
Memorabilia: Church History – A Bibliography.

An article of peculiar interest may be found at Memorabilia: Robert Hawker on the Spirit - A Prelude.

History, political and religious, has been written largely by the victorious side in any conflict.

It is not my intention to write – or re-write – the history of the brethren.

It is my desire – both here and in the Biography group – to present information of which many guests may be unaware. It is my hope that this will lead to


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Brethren – A Chronicle
of Persons and Events




Brethren – A Chronicle of Persons and Events is presented here for the interest of those who may have little knowledge of the history of the brethren. It records

    The following conventions are used in this Chronicle:
  • b. = "born" or "born at"  and  d. = "died" or "died at"
  • dates are shown thus: 1929.11.11 =
  • "circa" [Latin], after date, = approximately
  • entries appear only at date of birth, except that
    • links to biographies are shown at birth and death – links to other sources may only appear at death – and include links to other sources
    • names in red also appear at date of death and, for such, all details and/or links appear there
    • if only the date of death is known, the entry appears there and birth as "b. unknown"
    • if still living, death appears as "d. no"
  • "hymn writer" refers to the 1973/1993 hymn book
  • events and important related data are in blue.

In such a chronicle it is impossible to include every person or event, or to ensure absolute accuracy as to dates and details.


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1793.02.13 James Lampden Harris b. Redford, near Plymouth – d. Weston-super-

Mare, 1877.10.09 – edited the first periodical, the Christian Witness

1795.07.19  John Gifford Bellett b. Dublin – d. 1864.10.10

1795.00.00 Anthony Norris Groves b. Newton, Hants – d. Bristol, 1853.05, in the

home of his brother-in-law, George Müller

1796.10.02 Sir Edward Denny, Baronet b. Tralee Castle, County Kerry – d. 1899.06

– hymn writer

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1800.00.00 Lady Theodosia Powerscourt b. – d. 1836

1800.11.18 John Nelson Darby b. Westminster – d. 1882.04.29

1801.00.00 Dr. Edward Cronin b. Cork – d. Brixton, 1882.02

1802.00.00 William Henry Dorman b. – d. Reading, 1878 – attacked JND's ministry

on the Sufferings of Christ

1802.01.08 Francis Hutchinson b. – d. 1833.04.03

1803.01.04 Robert Cleaver Chapman b. Denmark – d. 1902.06.12 at Barnstaple

1804.00.00 Captain Percy Hall, R.N. b. – d. Weston-super-Mare, 1884.10.11 –

attacked JND's ministry on the Sufferings of Christ

1805.00.00 George Müller b. Prussia – d. 1898.03.10 – justified Bethesda's

reception of B. W. Newton's supporters

1805.00.00 George Vicesimus Wigram b. – d. 1879.01.01

1805.06.16 John Vesey Parnel b. London, 2nd Lord Congleton – d. 1883.10.23 –

initiated the move from the home of Francis Hutchinson to 11 Aungier Street

1805.07.11 Henry William Soltau b. Plymouth – d. 1875.07.01, at Barnstaple

1805.08.08 Henry Craik b. Prestonpans, East Lothian – d. 1866 – associated with

George Müller at Bethesda Chapel

1807.03.11 William James Stokes b. – d. Dublin (?), 1881.03.03 – one of the early

brethren in Dublin

1807.11.11 James George Deck b. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk – d. New Zealand

1884.08.14 - hymn writer

1807.12.12 Benjamin Wills Newton b. Plymouth – d. 1899.06.26 at Tunbridge Wells

– his introduction of clericalism at Plymouth, and his false doctrine as to the
Lord Jesus, resulted in the open division of 1846-48

1810.01.27 Andrew Miller b. Kilmaurs, Ayrshire – d. 1883.05.08 – author of Short

Papers on Church History: see The Last Chapter – and 'The Brethren': Their
Origin, Progress and Testimony – also see comments in Biography: CHM:
His Ministry

1811.00.00 Captain R. F. Kingscote b. – d. 1893 – wrote The Distinction between

the Lord's Table and the Lord's Supper – an important distinction which many
at the time and since have failed to grasp – compare Studies: The Lord's
Supper and the Service of God

1813.01.13 Samuel Prideaux Tregelles b. Falmouth – d. 1875.04.24 at Plymouth –

hymn writer – renowned textual critic– cousin and supporter of B. W. Newton.
Doctrine: The Lord's Coming: Tregelles Quotation

1814.05.13 James Butler Stoney b. Portland, Co. Tipperary – d. 1897.05.01

1818.00.00 William Trotter b. – d. 1865

1819.00.00 J. N. Darby graduated as Classical Gold Medalist from Trinity College,


1820.10.00 Charles Henry Mackintosh b. Glenmalure Barracks, Co. Wicklow –

d. 1896.11.02

1821.05.00 William Kelly b. north Ireland – d. 1906.03.27 at the home of Dr.

Heyman Wreford, Exeter; edited 'The Bible Treasury' 1856-1906, and the
'Collected Writings' of JND – led in the 1881 secession over the Ryde /
Ramsgate controversy – bitter critic of FER – Biography: FER: His Foes,
Guests: My Stand 2: W. Kelly and his ministry

1822.00.00 J. N. Darby called to the Bar but decided to take orders in the Anglican

Church of Ireland

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1826.00.00 Dr. Edward Cronin and Edward Wilson meet for the breaking of bread

After EW leaves Dublin, EC is joined by his cousins, Misses Drury, and Mr.

1827.00.00 J. N. Darby was a curate in Co. Wicklow

1827.00.00 J. N. Darby, J. G. Bellett, E. Cronin and Francis Hutchinson commenced

the breaking of bread in Dublin at FH's home, 9 Fitzwilliam Street. With
others, they had had reading meetings for some time

1828.00.00 Clarence Esme Stuart b. – d. 1903 – spoke at the burial of JND – his

teaching led to the 1885 division – see History: Later Contentions: Reading

1829.00.00 Annual prophetic meetings commence at Powerscourt Castle. After 1833

meetings were held in Dublin, the last being in 1836 – History: Early Years:
JGB and JBS, Guests: My Answer 2: Powerscourt Meetings

1830.00.00 Brethren in Dublin take first public meeting room at 11 Aungier Street

1830.00.00 J. N. Darby was persuaded to visit Oxford by F. W. Newman who

introduced him to B. W. Newton; he also met G. V. Wigram

1830.00.00 G. V. Wigram, J. L. Harris and B. W. Newton were associated in the

formation of a company of Christians at Plymouth

1830.00.00 Miss Frances J. Elwood b. – d. 1927 – hymn writer – History: Early


1830.03.00 Thomas J. Reynolds b. Burford, Oxfordshire – d. 1930.02

1831.00.00 G. V. Wigram was at Ridgeway, near Plymouth, for the gospel and broke

bread with his wife and valet – History: EarlyYears

1831.00.00 Edward Dennett b. Beinbridge, I.O.W. – d. 1914 – author of The Step I

Have Taken – see Guests: My Answer 1: E. Dennett

1833.04.03 Francis Hutchinson b. – d. 1802.01.08 – one of the original four in 1827

1834.01.01 Christian Witness – the earliest of many periodicals presenting the

ministry of the brethren was issued quarterly from January 1834 to January
1841 – J. L. Harris (1793-1877) succeeded its initial editor Henry Borlase
(1806-35), following his early death. When it ceased publication, its place was
taken by the Present Testimony which G. V. Wigram edited for many years

1834.07.25 Frederick William Grant b. Putney, London – d. Plainfield, N.J.,

1902.07.25 – wrote 'Numerical Bible' – his teaching led to 1884 division –
critic of FER – see History: Later Contentions: … Montreal
see FER in America: Minneapolis 2 and Plainfield

1836.00.00 Lady Theodosia Powerscourt d. – b. 1800 – patroness of early prophetic


1837.00.00 J. N. Darby visits Switzerland for first time

1837.09.09 Frederick Edward Raven b. Saffron Walden, Essex – d. 1903.08.16

1837.00.00 J. S. Oliphant b. – d. Southampton, 1924

1838. circa G.V. Wigram was active in the formation of a number of gatherings in

London – beginning of the Saturday evening meeting, the forerunner of the
care meeting

1838.00.00 Plymouth: Prearrangement as to who should break bread and do 'official'

acts still practised at Plymouth, as reported by J. B. Stoney.

1838.00.00 William Joseph Lowe b. near Regent's Park, London – d. London,

1927.09.29 – leading opponent of FER – see History: Champney Letter and
Events in Ealing

1839.00.00 G. V. Wigram's Englishman's Greek and English Concordance to the

New Testament published

1840.09.06 Dr. Walter Thomas Prideaux Wolston b. Brixham, Devon – d. Weston-

super-Mare, 1917.03.11 – spoke at burials of JND and FER – supported
'Glanton', History: Later Contentions: Glanton - Note

1841.00.00 Present Testimony edited by G. V. Wigram took the place of the

Christian Witness on its cessation

1841.07.18 Lord Adalbert P. Cecil b. – d. 1889.06.12, drowned in the Bay on Quinte,

near Adolphustown, Ontario; buried at Napanee, Ontario – hymn writer

1842.00.00 Miss H. K. Burlingham b. – d. 1901 – hymn writer

1843.00.00 G. V. Wigram's Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance to the

Old Testament published

1843.00.00 George Cutting b. – d. 1934 – hymn writer – wrote the well known tract

'Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment' – see Poetry: The Man in the Glory see
Guests: My Answer 1: George Cutting

1843.00.00 Joseph Pellatt b. – d. 1913 – hymn writer – responsible with JT for the

1904-05 Chicago Notes, Ministry: JT 2: The House of God and the Gospel

1845.00.00 Edward H. Chater of Ealing b. – d. 1915 – hymn writer – resisted

attempts of W. J. Lowe and his supporters to have Ealing excommunicate
Greenwich, F. E. Raven's local meeting – see Ministry: E. H. Chater
and History: Events in Ealing

1846.00.00 E. Rubie b. – d. 1942 – hymn writer

1847.00.00 Edward Lawrence Bevir b. – d. 1922 – hymn writer – see Ministry: E. L.

Bevir and Doctrine: The Gifts

1847.00.00 Dennis L. Higgins of Highgate b. – d. 1943 – see History: Conscience:

Duty of a Christian and Doctrine: Fellowship: … in a Day of Public Ruin

1847.00.00 T. Willey b. – d. 1943 – hymn writer

1846-1848  Plymouth and Bethesda – development of clericalism and false teaching

as to the Lord Jesus by B.  W. Newton – George Müller and the other leaders
at Bethesda Chapel, Bristol, insisted on receiving those in fellowship with the
teacher of false doctrine at Plymouth – this resulted in the open division – see
History: Early Years, The First 50 Years and Early Contentions.

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1853.00.00 J. G. Deck emigrated to New Zealand following a severe illness and

breakdown in 1852

1854.00.00 H. D'Arcy Champney b. – d. 1942 – hymn writer – see History: The

Champney Letter for his 'A Letter to the Saints' detailing the controvery over
FER's ministry as to eternal life

1856.00.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock compiled by G. V. Wigram

– see History: Hymn Book

1858.00.00 Samuel J. B. Carter b. – d. 1938 – raised question as to "eternal

sonship" at Barnet meetings in 1929 which led to the clarification of our
Lord's Sonship – see Doctrine: The Sonship of Christ

1861.00.00 P. R. Morford b. – d.1924 – edited Mutual Comfort,a periodical

1862.12.07 Charles Andrew Coates b. Bradford, Yorkshire – d. 1945.10.06

1864.10.10 John Gifford Bellett d. – b. 1795.07.19 – one of the original four in 1827

– see also History: Early Years

1865.00.00 William Trotter d. – b. 1818 – wrote Plain Papers on Prophetic Subjects

and The Origin of so-called Open-Brethrenism, The Whole Case of Plymouth
and Bethesda

1866.00.00 – Alleging that JND held views almost identical with those of B. W.

Newton, W. H. Dorman, Captain Percy Hall, Thomas Newberry and Joseph
Stancomb secede – see History: Early Contentions: The Sufferings of Christ

1866.00.00 Dr. C. C. Elliott of South Africa b. – d. 1949 – hymn writer

1866.00.00 A. J. H. Brown b. – d. 1934 – hymn writer

1867.00.00 Herbert Gill b. – d. 1938

1867.00.00 E. J. McBride b. – d. 1949

1870.00.00 Russell Besley b. – d. 1932

1870.01.06 James Taylor Sr. b. Coolaney, near Sligo, Ireland d. 1953.03.29

1871.00.00 New Translation of the Scriptures by J. N. Darby – New Testament, 2nd

edition, published by G. Morrish

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1875.00.00 Malcolm W. Biggs b. – d. 1941 – hymn writer

1879.01.01 George Vicesimus Wigram d. – b. 1805 – hymn writer – editor of 1856

hymn book

1879.00.00 J. B. Catterall. b. – d. 1927

1880.00.00 Albert Ernest Myles b. – d. 1971

1879-1881  A controversy over Ryde resulted in a secession – see History: Later

Contentions: Ramsgate and Mr. Kelly

1881.00.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock revised by J. N. Darby –

see History: Hymn Book

1882.02.00 Dr. Edward Cronin – d. Brixton – b. 1801 – one of the original four in

1827 – his actions at Ryde led to History: Later Contentions: Ramsgate

1882.04.29 John Nelson Darby d. Bournemouth, in the home of Mr. Hammond – b.

1800.11.18 – one of the original four in 1827 – hymn writer – editor of 1881
hymn book, – served widely in Britain, Europe, Canada, U.S.A., West Indies
and Australasia – see Ministry: J. N. Darby, Doctrine: Eternal Life etc.

1881.00.00 Percy Lyon of London, b. – d. 1966.02.25 – see Ministry: P. Lyon

1883-1884  Grant division – F. W. Grant taught that the saints of previous

dispensations had "life in the Son" which lowered the distinctive character of
Christianity – this led to a division which mainly affected North America – see
History: Later Contentions: … Montreal

1884.00.00 Alfred John Gardiner of London, b. – d. 1975+? – see Ministry: A. J.


1884.08.14 James George Deck d. Motueka, N.Z., – b. 1807.11.11 – hymn writer

1883-1885  Stuart division – in his teaching CES undermined "the entire setting

aside of man after the order of Adam, and our being created anew in Christ" –
this led to a minor division affecting England and New Zealand – later he
taught that the propitiatory work of the Lord Jesus was not completed until
He presented His blood before God on high – see History: Later Contentions
Reading …

1887.01.01 Charles Deayton b. – d. 1967 – hymn writer – see Poetry: Charles

Deayton: A Biographical Note, etc.

1889.00.00 James Taylor Sr. moves to New York

1890.00.00 New Translation of the Scriptures by J. N. Darby – Old and New

Testament, published by G. Morrish

1890.00.00. Bexhill division – precipitated by Bexhill's refusal of a letter of

commendation signed by FER, whose ministry as to eternal life had been
bitterly opposed – see History: Later Contentions: Bexhill

1896.11.02 Charles Henry Mackintosh d. Cheltenham – b. 1820.10.00 – see

Ministry: C. H. Mackintosh

1897.05.01 James Butler Stoney d. Scarborough, Yorkshire – b. 1814.05.13 – hymn

writer – see History: Review of Truth, Ministry: J. B. Stoney, Doctrine:
Person of Christ, etc.

1898.06.05 Gerald Robert Cowell b. Saffron Walden, Essex – d. 1963.02.19 – see

Ministry: G. R. Cowell

1898.10.00 F. E. Raven – 1st visit to America – see History: FER in America, and

'Ministry by FER' vol. 12

1899.00.00 A New and Concise Bible Dictionary first published – it was compiled by

George Morrish (1814-1911) and his daughter Hannah (1848-1945) and is still
in print

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1902.10.00 F. E. Raven – 2nd visit to America – see 'Ministry by FER' 17 and 18

1903.08.16 Frederick Edward Raven d. Greenwich – b. 1837.09.09 – see History:

FER in America, Ministry: F. E. Raven, Doctrine: Person of Christ etc.

1903.00.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock revised by T. H. Reynolds

– see History: Hymn Book

1904.00.00 Stanley McCallum of Detroit b. Scotland – d. 1987.07.07 – hymn writer –

associated with 'Aberdeen-Renton' – see Ministry: S. McCallum

1905.00.00 The House of God and the Gospel – notes of these meetings on Chicago

with J. Taylor and J. Pellattbrought opposition from leading brothers in
England – see Biography: J. Taylor

1908.00.00 Glanton division caused by interference with local responsibility of

nearby meeting in Alnwick – see History: Later Contentions: Glanton

1923.05.08 Andrew Robertson b. Glasgow – d. 2009.06.30 – hymn writer – withdrew

in New York prior to 'Aberdeen' events – see History: Decline and Departure

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1929.06.00 Sonship of Christ clarified at Meetings with JT in Barnet, 1929 – see

Doctrine: The Sonship of Christ, Guests: My Stand 1: Sonship of Christ

1929.11.11 Gordon Arthur Rainbow b. Toronto – d. no – see Personal,   Studies,

History: Decline and Departure, History: Wrong in Principle,
Ministry: G. A. Rainbow, Guests: My Answer, Guests: My Stand

1930.02.02 Thomas J. Reynolds d. – b. 1830.03.00 – hymn writer – editor of 1903

hymn book – see Ministry: T. H. Reynolds

1932.00.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock revised by A. E. Myles

– see History: Hymn Book

1933-1935  China – Inquiries from China in the early 1930's for ministry by JND

led to contact with Watchman Nee and other believers, and fellowship with
them – on a trip to U.S.A. and England by W.N., compromise of Scriptural
principles of fellowship and wrong doctrine came to light – refusal by leading
brothers in China to judge these matters resulted in the severance of links of
fellowship – see History: The China Episode and Studies: Fellowship  2:
Watchman Nee

1933-1971  Stow Hill Bible and Tract Depot – a general exercise to eliminate the

commercial element from printed ministry led to conversion of the Stow Hill
Depot to a charity – after the 1970 Aberdeen events, Stow Hill was dissolved
– its work is now carried on by Kingston Bible Trust of Lancing – see History:
Stow Hill Depot

1939.00.00 New Translation of the Scriptures by J. N. Darby – reprint of the 1890

edition of G. Morrish issued by Stow Hill Depot with abbreviated footnotes

1945.10.06 Charles Andrew Coates d. Teignmouth – b. 1862.12.07 – hymn writer –

author of the 'Outlines' – see Ministry: C. A. Coates, Doctrine: The Person
of Christ etc.

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1951.00.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock revised by A. E. Myles –

introduction of hymns to the Spirit and to God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit
– see History: Hymn Book

1953.03.29 James Taylor Sr. d. Brooklyn, N.Y. – b. 1870.01.06 – hymn writer – see

Ministry: J. Taylor, Doctrine: The Person of Christ etc.

1959.07.14 London Special Meetings – comments by G. R. Cowell regarding

legality were attacked, leading to the 1960 excommunication of GRC – many
others, including Edward J. Hemmings, were treated similarly or withdrew –
see Ministry: G. R. Cowell - Early: Unity as Presented in Paul's Epistles,
History: Decline and Departure, History: The Parting of the Ways, History:
Wrong in Principle?

1961.00.00 New Translation of the Scriptures by J. N. Darby – 2nd edition issued by

Stow Hill Depot with minor adjustments to text and footnotes of 1939 edition

1962.00.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock revised by Stow Hill

trustees, A. J. Gardiner, W. Henderson, G. H. Stuart Price and Robert Stott –
see History: Hymn Book

1962.12.13 Edward J. Hemmings of Acton d. – b. unknown – hymn writer –

associated with G. R. Cowell

1963.01.05 G. H. Stuart Price d. – b. 1911 – hymn writer – trustee of Stow Hill

Depot from 1954.09.28 till his death – co-editor of 1962 hymn book. See his
History: The Public History of the Church

1963.02.19 Gerald Robert Cowell d. Wallasey, Cheshire; in the home of his younger
son, Brian; buried at Hornchurch – b. 1898.06.05 – see Ministry: G. R. Cowell

1966.02.25 Percy Lyon of London, d. at Valence, France – b. 1883. circa – hymn
writer– see Ministry: P. Lyon

1968. circa Albert Ernest Myles d. – b. 1880 circa – hymn writer – an original

trustee of Stow Hill Depot – editor of 1932 and 1951 hymn books – see
History: Hymn Book, History: Stow Hill Depot, History: Conscientious
Objection, Ministry: A. E. Myles

1970.07.00 Aberdeen – blasphemy and profanity during the special meetings, and

immoral behaviour in the house, led to the repudiation of the meetings by
Aberdeen and the separation from the offender, and his supporters, of almost
all the meetings in Scotland, many in England and fewer in proportion to the
distance from Aberdeen – see also History: Wrong in Principle?, Guests: My
Stand 2: Aberdeen

1971.00.00 Kingston Bible Trust established to continue the work of the dissolved

'Stow Hill Bible and Tract Depot' – see History: Stow Hill Depot

1972.00.00 Aberdeen – a division within this group over an issue in Edinburgh

regarding whether 'membership' in a government mandated solicitor's society
constituted an unequal yoke – there were deeper roots involving reluctance by
some to repudiate the whole 1959-70 legal system – protagonists were George
M. Strang and James Renton – see History: Wrong in Principle?, Guests:
My Stand 2: Aberdeen

1973.00.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock re-selected by Robert

Stott and published by Kingston Bible Trust – additions 1984 – see History:
Hymn Book

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1975.00.00+ Alfred John Gardiner of London, d. – b. 1884 – hymn writer – trustee of

Stow Hill Depot from 1948.11.30 to 1967.08.08 – co-editor of 1962 hymn book
– see Ministry: A. J. Gardiner

1976.00.00 Robert Stott of Brighton d. – b. unknown – hymn writer – trustee of Stow

Hill Depot from 1954.12.15 to its dissolution – an original trustee of Kingston
Bible Trust till his death – associated with 'Aberdeen-Strang' – editor of 1973
hymn book – see History: Hymn Book, History: Stow Hill Depot

1987.07.07 Stanley McCallum of Detroit d. – b. Scotland, c.1904 – hymn writer –

associated with 'Aberdeen-Renton' – see Ministry: S. McCallum

1993.00.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock – a supplement of 47

hymns, and complete subject and author indexes for 1973/93, compiled by
G. A. Rainbow – see History: Hymn Book

1998.11.11 My Brethren web site opened by Gordon A. Rainbow

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2001.02.00 Hymn and Spiritual Songs for the Flock of God – a new collection of 629

hymns compiled by R. David Church and Esli J. Forrest of Auckland, NZ.,
primarily for those who had continued using the out of print 1951 Hymn Book
since their withdrawal in 1960

2003.11.00 5th anniversay of My Brethren. The original site's 20mb space limit
reached, and MB moves to a new 50mb site with a new URL,

2009.06.30 Andrew Robertson d. – b. Glasgow – 1923.05.08 – hymn writer –

withdrew in New York prior to 'Aberdeen' events – see History: Decline and

2014.10.04 Gordon Rainbow d. - b. 1929.11.03 Founder/Editor My Brethren website.

Compiled by:  G.A.R.

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