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"And he remained two whole years in his own hired lodging, and received all who came to him, preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching the things concerning
the Lord Jesus Christ, with all freedom unhinderedly", Acts 28: 30-31.

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My prayer is that this site may be of permanent value.

Your guest entries and messages will show that
the continuation of My Brethren is important to you.

The 'My Brethren' site is intended to be a positive help to all my brethren, of whatever persuasion.

I have stated my convictions and, what I believe are, the Scriptural grounds for them honestly, openly and definitely – but without ill-feeling or intention to offend.

We are exhorted: "Be not forgetful of hospitality; for by it some have unawares entertained angels", Hebrews 13: 1-2.

I am glad you have dropped in because guests – especially our brethren – are always welcome.


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I do not believe in anonymity for myself and will ignore all anonymous guest entries or messages, but

Some correspondents may request anonymity because they disagree with MB's doctrinal stand.

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Any correspondence regarding the 'My Brethren' web site – whether received here by e-mail, or personally by ordinary mail – may be posted on this page unless

  1. it is specifically requested that it not be posted;

  2. it does not meet the Site Standards – see below.

I try to acknowledge all Guest Book entries and messages to the Mailbox. Some of my replies appear in the Mailbox.

Some replies to correspondents – who requested that their messages not be published – may appear, without identifiers, on one of the pages of My Stand.

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The present priorities for the "My Brethren" site are:

  1. New guest entries and messages from new guests: acknowledgements and replies.

  2. Messages from earlier guests: replies to urgent inquiries and/or simple replies.

  3. Additions and improvements to the site.

  4. Messages from earlier guests; lengthy and detailed replies, possibly requiring some research.

  5. Messages from guests requiring anonymity or non posting to the site. If such messages are urgent and/or simple they may be treated as in (1) and (2) above.

    • 1-5. All the above refer to matters specifically related to the contents of the site.

  6. Messages from any who do not sign the guest book and/or do not want their messages posted but treated as "private" communications – and not as those of a "guest".

    • I try to briefly acknowledge these messages pending a full reply.

All the above take a good deal of time because there is formatting to be done as well as writing, transcribing etc.

  • I do not proceed to the next level of priority if there are items requiring attention.

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Messages – and Guest Book entries – will not be posted and will not normally be acknowledged if they

Links to other web sites and recommendations of books – suggested by guests – are subject to the same conditions as Messages and Guest Book entries.

  • 'My Brethren' cannot publicize or promote the favourite links, books, suppliers, etc. of our guests.

  • To be posted they must, in the editor's judgment,

    • contribute to the objectives of MB, and/or

    • provide information of substantial value to guests.
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One objective of 'My Brethren' is to encourage interest in the life and ministry of JND, JBS, FER, JT, CAC, GRC and their fellow workers – featured on MB – however

The following bear directly or indirectly on our concerns:

We are committed to be faithful to the principles and practices which governed the servants of the Lord whose ministry is featured on MB

It would compromise our responsibility – and the integrity of ĎMy Brethrení – to approve use of MBís biographical sketches and the other articles mentioned above;

  1. on the web site of an individual/group whose doctrines and/or practices are incompatible with those of JND, JBS, FER, JT, CAC, GRC and their fellow workers.

  2. along with biographical sketches and/or ministry of other authors, many of whose doctrines and/or practices were rejected by those servants;

  3. in an adapted form which removes information as to:

    • their support for the distinctive truths recovered through their successive ministries,

    • their stand on separation from ecclesiastical systems and other unequal yokes,

    • their stand on such important matters as the doctrine of our Lordís Sonship.

In lieu of the use of the articles mentioned, we have no objection to

Our position is based on principle and is not a personal reflection on the genuineness or sincerity of any of our brethren who maintain other web sites.

Gordon Rainbow.

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