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"But thou, abide in those things which thou hast learned, and of which thou hast been fully persuaded, knowing of whom thou hast learned them …" 2 Timothy 3: 14.

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Stanley McCallum
Andrew Miller
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T. H. Reynolds
Andrew Robertson
J. Collie-Smith
Wm. Trotter


The biographical sketches presented here are based on information gleaned from various reliable sources.

It would be impossible – in most instances – to avoid repeating information which is well known,

These sketches should not be considered as final. Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

This page also contains brief sketches of some lesser known brothers who are worthy of note but for whom only rather sparse information is presently available.

Additional details for any sketches which appear here – or of other servants whose ministry and faithfulness should be noticed – will be welcome.

It is my desire to present information – both here and in the History group – of which many visitors may be unaware, in the hope that this will lead to


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J.  B.  CATTERALL  –  1879-1927

J. B. Catterall, 1879-1927

Mr. Catterall was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and his parents were 'in fellowship', as we speak. Andrew Robertson recalls his grandfather – of the same name – speaking appreciatively of Mr. Catterall and his ministry.

He served throughout Great Britain in the ministry of the word in the early 1900's, and is believed to have been local in London in later years.

His initials – JBC-l – appear often in various readings in London with JT in 1922 and 1923 – New Series 18 – and in Belfast in 1924 – New Series 19: 24-93.

Mr. Catterall was taken by the Lord in mid-life – just 48 years old – as another earlier and valued servant, Mr. William Trotter was taken at the early age of 47 years.

Attachment to Christ – an address he gave at meetings with JT in Belfast in 1924 – has recently, 2001, been reprinted from 'Ministry by J. Taylor, Old Series' by Kingston Bible Trust in 'Selected Addresses 1'.


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H.  D'A.  CHAMPNEY  –  1854-1942

H. D'Arcy Champney, 1854-1942

Mr. H. D'Arcy Champney, M.A. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, was ordained as a Church of England clergyman.

Mr. Champney was gifted in preaching, especially the gospel, but despite the fact that there was a large field of labour open to him in Cambridge, he resigned his clerical post to throw in his lot with the 'brethren'.

Mr. A. G. Brown, who knew Mr. Champney, said

Mr. Champney wrote 32 gospel tracts and 24 pamphlets – including 'My Son' on our Lord's Sonship – and composed 100 hymns and poems which were published as 'Hymns for Hearth and Home'. All these are long out of print.

Mr. Champney was only 36 in 1890 – and living in Cambridge – when he wrote his 'Letter to the Saints Gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ'.

His initials often appear in readings with both F. E. Raven and J. Taylor.

Ministry: H. D'Arcy Champney has three fine addresses included in 'Selected Addresses' and 'Selected Ministry' published by Kingston Bible Trust:


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GEORGE  CUTTING  –  1843-1934
The following items by / or references to Mr. Cutting are on 'My Brethren':
Ministry: George Cutting
Biography: C. H. Mackintosh: His Stand
– Letter to George Cutting re F. E. Raven
Doctrine: Fellowship: 'Are You a Member? And of What?"
Guests: My Answer 1: E. Dennett and Geo. Cutting
History: The China Episode: Visit from Watchman Nee in 1933
Poetry: The Man in the Glory

Geo. Cutting, 1843-1934

Mr. George Cutting is well known, even in evangelical circles, as the author of 'Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment' but, sadly, little personal information is available.

Watchman Nee recorded this testimony to him:


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EDWARD  DENNETT  –  1841-1914

E. Dennett

Mr. Edward Dennett was born at Bembridge, in the Isle of Wight, in 1841. After a short illness, he was take by His Lord at Croydon in October 1914.

Edward was brought to the Lord in his youth through contact with a godly clergyman. His family belonged to the Church of England, but he left the church on personal conviction.

He matriculated at London University and then took the position of minister of a Baptist Chapel in Greenwich.

He was "smitten" by a severe illness and in March 1873 was sent to Switzerland to rest and recuperate.

Mr. Dennett laboured England, Scotland, Ireland and also visited Norway, Sweden, and America.


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A.  J.  GARDINER  –  1884-1976

A. J. Gardiner

Mr. Alfred John Gardiner was born in November 1884. He lived in London and was local at the Streatham meeting.

When he was 26, Andrew Robertson moved from Glasgow to London on business and was local at Streatham.

Mr. Gardiner corresponded regularly with Mr. James Taylor from 1928 to 1950, and often accommodated JT when he was in London.

AJG was a trustee of the Stow Hill Depot for nearly 20 years, November 30, 1948 – August 8, 1967.

In 1951 the Depot published A.J.G.'s book 'The Recovery and Maintenance of the Truth',

Mr. Gardiner served widely among the brethren – notably, following JT's death, at the 1953 and 1954 London meetings at which JT usually served.

On a visit to Toronto in the 1960's, AJG gave quite an outstanding address on the features of the Lord's Manhood in Luke. He began with "dependence" but got no further.

Sadly – as SMcC, PL and many other leading men of the time – AJG continued in the legal system which emerged in 1959.


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A. M. Hayward

Mr. Alfred M. Hayward ministered widely among the brethren in Great Britain, North America and Australasia.

Mrs. Hayward, his wife, wrote the well known hymn, "Lord Jesus, Thou by whom the worlds were made", No. 99 in the 1973 Hymn Book.


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E.  J.  HEMMINGS  –  d. 1962
Ministry: E. J. Hemmings

Mr. Edward J. Hemmings of Acton (London) served extensively in the ministry but personal details are sparse.

He contributed to the Stow Hill publications 'Words of Truth' and 'Words of Grace and Comfort'.

There are several letters to Mr. Hemmings from J.T. including the following:

October 30th, 1930.
Mr. E. J. Hemmings.

Beloved Brother, – I wish to thank you for your letter of the 1st instant and the account of the visit by you and Mr. Cooper to the Baltic Countries*. I earnestly trust and pray that there may be fruit for God from the seed sown.

… With love in Christ, in which my wife would join, I am,
Affectionately yours in Him, James Taylor. Letters 1:283-4.

Thu, May 12, 2011: Paul Allison writes "I see you have a biographical note about E.J.Hemmings but there is no mention of his three brothers Joy, Fred and Douglas, all of whom were active in ministry.
I think each of them took fellowship meetings at Sutton Coldfield in the time our family lived there.
Mr.Fred Hemmings died in the pulpit during a gospel meeting at Dartford in about 1955. I drove Mr. [C. L.] Nunnerley there the Lord's Day following.
Mr.Hemmings Senior lived to a good old age in Coniston in the Lake District and I remember meeting him there while on holiday with my father in about 1952. Douglas Hemmings was there at the same time.
I seem to have a great memory for trivia out of the long-ago but at 78 my memory for what happened yesterday is not so bright!"

E. J. Hemmings – With Christ, Dec. 13, 1962
Word by G. R. Cowell
Revelation 13: 14; Acts 8: 2; John 2: 33-35

Today is a time of weeping; therefore it is a time when the Fath­er of compassions and the God of all comfort would pour in comfort in a fresh way. The comfort of the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit would come to us in a fresh way also.

The first passage read can be applied to our brother. It say,

In the day of which this scripture speaks, when men will be required to take the mark of the beast, the faithful will be called upon to die in the Lord.

In our second passage it speaks of great lamentation. This is what is suited to an occasion like this.

Our third passage concerns our beloved sister who has been such a true partner to him. They have indeed been one in exercise and one in service.

Burial at Guildford, December 20, 1962, G. R. Cowell.

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PERCY  LYON  –  1881-1966
Ministry: Percy Lyon

Percy Lyon 1883-1986

Mr. Percy Lyon was born in 1881. He was serving in France when the Lord took him on February 25, 1966; he was buried at Valence on February 28.

P. Lyon, 1931

In 1931, PL participated in consultations in London on the 1932 Hymn Book.

He appears in a group photo, outside 57 Park Street room, with JT, CAC, AEM and six other brothers.

The photo is in History: Hymn Book.

The story is told of his being in Australia when there was still more than one cup being used at the Lord's Supper. After the meeting, PL spoke to the brothers saying, "God therefore, having overlooked the times of ignorance, now enjoins men that they shall all everywhere repent", Acts 17:30.

He was noted for his hospitality and I was privileged to be in his home – the well known 164 Haverstock Hill – for tea with a large number of brethren a few days after the 1964 Dorking meetings.

Percy and Ruth Lyon

Mr. Lyon was married late in life – January 1951 – to Ruth Bodman, sister of Dr. A. Paul Bodman of Bristol.

PL was noted for the attractive and poetic manner in which he expressed the truth, much the same as Mr. J. G. Bellett was noted for in his day.

Regarding his last days, Mrs. Lyon said that our brother had laboured from Monday until Thursday without a break.

His Burial - February 28, 1966

There were about 500 present and arrangements were made in an orderly way for brethren to view our brother in the coffin.

Hymn 270: Mr. George H. Patton, Belfast ('And shall we see Thy face?')

Prayer: Mr. Alfred G. Howse, Coventry

Word: Paul G. Blanc, Valence
1 Thess. 5: 12-13 (… work), Phil. 3: 17 (middle to end)

We should all be impressed by the character of the brother we are burying. We are burying today one of the Lord's servants.

So Jehovah speaks at once to Joshua, saying, "Moses My Servant is dead", and of course Joshua knew it, but Jehovah said it to him so that he should be impressed;

So the apostle Paul, writing to the Thessalonians, says, "We beg you brethren". Note the expression, "We beg you, brethren, to know those who labour among you, and take the lead among you … and to regard them exceedingly in love on account of their work".

So we have to consider the way he has walked, his devotion, the way he has served until the end, for he served up to the last day.

So we need to note the phrase "as ye have us for a model". So we are to continue, I trust, together, in serving better, with more devotion, considering those servants who have been before us, and focusing our eyes on the Lord Himself constantly, on Him who is the perfect Servant. May the Lord bless the word.

Word – George W. Brown, London
Luke 10: 34-35

How thankful we are, dear brethren, that we are the Lord's. How increasingly thankful we are as we grow older that we belong to Christ.

"He took him to the inn and took care of him". That is what He has done for us.

He "took him to the inn and took care of him". How we love, every one of us, the witness of the care of the Lord for me, as Paul said, "The Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me".

"Take care of him" is the word. One feels our brother heard that word. Throughout the world the brethren are a witness that he has heard that word, "Take care of him", and he has answered to it.

Well, the word is, "Whatsoever thou shalt expend more". The Lord gave him something – how well we know it! He took out two denarii and gave them to him.

Word: A. J. Gardiner, London
John 13: 23-25; 21: 19-22

I have been thinking of this disciple whom Jesus loved. He was in the bosom of Jesus and leaned on His breast.

A. J. Gardiner

So John was in the secret. One has always felt about our beloved brother that, not only was he near the Lord, but he was always thoroughly with what was current.

And so there was at table one of His disciples in the bosom of Jesus whom Jesus loved. I do not think the position of John in the bosom of Jesus was exactly a matter of sovereignty.

And so in this last chapter of John's gospel, Peter is turning round. The Lord had said to Peter, Follow thou Me, but Peter turns and sees John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, following.

So that if there is nearness to Christ, we will be following what the Lord is giving distinctively in ministry, and will be kept in the current of His present mind and voice for the moment.

Hymn 411.

Prayer: Mr. Simon Blanc, Valence.

Mr. P. G. Blanc committed the body to the Lord at the grave.

——   In memory of PL   ——
"The memory of the righteous man shall be blessed",
Proverbs 10: 7

Greatly beloved, we truly say,
Of one now present with the Lord.
His memory stirs our hearts today,
And fragrant sweetness doth afford.

Our brother here, throughout his days,
Was living in the world to come,
And in his walk, his word, his ways,
Truly reflected that bright home.

Ambassador from courts above,
Acquainted well with grace divine,
This servant, in devoted love,
Did here amidst his brethren shine.

His ministry was ever sweet,
By it our souls were truly fed,
Presenting Christ in grace and power,
Heav'nward our footsteps always led.

As well acquainted with the land,
And with its choicest fruits divine,
How oft to us he did display
Some goodly grapes from Eschol's vine.

He helped us sorrows here to bear,
Also assembly joys to know,
With us he heav'nly things did share,
And often set our hearts aglow.

Right through until his closing days,
With his last strength himself did spend,
A burning and a shining light,
Filled with the glory till the end.

And now for him the sufferings here
Are past, and he the goal has won –
How great our brother's joy will be
To hear the Master's glad, "Well done!"

April 1966, Charles Deayton (1887-1967)

I first heard this beloved servant away back in 1903 in London, England. I was then a youth of sixteen, and PL a young man of twenty.

  • He spoke on John 9, and the fervent way in which he dwelt on "a man called Jesus" left an impression on my mind which is fragrant today. How many times since he has charmed us divinely!



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STANLEY  McCALLUM  –  1904-87
S. McCallum, 1904-87

This sensitive biographical sketch is by SMcC's daughter Mary (McCallum) Oberg.

Supplementary information by the editors of MB is presented in the following format:

See: Ministry: Stanley McCallum - 1


Born in MacDuff, Scotland, on October 29, 1904, Stanley McCallum was the youngest of six children. His parents were William J. and Mary Ann (Thompson) McCallum.

In 1925 he immigrated to Windsor, Ontario, and then moved on to Detroit, Michigan. At that time he had a brother, John McCallum, who had preceded him to Windsor.

In 1931 he married Edna Anna Hoobler, who came to the meetings in Detroit through a high school classmate, and then came into fellowship. She was the only one in her family to come into fellowship among the brethren.

Stanley and Edna McCallum, no date

He attended Ford Trade School while working at Ford Motor Company and became a skilled tool grinder.

It was while performing his trade that he mentally composed most of his hymns. They were written with existing hymns and tunes in mind.

The thoughts conveyed in Mr. McCallum’s hymns were strongly influenced by the ministry of Mr. James Taylor, Senior.

Mr. McCallum served at fellowship and three-day meetings throughout the United States, the Caribbean, [Argentina], Australia, New Zealand, India, Iran, South Africa, Europe and Great Britain.

When Mr. McCallum was at home, and there was no evening meeting, he spent his time reading the ministry, revising notes of meetings, and taking care of correspondence from all over the world.

Due to declining health and isolation the McCallums moved to Villa Grove, Illinois, in 1975 to be near their daughter, Mary, and her family.

Mrs. McCallum went to be with the Lord at the age of 77 on October 25, 1982 after a severe heart attack.


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ANDREW  MILLER  –  1810-1883

Andrew Miller 1810-83

Mr. Andrew Miller, 1810-83, was born in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland, on January 27, 1810

As a young man he worked for a company in Glasgow, later moving to London and finally taking over the business.

For some time he served as volunteer pastor of a Baptist Church in London.

As a result of contacts with brethren he bcame concerned as to his sectarian position and left the Baptist curch and gathered with brethren.

Mr. C. H. Mackintosh was a close friend, and AM wrote the preface to each of the six volumes of CHM's ever popular 'Notes on the Pentateuch'.

His faithful service in the gospel was greatly apprciated, but he is now best known as author of:

The Lord took His servant to Himself on May 8, 1883. In his last years he often exclaimed, "Nothing counts but Christ."


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JOSEPH  PELLATT  –  1843-1913
Ministry: Joseph Pellatt - 1

Joseph Pellatt 1843-1913

Mr. Joseph Pellatt was born in England, presumably in London for he is reported to have had a 'Cockney' accent.

From remarks in his ministry it appears that he was brought up in a religious atmosphere, for he said,

Mr. Pellatt lived in Indianapolis and was employed in the business of Mr. R. S. Sinclair.

On hearing of his departure to be with Christ, Mr. James Taylor, who came to New York in 1889, spoke of his "deep sorrow in the loss of one known so intimately during almost the whole of my Christian life".

JT wrote of Mr. Pellatt, "I know of no one who loved the truth more than he did, and I never knew him to flinch when it was involved.

A 1998 publication of Kingston Bible Trust includes one of his addresses:

Selected Addresses 1

Mr. Pellatt has eight choice hymns – No.'s 37, 143, 144, 146, 163, 374, 400 and 430 – in the 1973 Hymn Book.


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G.  H.  S.  PRICE  –  1911-63
History: A Brief Synopsis of the Public History of the Church
History: Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock Book
and History: The Stow Hill Depot

G. H. S. Price, 1911-63

Mr. G. H. Stuart Price (1911-1963), of Wembley and Harrow, was a trustee of Stow Hill Bible and Tract Depot from 1954 until he was taken by the Lord on January 5, 1963.

When Mr. A. E. Myles – who had nearly finished the 1951 revision of the Hymn Book – suffered a stroke Mr. Price, with others, completed the work and he wrote The Hymn Book Revision 1951.

Mr. Price wrote the very useful A Brief Synopsis of the Public History of the Church

The first Mrs. Price – Joan, a daughter of Mr. H. P. Wells – died March 1939 in childbirth, but twins survived.

Mr. and Mrs. Price visited Canada at least twice.


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JOSEPH  REVELL  –  1852-1900
Ministry: J. Revell
See also Doctrine: The Unequal Yoke: Association

Joseph Revell, 1852-1900

Mr. Joseph Revell was born in 1852 in England and he departed to be with Christ April 10, 1900 – a short but full life of service to the saints.

At meetings in Chicago 1950, when an old man, Mr. James Taylor referred to "a servant known to us in this country fifty years ago, Mr. Revell, a man whom God used much".

JR edited a monthly magazine of ministry from January, 1895, until his death.

It has been said that JR – Mr. Joseph Revell – was sent to prepare the way in this country for FER .

He stayed at my father's house [Frank Lock], with his wife, for several weeks, and my sister and I taught him to ride a bicycle in view of visiting Jamaica – this of course before the days of motor cars.

Nervous and gentle as he was in manner, he was inflexible when it came to the truth. We have hymns of his which he himself set to music and played.

When asked on his last visit to this country to outline his itinerary he said, "I have no light beyond Winnipeg". There the Lord took him, and there he is buried. M.M.


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T.  H.  REYNOLDS  –  1830-1930
Some of his ministry – from 'A Voice to the Faithful' – is in
Ministry: T. H. Reynolds.

T. H. Reynolds

Mr. Thomas Henry Reynolds was born in March, 1830, at Burford, Oxfordshire.

The last public record of him that can be found is his participation in meetings with JT in Bristol, in November, 1915 – in his eight-sixth year.

He is said to have ministered in his local meeting to within a few years of his death in February, 1930, in his one hundreth year.

THR was closely associated in the work of the ministry with Mr. J. B. Stoney and Mr. F. E. Raven.

The only known book of Mr. Reynolds is a small volume – now out of print – entitled 'Reflections on the Prophetic Word in the Old Testament Scriptures'. His statement in the preface to that book is noteworthy:


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ANDREW  ROBERTSON  –  1923-2009
The following items have been contributed by Andrew:

Andrew Robertson, c. 1955

Mr. Andrew Robertson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, May 8th 1923. In 1949 he moved to London in the banking business and was local at Streatham.

When his employer adamantly decided to transfer him to Brazil – where there was no possibility of continuing his links in Christian fellowship – Andrew resigned.

In February 1951, he emigrated to the USA, settled in New York, and was re-hired there by his former employer.

Andrew served the brethren in the ministry of the word in the USA, Canada and overseas.

Andrew had a judgment of —— and his system, and acted on it nearly four months before Aberdeen.

After their withdrawal from the —— sect on March 28, 1970, Andrew and Lois broke bread with some others in like situation and,

After a lengthy hospitalized illness and operation, in much weakness Andrew was mercifully taken by the Lord on June 30, 2009.


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J.  COLLIE-SMITH – 1883-1949
Esli Forrest and David and Helen Church of Auckland,
and Phil Hickmott of Christchurch, furnished much of the following.

J. Collie-Smith, 1883-1949

Mr. Collie-Smith ministered among the brethren in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, and North America.

He is mentioned several times from 1925 to 1943 in 'Letters of James Taylor'.

JC-S was born in Scotland (?) in 1883 but, because of his health, moved to New Zealand around 1902. He was then about 19 years of age and very unwell.

In 1910, while still with the 'open' meetings, JC-S inquired of Mr. C. W. Wycherley of Christchurch – later of Auckland – as to the position of the brethren on baptism.

Mr. Collie-Smith was taken by his Lord, in December 1949 at the age of 66.


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WILLIAM  TROTTER  –  1818-65

Wm. Trotter, 1818-65

Mr. William Trotter was born in Yorkshire and was converted when he was twelve.

Shortly after he began to question several trends in the New Connection:

In addition he published several lectures and pamphlets against worldly trends:

By 1844, he was identified with the brethren in Halifax.

For a few years he edited 'The Christian Brethren's Journal and Investigator' which, according to one report, gave accounts of the

The Lord took His servant in 1865, at the early age of 47.


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