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A. E. Myles (1880-1971)

His Background
His Service:
- Stow Hill Depot
- Conscientious Objection
- Hymn Book Revisions
His Ministry

His Latter Years
- G. H. S. Price
- W. C. Powell
- J. A. Bulloch
- I. E. Salvesen


A. E. Myles, 1880-1971

AEM, as he was invariably known, served the brethren for many years – both in ministry and other needed services.

But despite – and perhaps because of – his prominence in service, he became a target of the legal system which emerged in 1959.


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Albert Ernest Myles was born in England, March 28, 1880, at Healey Wood Square, Rastrick, Halifax, County of York.

In the 1943 'Conscientious Objection' appeal he stated that he was a "Retired Engineer" and said "I have been in this communion since 1900" – i.e. since he was 20 years old.

Mrs. Myles was a sister of Mr. A. M. Hayward.

Mr. and Mrs. Myles had five children.

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See History: The Stow Hill Depot.

An exercise as to "less costly printed ministry" began around 1930, and the Stow Hill Depot was in operation by 1931.

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See History: Conscientious Objection to Bearing Arms.

In 1942-3, AEM was living in Montreal, unable to return to England because of World War II.

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See See History: The Hymn Book Parts 1 and 2.

• The 1932 Revision

In reply to a letter from France in 1949 regarding their desire to have a new hymn book", JT wrote,

Hymn 236 by Mr. Myles in the 1973 re-selection is a fine gospel hymn. It first appeared in the 1932 revision.

• The 1951 Revision

Shortly after the opening up of the ministry as to the Person of the Holy Spirit and the liberty to address Him in prayer a general exercise arose as to inclusions of hymns to the Spirit in the Hymn Book.

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See See Ministry: A. E. Myles.

AEM ministered for many years, in England, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies.

Kingston Bible Trust lists the following – except those marked * which are out of print:

Establishment – 7 addresses in Barbados, 1933
* Response to God as Revealed
– readings and addresses 1952-1958 (Stow Hill)

The Spirit of Forgiveness
A Letter on the Great Truths of Christianity
The Gain of Being Wholly for the Lord
The Broad Highways
The Assembly as a Divine Conception

God has an Interest in You

Kingston Bible Trust has recently (1999-2000) published 3 volumes of 'Selected Addresses' from the Old Series of JT's ministry. There are 12 addresses by AEM from 1924-50.

  1. Sympathy with the Testimony - Indianapolis, January 1924
    Devotedness of Heart - Indianapolis, January, 1925

  2. "I Jesus" - Barnet, June 1929
    Speaking as Sent - Birmingham, May 1932
    Daily Need - New York 1933
    The Service of God - London, June 1934
    "Ye Are not Your Own" - Belfast, April 1938

  3. "As Many as I Love" - London, Ontario, April 1942
    The End - Sydney, October 1947
    The Divine Economy - London, December 1948
    The Kingdom - Edinbrgh, July 1950
    The Value of the Assembly - London, July 1950

Kingston Bible Trust has also (2001-2) published 3 volumes of 'Selected Ministry' from various sources. Volumes 2 and 3 have 14 addresses by AEM, many place and/or date unknown.

2. Trading - Donaghadee, March 1931
The Levite and His Service
Shepherd Care
Features of the Greatness of Christ
The Movements of Divine Persons
The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved
The Activity of the Lord - London
The Name of the Lord - London
The Spirit of the Lord - London
Soul Progress - Plainfield

3. Four Pillars
The Nearness of Christ's Humanity

- Winnipeg, November 1942
The Triumph of Christ's Death and Resurrection
- Cranford, November 1943
Divine Work in Men - Berkely, July 1944

JT made numerous references to Mr. Myles' extensive and valued service among the brethren in many parts.

The last available unpublished notes of AEM's ministry follow:

• The Worship Of God The Father
A. E. Myles – January 1968
John 1: 41-51; 2: 1-22; chap. 3; chap. 4

Andrew and Philip and Nathanael are finders of great secrets.

There is a moral sequence about the finding.

This leads on to great things establishing communication between heaven and earth in the House of God, 1: 51.

In John 2: 6, "There were standing there six stone water vessels … holding two or three measure each".

When Moses came down from the mount, the old covenant was written on two tables of stone.

The idea prevalent that worship is what overflows is incorrect.

"We worship by the Spirit of God and boast in Christ Jesus and do not trust in the flesh", Philippians 3: 5.

Afterwards in John 2: 14, Jesus "found in the temple the sellers of oxen and sheep and doves, and the money-changers sitting".

In chapter 3 we have Nicodemus. He was born anew but did not know it.

This is a hard lesson, and Nicodemus did not understand it at first. "Except any one be born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God".

Then follows in chapter 4 the important incident of the Samaritan woman.

We see also another important feature. The gifts of God cannot be earned or purchased.

In the incident of the courtier's son, we have to learn that God is working to an exact time-table. All is divinely arranged.

All the foregoing events lead up to the worship of the Father.

January 1968,  A. E. Myles.

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Along with Mr. F. Murchie of Edinburgh and others, Mr. Myles was a director of a precision engineering works founded by his son Ronald's father-in-law, Mr. Moss.

Recently – May 2001 – Ronnie Myles shared this recollection of events:

In his final years Mr. Myles lived in Worthing. He was in fellowship with a few brethren on the south coast, including Mr. W. J. Pearce and others in Hastings.

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The following is all of AEM's correspondence which has come to light.

• G. H. Stuart Price – December 2, 1954

Authority Of Ministry

Mr. A. E. Myles,
Beloved Brother,

G. H. Stuart Price, 1911-63

As you will be aware, certain remarks which you made in a reading at Park St., London, last March, are being quoted as supporting the suggestion that ministry may have authority apart from the Scriptures.

I understand that you recently explained just what was in your mind in your reference to the "man of God", and also that you have written down your thoughts as to the Holy Scriptures being the final arbiter of the truth.

Trusting you keep fairly well, and with much love in the Lord Jesus to you and Mrs. Myles.

Your affectionate brother in Him, G. H. Stuart Price

• A. E. Myles – c. December 1954

Mr. G. H. Stuart Price,
Beloved Brother,

As you requested, I am happy to set out in some detail as far as I am able, my thoughts and conclusions as to the matters in controversy.

The real issue, as I see it, is, Are we prepared to go on indefinitely with those who either do not see the truth, or by reason of their state do not, or will not, see it?

As guided by these thoughts, I would set out the principles, as I understand them, that would govern us.

The Scriptures – alluding to both the Old and New Testaments – must be the supreme authority for all doctrine that is held or taught by all who acknowledge the authority of the Lord, and are the test of love to Him. John 10: 35; 14: 15-21.

The main items of help are:

These are what might be called a system of help, under the authority of the Lord. If we neglect any of these items we are very likely to be led astray.

Since the days of recovery, I understand, there has been a leader whom the Lord has raised up, and to whom He has given light for our day. I speak only in our day, but there has been a leader since the time of Moses.

We have only to cast our minds back over the last 130 years of history to see the truth of these remarks. Take

– all came out under the distinctive gift of the moment.

All the gifts are needed. But gift exercised rightly and fully used would be co-ordinated to what the Spirit says to the assemblies. He is the guide into all the truth.

I would quote from FER, Vol. 14, pages 253-254, "But the Lord is the quickening spirit, God will not, I think, use us except to enlighten. You never get a soul born again but by the power of God, nor do you usually get a soul enlightened but by the agency of man".

I quote a letter of mine written to a brother in Rangoon, dated Nov. 27, 1953, about addressing the Holy Spirit.

The present effort is to try and drive a wedge between the Scriptures and the present ministry.

Weakness, which we humbly own, in our words and assembly action and the general state, is all the subject of exercise of many,

It is well to remember there is an enemy, the devil, who is waiting to take advantage of any weakness, particularly the failure to judge ourselves, to destroy us in our part in the testimony, and he is against the brethren who are right as well as those who are wrong. The saints belong to Christ who has redeemed them by blood.

Yours in the truth as it is in Jesus,

Yours affectionately in Him, A. E. Myles

• W. C. Powell
345 Brookhill Road, London S.E., England
October 18, 1957

List of Special Meetings

Mr. A. E. Myles, [apparently a circular letter]
My dear brother,

Exercise still persists in the minds of brothers whose spiritual judgment we all value, as to the regular issuing of lists of meetings proposed in various places, with the names of brothers engaged to serve at them.

Objections to the lists vary but include:

  1. There is no Scriptural basis for such a service.

  2. It tends in the direction of what is systematic.

  3. It opens the door to differentiation, being necessarily limited for obvious reasons, to extended meetings, thus excluding many who are serving well and constantly.

  4. In the minds of some it militates against the exercise of an 'assembly ear'. Acts 11: 22.

  5. The persistence of misgivings on the part of some precludes the matter from being one in which we can be of the same mind in the Lord.

In view therefore of the foregoing the writer has decided, as waiting on the Lord, not to continue the service after the issue of the list for December 1957.

With very warm love in Christ,

Your affectionate brother in Him, Wm. C. Powell.

P.S. Since writing the above, the following letter from Mr. A. E. Myles has been received. It sets out very helpfully the true nature of this line of activity, and settles the writer as to the rightness of laying the service down.   W.C.P.

• A. E. Myles
3, Campden Road, South Croydon, England
October 21, 1957

Mr. W. C. Powell,
Beloved brother,

Thank you for phoning me about your exercise as to whether you should cease the distribution of lists of fellowship and other meetings, with the brothers serving.

When instituting anything new, it is wise to have Scripture to support it, for our minds cannot be trusted without the support of Scripture.

I see in Scripture a vast number of gifts and offices, but there is no gift or office that supplies Information.

You say that a number of prominent servants support you in this, but I suggest that you disregard this and take the Scriptures and see what your own exercise is before the Lord.

I venture to put these things before you. I am sure the Lord will direct you as you wait upon Him.

Yours affectionately in the Lord, A. E. Myles.

• A. E. Myles
22 Kings Court, Beach Green, Shoreham-by-sea, Sussex
February 5, 1962

Mr. John A. Bulloch, Toronto,
Beloved Brother,

The report you heard as to my seeking fellowship with the Taylor brethren is not true.

We have found much confusion amongst many who have come out, many giving up the principles and practices which have proved helpful to the brethren and which lent order and dignity to the assembling of ourselves together;

We do feel the support of the Lord. We desire to tread the path of faith and devotion to Him, who went to the extreme length of dishonour and death to free us from all that is dishonouring to a Holy God.

Our warm love in the Lord,

Yours in Him, A. E. Myles.

• A. E. Myles
212 Goring Road Worthing, Sussex
July 1, 1967

Mr. I. E. Salvesen, Toronto,
Dear Mr. Salvesen,

I well remember you and Mrs. Salvesen, she did some translation work for me on the [1951] hymn book, which I do not forget.

The ground of gathering is the same as in Mr. Darby's day. 2 Timothy is the Scripture that instructs us.

As for letters going about, some are not to be trusted, they need to be tested by the word of God.

Letters can be tested without knowing all the facts, by noting that certain points are played up to the advantage of the writer,

I agree with your remarks about the Ilford letters. If they had acted in a priestly way they would have taken up the matter a year ago.

As for your remarks about weddings, I do not agree. The Lord has rights over persons, over the household, whom I marry, over children and over the assembly.

It is most significant that much trouble in England came to light through four weddings.

You ask, "What is to be done?"

I am experiencing much mercy from God as to health, but not able to get about as I used to do,

Will you please show this letter to Mr. Bulloch and Mr. Saunders whom I greet in the Lord.

Affectionately your brother in Christ, A. E. Myles.

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